9/11 Truth and Conspiracy Theory

More than nine years after the collapse 9/11 attack conspiracy theories have not died yet.

Conspiracy theorists don’t offer any answers. They only ask disingenous questions and to confuse people. This kind of manipulation is a lot more effective becuse the person who is duped is convinced that he has discovered the truth on his own.

The believers in conspiracy theories can be divided in two groups. One group is made of those who benefit from lies, and the other group is made of people who are lazy to think and gobble every nonsense uncritically.

In this article I am going to debunk their theoreis.  This paper is based on logic and science, not on a political agenda.  Please first watch the claim.  911-conspiracy.

Well, it sound convincing. Doesn’t it.  Now let us go over the claims one by one and uncover the deception.  The myths promoted are as follow:

Myth 1 – The Collapse of the Building 7

One question that the conspiracy theorists ask is, why a third sky scraper at the WTC that was not hit by the plains collapsed?

I quote the following paragraph from Wikipedia:

“The working hypothesis, released in the June 2004 progress report and reiterated in a June 2007 status update, was that an initial failure in a critical column occurred below the 13th floor, caused by damage from fire and/or debris from the collapse of the two main towers. The collapse progressed vertically up to the east mechanical penthouse. The interior structure was unable to handle the redistributed load, resulting in horizontal progression of the failure across lower floors, particularly the 5th to 7th floors. This resulted in “a disproportionate collapse of the entire structure”

The insurance company agreed to replace the building. This cost them seven billion dollars.

Firsly, insurance companies don’t pay the owners if their buildings are damaged or destroyed. The insurance is for replacement cost.  Therefore, Larry Silverstein, the lease holder of the building did not and could not collect one dime from that seven billion dollars. That money was paid to a contractor hired by the insurance company to replace the building.  This is the normal procedure.

Secondly, would the insurance company pay so much money if the building was fraudulently destroyed?  Wouldn’t they send their own inspector to verify the legitimacy of the claim? Seven billion dollars is not small money. If they paid that money it is because they were convinced of no faul play.

Thirdly,   who would have benefited from the destruction of that building?  If the intent was to kill people, as the conspiracy theorists want us to believe, that goal was not achieved.  So if the official explenation that says the building had suffered fatal damages due to the fall of the debries from the two WTC towers is not true what other motive can these conspiracists think of?

The video claims that Larry Silverstein is on tape saying he ordered the New York Fire Department to “pull it.”

Think about this for a moment. Is this claim realistic? Would the NYFD pull down a perfectly safe building just because its owner orders them to pull it?

To answer this first argument one does not have to be a building engineer or have any knowledge of structures. All one needs is a little commonsense.  Alas commonsense is not all that common. As Bertrand Russell rightly pointed out, “in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.” [Marriage and Morals.1929 ch. 5]


Myth 2: Fire alone is not enough to collapse steel buildings.

The conspiracists argue that considering that Meridian Plaza in Philadelphia burned for 19 hours and yet it never collapsed how could the twin towers fall after one and two hours of burning.  They also ask, “How could the jet fuel have caused the collapse when the Federal Emergency Management has stated that most of the jet fuel was gone in the initial fire ball?” Moreover, they ask, “How could the fires have caused the collapse at all since tests by Cardington found that steel buildings survive fires with temperatures beyond the range possible with Jet Fuel?  Since the black smoke coming from the buildings indicates that the fire was oxygen starved and could not have reached its maximum degrees of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and steel melt at much higher temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, how could cleanup crews have found melted steel in the basements?”

Here are my answeres: When a steel structure high-rise catches fire, the only fuel is the furniture inside the building. This does not produce enough heat to melt the steel structure.

When thousands of liters of jet fuel burst at once in a closed space the heat generated is a lot hotter.  It’s no longer just heat but a bomb. That is because the heat is trapped.  A log burned inside a woodstove can generate more heat than if it is burned in an open space where heat can dissipate into the atmosphere.

However, the buildings were not collapsed because the steel columns melted.  They collapsed because the structure was damaged and rendered precarious. The heat softened the steel and allowed it to bend precipitating the collapse.  It was an added element, but not the main cause.

