Demonstrations of Algerians who refuse to Fast during Ramadan

On Monday, the 7th of July, 2014, the French online website, Riposte Laïque, posted a brief commentary by the French human rights activist Christine Tasin, about the demonstrations in the Kabyle region of Algeria, for the right to eat publically during Ramadan.

During the long French occupation of Algeria, the people living in the mountainous regions were called “Kabyle”, from an Arabic term, “Tribes.” They were also known as the “Berbers” a term that they now reject, preferring to be called, Amazigh. While they were Islamized after the early Islamic conquest of North Africa, they have retained their identity, and prefer to be distinct from the Arab population. The Amazigh live in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco,

The following is my translation of Ms. Tasin’s report:

In the Kabyle Region of Algeria, they are demonstrating for the right to eat in public during the month of Ramadan

“They are demonstrating against the obligatory closing of cafes, restaurants during the sacred month. They want these places to remain open, so that those who are not fasting may enjoy eating whenever they want.”

“Some of the banners carried these words: Stop the Salafist Imams, we are for freedom of conscience, for keeping restaurants, cafeterias, and bars open during Ramadan! No to the Islamization of the Kabyle”

“While such demonstrations are going on in in the Kabyle region, in Algeria, a Muslim country, they are practically prohibited in France. One may not criticize Ramadan, or the Islamic mosques. In other words, France is becoming gradually more Islamic than Algeria, more intolerant and ready to apply the blasphemy laws, than a country that recognizes the Shariah! Soon we may soon run the risk of receiving a prison sentence, should we dare to do, what the young Kabyle are doing in Algeria!

“The Conclusion? What’s happening in Algeria may turn out to be a sign of a global revolutionary movement developing against Islam; that’s good news!”

To see the banners, please click on the URL:

 By Jacob Thomas

Jacob Thomas

Consultant on Middle Eastern affair/ Columnist

2 Responses

  1. Ayatrollah1 says:

    If they tried to do this in indoensia I think a vilolent riot would break out. I can’t see this being widespread with Islam on an upswing.

  2. Chiulo Ruiz says:

    That is rich and somewhat twisted when infidels are
    compelling infidels to obey the tenets of Islam.
    Meanwhile supposed Islamic
    believers are flaunting and disobeying Islamic laws.

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