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We are Against Hate, Not Faith

Author Archives: Ibn Kammuna

A New Qur’an!

Introduction I was reading an article written by Islamic critic Mu’min Salih about how the Arabs did not think highly of the language of the Qur’an, while, at the same time, we see Muslims who do not know Arabic praise the “high level” language of the Qur’an! At the end of the article, Salih providedContinue Reading

Regarding Gaza and Hamas

Background The world is up in roar. Israel is attacking Hamas and inflicting serious structural damage to its operations. The Islamic influence on world opinion is huge. It is not a problem of truth. It is a problem of numbers. Muslims are many all over the world and they sympathize with the Muslims of Gaza.Continue Reading

Sudanese woman gets death sentence for apostasy

The country of Sudan introduced Islamic Law in 1983. It was a time of political unrest. One of the great Sudanese thinkers of the time was Mahmoud Muhammad Taha. He was a victim of political unrest of the time and was executed for apostasy in the capital, Al Khatoum, in 1985. Taha was born inContinue Reading

On Hate Speech

About more than a year ago, a young lady at a prestigious high school contacted me with a set of questions about Islam. She was taking a graduation credit course for advanced students. She had to do a major research project paper. In planning such a project, she wrote a set of questions about Islam.Continue Reading

Allah has ninety nine names: Conceptual problems

Introduction It is no surprise that a simple name won’t attract much criticism or analysis. A complicated one does. It is the nature of things. The more attributes you mention, the more analysis and comparisons may arise between the different attributes. In Islam, the name of its divine entity, Allah, has ninety nine names. EachContinue Reading

Muhammad: A Beast or a Prophet

Introduction In this article, I introduce stories about prophet Muhammad. More than a billion human beings claim him for a prophet. They claim him as al-Insan al-Kamel (the perfect man). So, it is always a useful realty check through stories that we know about him that we can know who he is. My writing willContinue Reading

Qur’an 9: 29

Qur’an 9:29 or Koran 9:29 analysisContinue Reading

Regarding Islamophobia

Introduction I discuss, in this article, the concept of Islamophobia. Does it Exist? And, Who is responsible for marketing such a concept? And, Who benefits from it? The Concept I believe the concept itself was invented by Muslims in the west to malign anyone who criticizes Islam. It is a way of “shaming” an intellectualContinue Reading

How did Prophet Muhammad make a Living?

Introduction In this article, I try to answer the question: How did Muhammad make a living? What kind of work did he do after his prophetic call? Background Before Muhammad was a prophet, he used to do some odd jobs. He worked as a sheep herder for a while. I would not rule out himContinue Reading

The Sword of Islam: Khalid bin Al-Waleed

Introduction Muslims brag about the early Sahaba. One of the great warriors of Islam is Khalid bin Al-Waleed. His reverence is in such a way that he is called “the sword of Islam” (Saif al-Islam). Well, truth can be stranger than fiction. Khalid was a selfish and despicable human being. He stayed with the MeccansContinue Reading

For the Love of Zaynab, Adoption Banned in Islam

The holy prophet of Islam did many shameful things, which are well documented in authentic early Islamic sources, namely the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira. I was aware of many of his shameful acts, not of the fact that he even had married his son’s wife. Not only that, through this process, Muhammad eliminated an age-oldContinue Reading

Collection of Hadiths on Muhammad’s Pedophilia

1/14/2014 This is a collection of authentic Hadiths on Muhammad’s pedophilia. The list is probably not complete. Readers are invited to post in the comments section other hadiths (with reference please) related to Muhammad’s pedophilia that I have missed. I will later add them into the original file. This paper will be more like anContinue Reading

Was Muhammad Persecuted in Mecca?

12/12/2013 Introduction: It is a fact that Muhammad faced harassment in Mecca. There are incidents in Islamic history books testifying to this fact. Muslims take such narrative to claim that Muhammad and his followers were treated with cruelty; so they had to “flee” to Medina. The prophet was lucky to be able to escape. SuchContinue Reading

Muhammad could read, but no pundit

12/9/2013 Introduction In this article, I introduce a video of an imam arguing that Muhammad was an illiterate man. He could not read and write.  This article argues against such a claim. In prior postings, I showed that the evidence from Hadith and Qur’an show that Muhammad did in fact read and write and wasContinue Reading

Quran’s Flat Earth Theory

11/27/2013 Introduction Muslims claim that the Qur’an mentioned the shape of the earth to be like an egg in the 7th century, long before modern science discovered this fact. Such a scientific fact, and similar ones, Muslims claim, convince us of the divine origin of the Qur’an. On the other hand, many non-Muslims claim thatContinue Reading

A Review of “Sex in Islam” by Abdullah Ibn Sa’d Ibn Abi Sarh

11/4/2013 The Book LINK to the Book page website Muhammad – the prophet of Islam – was a sensual prophet.  He married many. Many of his “marriages” targeted beautiful young widows whose bad luck came through Muhammad’s aggression against their tribes.  Muhammad and his rogue bandits killed the able men, stole the fortunes of theContinue Reading


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