The South Building fell after just one hour becuse the weight above the damge was more than that of North Building that fell after two hours burning.

Structural damage alone was enough to make the buildings collapse.  That was what happened to Building 7.

In June 1995 the Sampoong Department Store in Korea collapsed because of structural failure.  At first minor cracks started to show. The cracks widened gradually.  It took several days after the cracks were discovered for the structure to finally give in.  With so much weight above the point of impact causing so much damage to the columns, the two towers were doomed even without a fire.

Myth 3: Super thermite was used to increase the heat.

Physicists such as Steven E. Jones and Niels Harrit have claimed that within the dust and rubble of the World Trade Center towers lies evidence of “a highly engineered explosive.” They are pointing to traces of active thermitic material, a substance that produces intense localized heat when burned that was found among the rubbles in Ground Zero.

Answere: Super thermite can only generate intense heat in small areas. Painting it on one inch thick steel, which is the the thickness of the steel used in building the columns of WTC, and setting it on fire does not make the steal hot enough to bend. In fact the fuel will end before the other side of the steel gets hot.  This theory is completely unscientific.

But where did the traces of super thermite come from?

Active thermitic material is a combination of elemental aluminum and iron oxide in form of thermite known as “nanostructured super-thermite.” It is used in steel cutting and welding, fireworks shows, hand grenades and demolition.

WTC towers were made with steel welded together.  Hundreds of tons of welding rods were used to build the two towers. Of course you’d find thermite in the dust. Wherever there is a structure made with welded steel you will find thermitic material.

More importantly after the collapse of the buildings the columns had to be cut so they could be removed. This allowed thermite to be scattered all over the place and that is the reason melted steel was found on the site.

So much for the erudition of these two “physicists!”

Myth 4: The impact of the wind and storm is greater than the impact of the airliners

One question the conspiracy theorists ask is, “how could the airliners’ impact have caused the collapse when wind gust and storms had at times been greater than the impact of the airliners?”  They argue that the buildings were designed to stand the wind force gust of 140 mph that cause a sheer lateral force of 11,000,000 pounds, which exceeds that caused by the airliners.

This is sheer deception.  No one has said that the buildings fell because of the impact. The 11,000,000 pound force is sustained by the entire structure, whereas the airliners hit only a small area of the façade.  This localized force was enough to destroy the columns. The buildings did not bend because of the impact.  They did not fall because of the impact. They collapsed because of the damage caused to the columns that gave in to the weight of 20 and 40 stories above them.

If you wear a bullet proof vest and a nbullet is fired at you, the vest will spread the impact of the bullet and you will be pushed but it won’t be enough to make you fall to the ground. Without the vest the bullet will penetrate into your body and may kill you.  The airplaines acted like bullet for the building. Thier impact cannot be compared to that of wind.

Myth 5: The Twin Towers were destroyed through Controlled demolition.

Another question asked is, “how could the buildings collapse with the speed of gravity? Each floor hit, should have slowed the fall.   This couldn’t have happened without explosives placed inside the structure. “

Answer: This question may confound those who have little understanding of physics.  Why should the floors have slowed down the fall?  The weight of the material falling becomes bigger and bigger as it goes down. If the first floor below the impact could not resist that weigh falling on it there is no reason to expect that the floors beneath it would resist. All floors were built with similar strength but the weigh falling on each lower floor was greater than the the one supported by the upper floor.  This is like expecting layers of cardboard place at a distance to each other held beneath a falling bowling ball slow its fall.  Floors are built to support the weight of people and furniture. They are not designed to support the falling weigh of thousands of tons of concrete.  Construction workers know that floors cannot support a lot of weight and while storing the construction materials they never put too much weigh in one spot.  They spread the weight. No floor can stand the falling weigh of 20 or 40 story building.  Often the falling weigh of one story is enough for the lower floors to give in. Such an argument is ridiculous.

Myth 6: Explosives were used to demolish the buildings

A few eye witnesses have claimed that they heard several explosions. Jesse Ventura, the conspiracy theorist enthusiast, has interviewed several people who claim they heard, two, three, four, and up to ten explosions.

