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Islam for Hire

From: Siti Rahma Umniati Dear all , nearly 1 year I try to understand you why you fight tooth and nail to help Muslims to leave Islam . However, I do not find a good reason to follow your suggestions . I’m just saying thank you for your concern to Muslims . Editor: – MuhammadContinue Reading

Why Diss Islam

Why Diss Islam* In the name of Allah (subhana wa taala), the Most Gracious and Most Merciful… Dear Ali Sina, I’ve watched your website and it was seemed informative, and i’m glad that you’ve expressed yourself about the wrongs of islam. But one thing that i am most displeased is the display of of theContinue Reading

Virginia “Safeway”: Niqabi Muslimah works the cash register

I complained that I resent that a checker at Safeway #1304 at 7397 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, VA 22042 is permitted to work with the public while fully masked with only eye slits. I could not hear what she said as her mouth was hidden behind heavy black veiling. I said such female masking shamesContinue Reading

Urgent Plea for Help

12/4/2013 Dear Respected Sir/ Madam, we are Uamir & Alam. Pakistani citizens living in Sri Lanka. You published our story in March 2013. We would like to thank you for that. We have some serious issue which is happened just recently. Our lives are in great danger. Please help us if you could. Please readContinue Reading

Muslim men trickery comes in many forms

11/17/2013 Editor’s Note: This is an email from a Western Woman who lives in Europe. It includes a conversation between her and a Muslim man from Pakistan. We publish it verbatim. No liguistic improvements were done. This was for the purpose of keeping the talk between those two people as raw and clear as possible.Continue Reading

An India Letter to Islamic Research Foundation and Zakir Naik

10/5/2013 Editorial note: The IRF is the “Islamic Research Foundation” based in India. Zakir Naik and the IRF try hard to promote Islam in India, and try to show how “scientific” Islam is. FFI received a copy of this chain email today From: M. Ali Assalam o Alaikum, The reason why I am writing toContinue Reading

FFI maligns Islam and Muslims

9/5/2013 From: Abdulsalam Nuhu assalamu alaikum/ may peace be on you it is wrong for a person to search for an information about something in sites that are directly opposite or in contradiction with that particular thing. in the same argument, it is not proper for a person to go and search for information aboutContinue Reading

Ordinary People and Ordinary Muslims

Start a Blog on Freedom Bulwark now and tell your stories of Ordinary People and Ordinary MuslimsContinue Reading

The Qur’an was written by Aliens

7/24/2013 Dear FFI Members, This is S from india.I am regular reader of FFI. Yesterday while I was arguing with one of my Muslim collegues, He provided me the below link to convince me. I am totally confused after going through this. Could you please clarify if the verses mentioned here in this article haveContinue Reading

Islam instills Misogyny in men

Islam destroys Man’s Psyche and leads him to abuse womenContinue Reading

Is Islam as bad as depicted in your website?

Islam is as bad as depicted on this siteContinue Reading

They forced Islam on me since I was young

These situation forced me leave my town.so I convinced them that I want to go in an another famous city to have my government education get finished. I thought that will make my way clear. but sadly as after I get my course finished there, my eldest uncle forced me to work in his company that was situated near my town. I think he forced me to get me in his control. I tried hard to get it rejected. but I could not.Continue Reading

A Zakir Naik “Scholar” contacts FFI

6/27/2013 We received two emails from this gentleman. We present them below with the responses sent to this person from one of our editors Email #1   Editor’s response email below Thank you What a great miracle that is…. I am a believer….but… But wait a minute….isn’t snow melting in the poles covering more landContinue Reading

An email about the Muslim thugs of Sweden

5/16/2013 Email From Alan, Malmo, Sweden Dear Ali Sina and Faith Freedom, In September last year Muslims demonstrated in Malmö against freedom of speech. I protested and was kicked and beaten by Muslims. Below are the emails I wrote at the time. The man wearing the red armband and kicking me in the head isContinue Reading

Akaboshi Rai: FFI is Hateful Site with Hateful People

After thinking about my experience in your hateful site ( Or a terrorism camp that is ) I started to wonder “How can a human being have 0 dignity like you ?”Continue Reading

Abusive Muslim Boyfriend

Women who suffer and endure abusive relationship often suffer from low self-esteem.Continue Reading


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