Sounds of NOT Being Silent – Stop Islam – Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell is a writer, filmmaker and Media Consultant, presently living in New York, NY. While making a documentary about the construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in Murfreesboro, TN he attempted to expose “Islamophobia”. Once he stated that Islam was the biggest threat to human rights in the world today, he was banned from the writing Daily Kos and, after created a petition to silence him. His article, “The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam” has been widely circulated and has caused several Liberals to rethink how they look at the Religion of Peace. CHECK OUT MY BLOG AT:

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2 Responses

  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    Some of the words of this music video are about Muslims “bowing to some blacken stone…” That stone of course is the Mecca stone . Most scholars believe that this black stone is actually a meteorite. The point is that many apologists for Islam strongly make the claim that “Islam is not a religion of idolatry.” The counter claim and point is that is the light of the Bible in may be seen that in the Book of Acts in chapter 19 gives the information that the pagan people of the city of Ephesus worshiped an image which is in then in essence an idol that represented their heathen goddess. This idol is believe ,by many Bible scholars to be a meteorite because as one of those ancient pagans stated in verse 35″The image which fell down from Zeus.”, heaven. So by comparison it may be seen that as some ancient pagan people venerated a meteorite in worship which “fell down from heaven.” Likewise, is may be rightly said that in modern times the Muslim people venerate an image, is a meteorite which had fallen down from heaven. Meaning that religious black stone which is center of worship and is circled in Mecca is an image thus an idol. So as the ,meteorite, “image ” in Acts 19:35. is idolatry. So is the meteorite, that is the black stone,which is circled and touched in Mecca idolatry In conclusion, Islam is actually a religion of idolatry.

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    All the murderous jihad attacks, be they in Boston, San Bernardino, Paris, Brussels or many other places. They all lead to an important question: “Is the Quran the Word of God or is it a fabrication of a man ?” Thus, is the Quran the truth or a fiction and a hoax ? The jihadists use many verses from the Quran as the main source of justification for their violence, mayhem and murders. As seen in 4:89. 5:33. 9:5,111,123. 47:4. The information is clearly given on pages 145 through 157 in THE ISLAMIC INVASION by Robert Morey in which he wrote a section on the Quran with its self-contradictions. Just two of the many he cited are the following “The Quran differs on whether a day is a thousand years or fifty thousand years in God’s sight’ and “Who was first to believe? Abraham or Moses [Sura 6:14 versus 7:143]? The above is inconsistent and illogical. Further, Morey wrote about “The fact that Judaism and Christianity broke up into different sects was used in the Quran to prove that they are not of God [Suras 30:20-32. 42:13, 14]. Yet Islam has broken up into many warring sects and therefore cannot be true if the Quran is right.” Moreover, Morey in his book shows many more contradictions and absurdities in the Quran, there are and how Muhammad incorporated extra Biblical and Jewish folklore along with pre-Islamic Arabian myth and parts of Zoroastrian and Hindu stories into the Quran. Furthermore, the Muslims claim that “the Quran is the direct, literal word of God unmodified in any way by the Prophet who uttered them at the bidding of God.” Nevertheless, in the book UNVEILING ISLAM by Ergun Mehmet and Eethi Caner has shown that the Quran was modified in the following account on pages 45. “Muhammad felt the need to improve on the words of Allah, since he changed Allah’s wisdom for his own on several occasions. A hadith tells of the nonchalant emendations of Muhammad:’ On a number of occasions he [a scribe] had, with the Prophet’s consent changed the closing words of verses. For example, when the prophet had said ‘God is mighty and wise ‘ Adbollah b. Abi Sarh suggested writing down ‘Knowing and wise’ and the Prophet answered that there was no objection. Having observed a succession of changes of this type, Adbollah renounced Islam on the grounds that revelations, if from God could not be changed at the prompting of a scribe such as himself. After his apostasy he went to Mecca and joined the Qorayshites.’ Other writers reveal that later Muhammad and his people did go war with the Qorayshites and he personally killed Abdollah. Obviously Abdollah knew too much and Muhammad wanted Abdollah’s knowledge to die with him.” In conclusion, the Quran is not only a fiction, it’s also a hoax.