Ventura heard several contradictory reports.   This means that with the exception of  one, all others lied to him, or merely they are confused people.

There are many videos showing the entire event.  None of those videos show any explosion.  The huge dust created is caused by the crushing of the concrete.

The best way to debunk the theory of controlled demolition is to watch the collapse of the WTC towers and compare them with controlled demolitions.

In controlled demolitions the columns are perforated and dynamite is placed inside them.  When they are detonated the building falls and gets crushed as the floors hit the ground.  In controlled demolition, the demolition happens from bottom up.

Here are a few demonstrations of controlled demolition. Note how elaborate is the process of preparing a building for demolition.  Did all these preperations happen in the offices of people in WTC under their nose  withouth anyone noticing?


The collapse of the WTC is very different.  All the videos show that the demolition is talking place from top to bottom. While the upper floors are falling the floors below them are standing. They fall as soon as they are hit by the weight of the falling debris.

It takes only a few minutes of attentively watching these videos to dismiss all these asinine conspiracy theories.  But this requires a rational mind.  That is what most people lack. We humans are victims of our own gullibility.  We let ourselves to be fooled because we don’t learn critical thinking. We are a stupid species. This is the reason behind our never ending misery. Isn’t the election of Obama proof enough that masses of humanity are just plainly stupid? The majority of mankind all over the world thought this mentally sick man is the Messiah.  It it the same people who believe in this stupid conspiracy theory.  Had Jesse Ventura worked a bit more on his brain and less on his biceps he would not have fallen for this asininity. He is a gorrila and just as bright as his kind.

Myth 7: The top part of the buildings fell over so there was no weight on floors below.

Another question asked is, “How could the twin towers fall straight down when the damage and resulting fires were only to one corner two sides? Only the tops of the twin towers should have fallen, and they should have fallen over not straight down. In fact the top of one tower did fall unto building 4, so there was no building weight to crush the floors below.  So what caused the collapse of those floors?”

The top part of one of the buildings is shown falling on the lower floors. This picture alone is enough to see that the lowerfloors had no chance of withstanding so much weight.

Answer: This is just a lie. First of all the top parts of the buildings did not fall over but right on the floor below. Here is the picture that shows it.

Secondly why should the building with such a huge floor area fall over? This would have required an enormous lateral force. If the only force in action was gravity there is no reason for the top parts to fall over.  Once two sides and the core of the building gave in the rest of the coulmns did not have the strength to hold the building in place. They bent and the building fell on itself.

This picture is enough to see that the floors below had no chance of standing that weight.  The top floors with the weight of 40 storeis fell faster than the one with 20 stories.

Myth 8:  The hijackers could not fly.

One of the hijackers’ flight-instructor has said, “I’m still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the Pentagon. He could not fly at all.”

The hijackers did not have to learn how to take off or land the planes. Steering them in the air does not require a lot of training. That is all they wanted to learn to perpetrated this crime.

Assuming the fanatical Islamic terrorists who cheerfully seek martyrdom to go to heaven were not piloting the planes, who piloted them?  Who else is so eager to commit suicide?

The argument is so idiotic that it does not need any refutation. But it gives us a glimpse into the devious minds of the conspiracy theorists and the gulibility of those who accept them.

The absurdities do not end here. The conspiracists ask. “Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that four hijacked airplanes had only 20% to 50% of their seats filled, while all other transcontinental that day had 70% to 90% of their seats occupied?”

I don’t know how many seats in those hijacked planes were occupied and whether this was highly irregular.  The objective of these conspiracy theorists is only to confound and we will see why below.  However, let us give them the benefit of the doubt and accept this claim. What are they trying to prove? That those who planned the destruction of the WTC and caused the death of 3000 people were concerned about saving the lives of a few dozen more Americans and hence they decided not to fill the planes with passengers?  If the intent was to kill and this was all planned by Bush, Chaney and Condoleezza Rice why not fill the planes to the maximum capacity?

