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Picture Perfect—A Review of the Comic “Sex in Islam”

9/29/2013   Link:  prophetmuhammadillustrated.com The regular readers of Islam-watch and Faithfreedom sites have already read a few superb comics created by ‘Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh. Evidently, all his comics depicting the truth about Islam and Muhammad’s life were outstanding. He is a truth-teller, but in a very special, effective, hilarious, clear and strong language. Incidentally,Continue Reading

Muhammad had Violated the Qur’an

When we diligently study the biography Muhammad and the ahadith, we find quite a few examples where Muhammad had openly transgressed the provisions in the Qur’an.Continue Reading

When is Islam Oppressed?

This is simply because these Islamists audaciously believe that Islam is the only religion into which each and every person on this planet must be subjected to by hook or by crook—using terror, force and slaughter, if need be.Continue Reading

More on Sex with Slave-girls and Captive-Women

I read quite a number of posts on the sexual use of slave-girls and captive women in Islam. It is quite amusing to note the desperation of a few ‘Islam lovers’ to save Islam from the stigma of abysmal sexual exploitation of slave-women and women-captives caught in a war. Here is what the ‘real Islam’Continue Reading

Who Authored the Qur’an?—an Enquiry

There were several parties involved in the composition, scribing, amending, inserting and deleting the Qur’anic verses. Continue Reading

Sex and Sexuality in Islam

How about the foot soldiers of Muhammad?..Whenever one of these soldiers got hold of an infidel captive woman, he will immediately jump on her to have sexual intercourse with her. Continue Reading

Reinventing and Redefining Islam

He said, “When we are in an Islamic society (like Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia), we do not like Islam. We like Islam when we are in a non-Islamic society (like Australia)”.Continue Reading

Women in Islam: An Exegesis

The Qur’an is very clear about the superiority of men over women. Continue Reading

Islam and Poetry

Many people erroneously think that the Holy Quran is the most beautiful poetry given to mankind by Allah. Is this really true?Continue Reading

The Islamic Psycho

“The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) had a woman stoned and a pit was dug up to her breasts”.Continue Reading

Westerners Find $cience in the Quran

The tales of Bucaille and Moor, two occidental charlatans By Abul Kasem The new Mullahs and other Islamists feel very happy whenever they find occidental (western white person) talks in favor of their faith (Islam). This is especially true when these western people try to associate Qur’an and Hadith with anything resembling an inkling ofContinue Reading

Unveiling the Islamic Veil

Why did Allah have to veil women only? Why did He not ask for the veiling of men? Is this the fairness of Islam? Is this gender equality? Continue Reading

A Tit for Tat would Serve the Islamists Right!

The worst human being is one who happens to be a non-Muslim in an Islamic state.Continue Reading

The Janus face of Islam

The Janus* face of Islam   By Abul Kasem Islamists living in the infidel West are greatly alarmed and deeply perplexed after the September terrorist attack in America. After 9-11, many of them are doing overtime to search the ‘goodies’ from the Quran and are desperate to prove that Islam is a religion of unboundContinue Reading

Holy and Blessed Family: An Example to Emulate?

After the death of Khadijah, his first wife, Mohammad went on a wife collection spree.Continue Reading

Women’s Paradise

Any woman who still thinks that Islam affords her the freedom, liberty, equality, justice, her mental and physical well being is simply fooling herself.Continue Reading


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