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Faith Freedom International accepts articles that are related to Islam. We do not publish articles in favor or against any other religion. Our authors come from diverse faiths and no faith. This site is not about which religion is better. It is about saving mankind from doom. It is about saving lives. As people of different faiths we disagree with each other, but we are not enemies. We are not going to kill one another over our disagreements. The reason we oppose Islam is because Islam has declared war on all mankind. True Muslims are the enemy of everyone. We don’t fight Islam because it is a faith with which we disagree; we fight it because it promotes hate, violence and terror. We don’t care that Islam is wrong. We care because it is evil. Islam must go for humanity to survive. We are here to expose the deception of moderate Islam and prove that there is only one Islam and that is the Islam of the terrorists.


Some tips

  • Articles can be of any length, but keep in mind that the web offers a lot and you need to compete for the attention of the reader. Generally people don’t want to spend more than five minutes on an article. This means if your article is too long, it may not get read. We suggest you limit your article to maximum 1000 words. Less is better.
  • Please paste the text of the article into the e-mail body and don’t send it as an attachment. Our template will override your formatting.
  • The title should not be more than 100 letters (space included), and it should not be written in capital letters.
  • Include at least one picture to be used as feature image in the home page.
  • Include a short bio of yourself at the end of the article and for your author page. One or two sentences should be enough.
  • You may also send us a picture of yourself for your author page. If you don’t wish to use your picture, you may cartoonize it with free tools such as, or


Good writing

A good op-ed is short, clear, and focused. It has a catchy opener, excellent analysis and is backed by strong facts. A bad op-ed is long, complicated, with meandering sentences and plodding prose. It is pretentious, lacks clarity and contains categorical statements that are not backed up. If a first grader cannot understand it, it is not a good op-ed.

Don’t beat around the bushes. If you can make your point in one sentence, don’t write a whole paragraph. And don’t be tautological. When it comes to writing, less is more.

State your argument clearly. Take into account the opposing views, give them their due respect and refute them with strong arguments.

Don’t write entire sentences or paragraphs in capital. Writing in capitals is like raising your voice for emphasis. You want to emphasize one word or two. You don’t shout to state an entire paragraph, unless you want to be rude to your listeners.

Avoid excessive use of question and exclamations marks. Make your emphasis by choosing right words, not by abundance of exclamation marks and question marks.

We have moved on from the stage of shocking people with violent verses of the Quran and silly hadiths. Op-ed is opinion editorial. Readers want to hear your opinion. Everybody knows now what the Quran says. They want something new.

The Quran, dictated by an illiterate man, is dull and tedious.  It is not a delightedly readable book.  By quoting too many verses of the Quran you risk boring your reader.  Instead, state what the verses say, in your own words, and give reference.

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