Liars are inconsistent. The goal is to sling so much mud in the hope that some of it may stick. This decietful kind of persenting arguments is typical of all bankrupt ideologies that rely on lies to come to power. It was practiced by the Nazis in Germany, the fascists in Italy, the communists all over the world, and now by the leftists and of coures by Muslims who have been lying for 1400 years.   These hate mongers rely on the power of the big lie.  The bigger the lie the more credible it sounds.

Who is behind this conspiracy theory?

Lies are promoted because someone benefits from them.  Who benefits from spreading this lie?

It is not difficult to see who benefits. Muslims and the leftists are the ones who benefit.

Osama Bin Landen, who has called this attack ghazwa, (raid) has gloated about his success. The hijackers are lauded by many Muslim jihadi sites. Isn’t that enough evidence that Muslims were behind it?

Al-Muhajiroun led by Omar Bakri Muhammad and Anjem Choudary organized a conference “The Magnificent 19″, praising the September 11 attacks.

These are facts that the conspiracy theorists ignore, but they cling to baseless theories, none of which is logical or scientific.

Bertrand said, “If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way.”

This explains why this stupid conspiracy theory is accepted by so many gullible folk.

The objective is to confound and distract people so the enemy is not stopped. Muslims on one hand lionize the hijackers and at the same time they deny they had anything to do with it.  With one side of their mouths they say America had it coming and with the other side they shift the blame on the Jews and the CIA and Bush.  This is all taqiyah.  And of course the leftist useful idiots are always on the side of whoever is against America. The more confusion is created the more votes they can grab.  They know that their only hope to come to power and stay in power is through lies. Anything that can smear America is welcomed. Any absurdity that can blame the Jews is accepted.  They prefer lies to truth even when there is no evidence to support them.

I am not refuting the fact that there is a cabal working in secret societies trying to destroy America to bring  what they call the New World Order, as if these diabolical people acting in the dark know what is better for the rest of us.  I do not reject that America, and most other countries are controlled by the illuminati and other secret societies of which the average people know nothing.   But that is another subject for another time.  However, the 9/11 carnage was inspired by the Quran. It was devised by Muslim mujahids. It was perpetrated by Islamic fighters. It was hailed by Muslims as thier great victory and was cheefully celebrated throughout the Muslim world.   Let us not fall into the trap of our enemy by spreading their lies.

There is an excellent artilce on the absurdity of this conspiracy theory. Here is a quote from that article:

1. A good conspiracy theory suggests that the government is competent enough to map out the strategy, plan the mission, subvert the individuals required to run the plot and then carry it out without getting caught. For anyone who has ever worked for government, it is known that the level of competency required to create such a conspiracy is beyond that of virtually any government – democratic or otherwise.

2. A conspiracy theory assumes that the government pays its employees enough to remain silent. Given the untold millions that could be made by a single book deal revealing the conspiracy and the relatively low rates of pay in government, this is obviously a ludicrous suggestion.

3. The 9/11 conspiracy theory assumes that the rank and file worker in government who helped carry out the conspiracy would tolerate and assist in the mass murder of their fellow citizens. This might be a fair criticism of senior political leaders in some states, but it is a slanderous accusation for the vast majority of government workers in democratic states.

Please read all this article here.  9/11 Conspiracy Theories – Debunking Richard Gage

And here is another very good article on the subject.

9/11 conspiracy theories: The truth is out there…just not on the internet

Please spread this article.  Lies will keep spreading as long as truth remains hidden.  Those who fabricate lies and spread them don’t have our best interest in mind.

Jesse Ventura is a shameless man with no brain and no conscience.  One person asked him whether he is going to make a documentary about Obama’s ineligibility. His response was NO. He added that it does not bother him at all. The biggest fraud of American people does not bother this man but he has no problem deceiving the public with lies and blaming the victim when an external anemy attacks America.

The problem is not Jesse Ventura. This shameless man is after money and has no patriotism. The problem are ordinary Americnas who watch his stupid programs and make him rich.  The problem is that the Americans no longer can distinguish between freinds and enemy. Such a nation is doomed. And we can see the fall of America.

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