2 CRASH Courses in Islam – Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell is a writer, filmmaker and Media Consultant, presently living in New York, NY. While making a documentary about the construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in Murfreesboro, TN he attempted to expose “Islamophobia”. Once he stated that Islam was the biggest threat to human rights in the world today, he was banned from the writing Daily Kos and MichaelMoore.com, after LoonWatch.com created a petition to silence him. His article, “The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam” has been widely circulated and has caused several Liberals to rethink how they look at the Religion of Peace. CHECK OUT MY BLOG AT: http://www.EricAllenBell.com

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9 Responses

  1. Paul Davey says:

    @livingengine, what are you talking about? He just described you a as a crazy stalker, and now you pop up to prove his point. It seems like you are the one we should be worried about not Eric.

  2. Obviously anyone, including those born into Islam, have a right to criticize Islam. How anyone can extract from my words, that only Atheists have a right to criticize Islam, is more than a bit of a stretch.

  3. Dave London says:

    You’re a GREAT communicator. I’m thankful that you went to Murfreesboro TN and permitted your eyes to see and your ears to hear, rather than following through on the original agenda of your (and Michael Moore’s) planned film.
    Your written statements and video statements since then have been immensely helpful. They are succinct and get right to the heart of the matter.
    Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.
    Dave L.

  4. Phoenix says:


    We can both agree that evangelical fundamentalists are irrational.But is it really honest to equate them with muslims? Evangeliecals are more annoying than dangerous.I could only wish to live in a world where Isis or Boko Haram spent their Saturdays knocking on people’s doors like Jehovah’s Witnesses and handing out pamphlets.There’s no double standard involved.When evangelicals start beheading dissenters,kidnapping school girls en masse,bombing embassies and burning secular educational institutions only then will your comparison be valid.
    Religious Dependency Disorder is not an actual disorder that’s recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.I thought sticking to cold hard facts is the objective,otherwise you’re delving into superstitious territory
    I must have banned a couple hundred people from my Facebook page because they refused to stop preaching to me about Hell…What I have just said is probably what makes certain people even more unstable and more determined to shut me up//

    That’s ironic because Atheists can’t stop preaching their dogma to Ali Sina since his new beliefs,the goal is to shut him up about God.Just one problem:I have not come across a single logical deduction coupled with empirical evidence why reality cannot accommodate God.Atheists claim logic and evidence as their worldview but consistently fail their own principles.

    You’re doing a great job exposing Islam but to imply that only Atheists are permitted to criticize Islam is unwarranted.

  5. The Rapture Ready crowd are not dealing with a full deck. One of the HUGE strikes against us, in the Counter Jihad movement, is the Rapture Ready segment of our population. There is a double standard, one that says Islam is intolerant (it is) but no one can say that Jesus was full of himself to insist he was the only way to “god” assuming a historical Jesus even existed. If the Radical Evangelicals were not so vocal we would have more credibility. This is important because telling the world about the dangers of Islam is a life and death matter. Those suffering from Religious Dependency Disorder do this effort a great disservice. I must have banned a couple hundred people from my Facebook page because they refused to stop preaching to me about Hell. Larry Estavan is just a little more committed to this lunacy than most. If it were not for Pat Robertson and folks like Walid Shoebat, I feel we would be reaching a lot more people with vital information about Islam. What I have just said is probably what makes certain people even more unstable and more determined to shut me up.

  6. Ali Sina says:

    I have accepted Jesus and now that Christians realize I am not sharing their dogma and my understanding of Jesus does in no way repudiate Hinduism, they don’t know what to do with me. Someone already called me a heretic Christian. Doesn’t one have to be Christian first to become a heretic? I never became a Christian. I just accepted God and Jesus. Now Hindus malign me for talking about Jesus and Christians call me heretic that I believe in reincarnation and believe also in Krishna. In addition to that the atheists are utterly pissed off for me even mentioning God.

    This guy thinks you are promoting new age. Assuming you did, why is he so upset. Did you have an affair with his wife? I just want to know what is the source of his vitriol. Yes I noticed he attacked you in other blogs. I can suggest some very good herbal remedies that have calming effect. All he has to do is ask.

  7. Ali – This guy, Larry Estavan, aka “livingengine” has been cyberstalking me since 2011. Nearly every blog my material has appeared on eventually ends up with multiple posts from this guy, saying I am “New Age” and a “fraud”. A fraud at what, I’m still unclear on that. Interestingly enough, when I first started to come around to the Counter Jihad point of view, he was the one to contact me, when I was writing for the Daily Kos, and actually draw my attention to the fact that CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest bust of an Islamic charity funneling monies to Islamic terrorist organizations (the Holy Land Foundation). When I left the Daily Kos (they banned me actually) and wrote my first article for Jihad Watch, this man became obsessed with the idea that I was anti-Christianity and only writing Counter Jihad articles to make money.

    Nearly every Counter Jihad blog has a donate button. I do not have a blog, but when I did I took down the donate button to avoid this kind of controversy. No one pays me for what I do and I do not accept donations. I support myself as a Media Advisor. I spend my own money to promote videos and get the truth out about Islam. I pay for my own security and, from time to time, I donate to other Counter Jihad blogs.

    And yet, now there is an entire thread, dedicated to me, on a Cult awareness site, with numerous obsessive-compulsive posts from Larry Estavan. Some of my neighbors have read this and ask me “Is it true you are a cult leader?” We are now into year 3 of me being followed around by this lunatic. As soon as he finds anything online, with my name on it, he starts posting images and stories that paint me out to be a cult leader who is mad with power and out to take everyone’s money and lead them away from Jesus.

    So don’t be surprised if FaithFreedom.org becomes plastered with obsessive ramblings from this man. It would be funny, if it weren’t so insane. People who have just met me often end up on the Cult awareness site (everyone Googles everyone these days) and then ask me if it’s true that I am a cult leader, like Rajneesh.

  8. Ali Sina says:

    You have been going around badmouthing EAB. How is he a fraud? Is he selling counterfeit products? Is he selling a scam program? You don’t like him. I get it. You don’t have to like everyone. I don’t like Obama among a host of other people. I also call Obama a fraud and give the evidence. What is your evidence that EAB is a fraud?

  9. livingengine says:

    Eric Allen Bell is a fraud!