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O Islamophobic Kafers! Do Not Criticize Islam before Knowing the Noble Teachings of Islam Fully, Part 2

Introductory Notes It is our sincere belief that after reading Part 1 of this article, unclean Kafers will rethink about mocking Muslims on the subject of homosexuality in Islam. Indeed, no further discussion is needed when Allah (swt) Himself will supply pearl-like prepubescent boys in abundance for us in His Paradise. The Kafers need notContinue Reading

Systematic Child Abuse in Rotherham: A Holocaust of souls

I have great difficulty with the misuse of the word “Holocaust”, particularly when it is used for effect (as do haters of Jews to describe Israel’s attempts to neutralise the dangers to its people from Hamas in Gaza), since it minimizes the tragedy of the holocaust of the Jews and others under Nazism, and otherContinue Reading

Why the Islamic State Must Be Killed And What It Will Take

Written by Angelo Codevilla The Islamic State’s video-dissemination of one of its goons beheading an American is an existential challenge from which we cannot afford to shrink. Until the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) did that, it made sense for the U.S. government to help contain it because the Islamic world, which the IS threatens most directly,Continue Reading

Islamic State in the Grand Scheme of Things

The Sunni Jihadist ‘Islamic State’ or Dawla Islamiya is the manifestation of what Sunni Islamists have been striving for for a long time, especially groups like Hizb-ut-tahrir and many other hardline Islamist groups. After 9/11 as I started to research into Islamic teachings I started visiting a liberal ex-Muslim website called secular Islam. There inContinue Reading


THE FIRST MUSLIM TO BE SELF RADICALIZED THE “SELF RADICALIZATION” OF ALLAH THE “SELF RADICALIZED” MEDINA QURAN The story of Muhammad is the story of a boy born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 570 AD and who, following the death of both parents, was raised by Abu Talib – his uncle. Muhammad grew up toContinue Reading

The Islamic Terror Orchestra

It has been 13 years since 9/11 and the West is still reluctant to link the non-ending parade of jihad groups with Islam. The West is also in denial about the similarities all radical Islamic groups share. It is important for the West to realize that there is a natural division of labor between theContinue Reading

A New Qur’an!

Introduction I was reading an article written by Islamic critic Mu’min Salih about how the Arabs did not think highly of the language of the Qur’an, while, at the same time, we see Muslims who do not know Arabic praise the “high level” language of the Qur’an! At the end of the article, Salih providedContinue Reading

Dangerous Times – ISIS: The End of Denial

Warning: Links in this article contain gory images of Islamic barbarity SOURCE By James Lewis The Vietnam War was won by American forces in the field, together with South Vietnamese, but it was lost in the media.  Even forty years ago the media were largely penetrated by the hard left, which has its real sympathiesContinue Reading

Quitting Smoking is JIHAD?

Do our peace-loving Muslim brothers know that they are already contributing to Islamic Jihad? Whether or not they knew it, apologists of Islam and various Islamic websites state so. Controlling temper, assisting others, struggling with their own soul, and struggling to quit smoking also come under ‘JIHAD’. These Islamic apologists and websites have been strivingContinue Reading

Death of Noble Abdullah Bin Ubayy and the extreme meanness of Prophet Muhammad

Introduction Curious readers of the Quran, Sunna and Sira know the extent of Muhammad’s terrorizing and horrific actions recorded by devout Muslim scholars themselves. Many such incidents were carried out by Muhammad himself; countless others on the behest of his orders. Many inhuman acts of Muhammad would fill readers with shame and sadness and makeContinue Reading

The Insanity of Blaming Islam

SOURCE By Richard Butrick Mark Ambinder, who is editor-at-large at The Week and a contributing editor at GQ and The Atlantic, posted an opinion piece in April which has been picked up by numerous webmags including Politico, The World Muslim Congress and Islamicity. It is titled, “The Insanity of Blaming Islam.” It is a strangelyContinue Reading

The Challenge by Dr. Ali Sina

The Challenge by Ali Sina Editor’s Note: FFI received an email from one of our readers desiring to have the material on our site for Dr. Sina’s Challenge in one posting or file to make it easier for the reader to print it out in one shot. This is the reason for this posting. TheContinue Reading

Digging Out the Graves of Non-Muslims for Vengeance or Looting – A ‘Holy’ Tradition of Prophet Muhammad

Recently a Christian father in Egypt was murdered in broad daylight on the street in front of his son by the followers of the ‘religion of peace’. The killing itself didn’t become big news for the world community, as if it is the right of Muslims to oppress and kill non-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries. However,Continue Reading

O Islamophobic Kafers! Do Not Criticize Islam before Knowing the Noble Teachings of Islam Fully, Part 1

Recently, I noticed most western social media making fun about a Saudi Sheikh, who was been killed years ago by a donkey while he allegedly tried to sodomize the poor animal. Never criticize Islam without knowing its noble teachings fully It has become fashion in recent years to make fun about anything and everything relatedContinue Reading

Have the American people completely lost their Minds, or just their Power of Reason?

By Kenneth Anderson In 732 AD the Muslim Army, which was moving on Paris, was defeated and turned back at Tours, France, by Charles Martell. In 1571 AD the Muslim Army/Navy was defeated by the Italians and Austrians as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to attack southern Europe in the Battle of Lapanto. InContinue Reading

War for the Equality of Muslim Women – The Calling of Our Time

Time for universal application of the ‘life, liberty, pursuit of happiness’ clause of the Declaration of Independence Denying Women Both Muslim and Kafir The Mothers of All Mankind Their Humanity is Not The Action of Men But of Animals Every human person has the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The equality ofContinue Reading

Regarding Gaza and Hamas

Background The world is up in roar. Israel is attacking Hamas and inflicting serious structural damage to its operations. The Islamic influence on world opinion is huge. It is not a problem of truth. It is a problem of numbers. Muslims are many all over the world and they sympathize with the Muslims of Gaza.Continue Reading

Allah Supports The Crimes of His Creator, Muhammad in the Quran

Muhammad was Allah and Allah was Muhammad God cannot have as his prophet – a criminal receiving divine teachings otherwise God is equally guilty in all the crimes committed by His prophet and therefore is no longer Moral Perfection and therefore no longer God. ALL Islam would be fraudulent. (Because there are so many crimesContinue Reading

Plunder: The Source of Islamic Economy

Dear Mr. Sina, One of my friends whom I know from a Polish discussion board (he’s a Roman Catholic) claims that Islam has absolutely no respect of work and prefers plunder as a source of wealth. He claims that trade is the only normal source of income not frowned upon by Islam. His conclusion thereforeContinue Reading

Sudanese woman gets death sentence for apostasy

The country of Sudan introduced Islamic Law in 1983. It was a time of political unrest. One of the great Sudanese thinkers of the time was Mahmoud Muhammad Taha. He was a victim of political unrest of the time and was executed for apostasy in the capital, Al Khatoum, in 1985. Taha was born inContinue Reading


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