We suggest the following sites for further study of Islam and to understand the threat that it poses to humanity.

Please note that this list is provided for your convenience and it it’s not an endorsement of these sites.


Ali Sina :: Faith Freedom :: Australian Islam Monitor :: Robert Spencer :: Winds of Jihad ::

The Religion of Peace :: Walid Shoebat :: Gates of Vienna :: Int Free Press Society

Barnabas Fund :: EuropeNews :: Pat Condell :: Vlad Tepes Blog :: Pamella Geller

CFSP :: ACT! for America :: Former Muslims United :: MEMRI :: Answering Islam

CSPI :: Bat Ye’or :: IslamistWatch :: MEForum :: CitizenWarrior :: Geert Wilders

Faith Texts :: CMJE Sources :: Caroline Glick :: Bill Muehlenberg :: Mark Durie ::

Q Society of Australia :: Radical Islam ::

Outside the camp  : This is a site that has a good section on Islam and Israel This is a site that has collections of Qur’an Tafsir’s and Multiplicity of hadiths collections.

 Liberatori : This is a Blog by Asif Rezwan Mamun. Has a running Blog that tells the Truth about Islam and its history   collects the incidence of rape by Muslims A superb website full of relevant articles on Islam.   Ordinary Australians caring about their country  Finally Ibn Warraq launches he long overdue personal blog.




Here are a few Islamic sites that have tried to refute Ali Sina’s articles


Refuting :: :: :: Debate with :: Nadir Ahmed ::  Debate with Nadir Ahmed :: TheTruthExposed :: Basam Zawadi :: Sami Zatari ::