Why Muslim Females Cover Their Body?

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  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    To imprison women for not wearing the hijab is but one part of the anti-female tyranny of this tyrannical “mullah regime” of Iran.

    For that ruthless cruel brutal heinous l regime of Iran that is so unfittingly has the word “Republic” in its title ,for its called “ The Islamic Republic of Iran” [ I R I]. On the topic of this Islamic tyranny a former Muslim revealed that “The IRI system recognizes women as dependent upon men and incomplete human beings who need to be supervised and controlled by men and the State. This author further exposed that “Women are created for the purposes of giving pleasure to men and child bearing – functions that confine them to the home” This is a male Chauvinistic as can possibly be. In addition this writer further makes it known that “The IRI legal system still retains traditional patriarchal bias that can be described as nothing but systemic subordination of women , which is undoubtedly a human rights violation .” This author further reveals that “Iran is of what Islamic fundamentalists desire, an Islamic State, and the consequence of achieving it “State Terror. Instead of utopia, Iran is an Islamic totalitarian nightmare…” and “the Islamic Republic of Iran exists and operates as what every Islamic fundamentalist dreams of, an Islamic state ruled by Sharia …What followed its establishment was the inevitable consequence and inexorable logic of its Islamic premises; state terrorism, a merciless tyranny.” [1] This heinous Islamic has been also exposed by another author who was born and lived in a Middle Eastern nation for many years. She wrote “Female freedom and independence is one of the greatest sins in Islam…” and “Women in Islam are considered unclean, deemed inferior even to dirt.” [2] All this is wicked, unjust and misogynistic to the extreme. Islam had not regard for human life, regardless of what the apologists for this religion will claim.

    [1] THE ISLAM IN ISLAMIC TERRORISM BY Ibn Warraq. pages 345-347.
    [2] THEY MUST BE STOPPED by Brigitte Gabriel pages 62, 172

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    The harsh brutal oppression of girls and women in this tyrannical Islamic regime of Iran has ,many times, becomes even worse the forcing females to wear hijab against their will . As this following example reveals.
    That heinously cruel and murderous Islamic tyranny of Iran is very brutal and vicious to the Iranian people. Especially regarding females. Both girls and women. For example a teenage girl in Iran was talking to her boyfriend on the phone and then the Islamic state “police” walked over to her and shot her dead. They did that wicked and malicious thing to her because she was talking to her boyfriend and they also didn’t like her clothing. [1] That was a clear cut case of murder and vicious Islamic madness by Iran’s Islamic state “ police”, who call themselves the “Revolutionary Guards”, they got away with their hideous and malice –filled evil because the mullahs as well as other villains in power in that tyrannical Islamic regime .

    [1] A TIME TO BETRAY by Reza Kahlili page 240

  3. Walter Sieruk says:

    In Muslim controlled lands females are required to cover the body , their whole body. Even their faces . How absurd. How ridiculous and worse yet how murderous . As in the following incident

    The Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a kingdom of callous brutal misogyny of the most heinously heartless kind there is.

    An example, only a few years ago in Saudi Arabia a girls dorm caught of fire, the girls naturally rushed out of that dorm that was on fire . In their hast to escape the flames they forgot to take and put on their face veils.
    Those Islamic state police of Saudi Arabia with this totally unreasonable and heartless Islamic mindset forced all the girls back into the dorm that was on fire. Only because they didn’t have their face veils. So all those girls did a horrible painful death .This is worse than tragic and sad, this is the murderous misogyny of the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  4. J.A. says:

    Hello Fellas!
    I’m an Ex-Mu from Indonesia and I think if I could do the translation in Indonesian, I’m sure this one will bring enlightenment in the “biggest community of Allah’s Apostle in the world” to try to get out of the shackles that tying them called as Islam. I’m expecting your reply and really happy such this community is exist even though I’m thriving to reach here using a VPN software.