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Mohammad and Safia

Safia realized resistance was futile. She will be raped any ways, either by the prophet or another jihadi.Continue Reading

Why Shouldn’t all Violent Ideologies be Legal/Tax Exempt in USA?

The Prophet of Islam is the undisputed champion terrorist of all timesContinue Reading

Quotes from Non-Muslim Thinkers on Islam/Religion

“The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head of the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victims feet”Continue Reading

Women are Responsible for Rapes

Only Islam realizes that when Muslim men are aroused they must have it right awayContinue Reading

Words of Wisdom from Intellectuals Born into Islam

“Islam is an absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin” – Mustafa Kamal PashaContinue Reading

A Glimpse of Islamic Republic of America

Our job as moderate muslims is to lull the kuffar to a false sense of security while our mujahids do the dirty workContinue Reading

Pedophila: Permitted by Allah and Patornized by the Prophet

When a pedophile found out that sex with children is halal and Sunna he converted to Islam and changed his name to Mohammed.Continue Reading

Allah Frowns on Those who Abstain From Having Sex with Their Slave Girls

To be alone with Maria, Prophet sent Hafsa to her Dad’s house with a phony excuse that Umar wanted to see herContinue Reading

Plan to Carry Out a Sunna Gone Awary

Because Non Muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophetContinue Reading

Sex with Daughter-in-Law: Divinely Ordained

When you lose faith you become apostate and Allah wants apostates beheaded even before infidels..Continue Reading

Prophet’s Biography from Quranic Ayas

50.6 Sky is built with no cracks.Continue Reading

Golden Rule of Islam

Golden rule of islam is, “If you deliver infidels to Allah, Allah will deliver houries to you”Continue Reading

Innovative Jihad

Rampant raping activities of the Muslim young men in Europe is giving them image of Tough Guys and Macho Men , and attracting many western young ladies to Islam.Continue Reading

What about the Sensitivities of Non Muslims?

2006/02/04 All the Muslims of the world are up in arms about few cartoons in Denmark , published a few months back. Danes are being beaten up, their products are boycotted (they are losing millions of dollars daily), ambassadors are being called back, embassies are being closed, rewards are being offered to kill the cartoonists, deathContinue Reading

How to Regain Universal Glory through Jihadi Terrorism

Had Islam been a religion of peace nobody would have been a Muslim today. Continue Reading

Use of Islamic Knowledge of Health and Hygiene Is a Must for All Muslims

Only Islamic knowledge of health and hygiene must be used in daily life because Allah has already given that information through Prophet Mohammed for a reason.Continue Reading

Islamic Tid Bits

Apostle of God had great taste in women and only selected the ones with good looks and great figure…Continue Reading

Apostles’ Greatest Miracle was Sex

Apostle’s greatest miracle was not the Quran. It was his capacity for lovemaking. Allah had given him libido of 30 men. Most infidels don’t even consider the Quran to be a big deal. They say a village idiot can come up with such a book. They claim that any book is better than the Quran.Continue Reading

A Complaint to Allah

You were sending Jibraeel for every little information, even to show how to wipe asses, why didn’t you send him to warn Mo against eating the poisoned meat which pained him so much and eventually took his life?Continue Reading

Women’s High status and Privileged Position

Dear sisters: How many times have you heard this claim “sisters, you should be very happy that you have a very high status and a very privileged position in our religion” by the bearded ones in the mosques? God alone knows what high status and which privileged position they talk about…. To be declared inContinue Reading


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