Bani Qurayza: Details of the Islamic Genocide of the Jews by Prophet Muhammad

Ibn Kammuna

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  1. ashwani ali( ex-muslim,ex-congressi,now hinduite. says:

    oh. what a similarity with ISIS in Iraq and Syria these days and muslim attacks on India by Iran,Iraq,Afgan,Turks,in the past about 1000AD. Islam,Quran,Mohammad are most dangerous to humanity,freedom of expression& speach,and WORLD PEACE. Islam is a violent ,intolerent and full of hatred, CULT.This poisness CULT must be killed forever and banned. All non-muslims should unite to do so immediatly.

  2. observer says:

    we need to make a graphic film about the bani quayza incident and then compare it with IS published documentaries. the IS efforts will look amateur.

  3. jewdog says:

    The moral is clear: If you are a Muslim, might makes right as long as your victim is an infidel or a heretic. And, if it happens that the identity of your victim is unclear, then, insh’allah, you’ll think of something. People with such morality are considered exemplars in some places, in more civilized locales they are in jail.

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