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It appears that this council of “wise men” has already a plan of action for the future king of England to Islamize the country. Discussing the role of Islam in the United Kingdom, in a speech at the Foreign Office Conference Centre at Wilton Park in Sussex on December 13, 1996, Charles called on Islamic pedagogy and philosophy to help young Britons develop a “healthier view of the world”. Praising Islamic culture in its traditional form for trying to preserve an "integrated, spiritual view of the world in a way we have not seen fit to do in recent generations in the West," he went on to say:

There is much we can learn from that Islamic world view in this respect. There are many ways in which mutual understanding and appreciation can be built. Perhaps, for instance, we could begin by having more Muslim teachers in British schools, or by encouraging exchanges of teachers. Everywhere in the world people want to learn English. But in the West, in turn, we need to be taught by Islamic teachers how to learn with our hearts, as well as our heads. 

According to the Prince, all that Muslims need to learn from the West is English, while the “spiritually bankrupt” Westerners are in dire need of learning Islamic philosophy and values.

What philosophy? What values? Tell me what Islam has that Christianity doesn't and I will tell you a million things that the Western culture has that Islam doesn't. First and foremost is freedom of thought and respect for human dignity. In the West people are people. In Islam they are slaves and like animals their thoughts do not count. If they dare to express a thought contrary to Islam, they will be executed.   

Why like all Muslims you compare the unbelieving decadent 'Christians' with the 'ideal Islam'? Why don't you compare Christians with Muslims, fundamentalist Christians with fundamentalist Muslims and Christianity with Islam? When you stop this logical fallacy of comparing apples to oranges, you will see that Christianity is a thousand time superior to Islam and Christians are a thousand time better than Muslims. Fundamentalist Christians are just nutcases. All you have to do is ignore them. Fundamentalist Muslims are terrorists. You can't ignore them. And there is no comparison between Jesus and Muhammad. The former was a super saint, the latter was a thug.

While criticizing the Western civilization Charles added: 

During the past three centuries, in the Western world at least, a dangerous division has occurred in the way we perceive the world around us. Science has tried to assume a monopoly ­ even a tyranny ­ over our understanding. Religion and science have become separated, so that now, as Wordsworth said, "Little we see in nature that is ours". Science has attempted to take over the natural world from God; it has fragmented the cosmos and relegated the sacred to a separate and secondary compartment of our understanding, divorced from practical, day to day existence. 3

Science does not pretend to have answers to all human questions. Science has its own modus operandi and does not concern itself with things that are not verifiable through scientific means. It is not up to science to speculate on supernatural and spirituality. But science per se, is not tyrannical. Scientists may not agree with your views but they will never jail you, torture you or behead you for believing in what they regard scientific heresies. In the midst of the most scientific societies, you are allowed to believe in, and even preach, hocus-pocus and do not have to fear for your life. It is Islam that claims monopoly of the truth, jails its dissidents, tortures them and beheads them. What would befall to a Muslim scientist if he dares to say Jinns are fairytale, Muhammad did not split the moon and Mi'raj (the alleged ascension of Muhammad to heaven riding on a winged horsy) is ridiculous? 

What part of the Quran is scientific? This book is an insult to human intelligence. What has been the contribution of Islam to science? Nothing! Islam has been a hindrance to science. The few scientists who were born in Islamic countries and gave birth to what now Muslims claim to be "Islamic science", were all apostates and unbelievers. Some of them, like Razi, ridiculed religions and called the prophets, "billy goats" and "charlatans". The quartets of Khayyam, the great poet/mathematician, is full of ridicules of the Quran and its epistemology. Others, like Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd were denounced as heretics and often were on the move to escape persecution. Whatever these scientists planted with their "heads" was nipped in the bud by true Muslims like Al Ghazali and Rumi who followed their "hearts". Islam put an end to science and scientific quest. Rather than investigating the causes of the natural phenomena, everything was explained as the "will of God" and the researchers were mocked. What harmony of science and religion Charles sees in Islam? Why he does not enlighten us?   

As is to be expected, Charles has reached a hero status among Muslims. 

CAIRO, June 21 (IslamOnline.net) – Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei will award Prince Charles, the heir to the British crown, an international prize for his contribution to understanding Islam in the West during a London ceremony on Thursday, June 24.

The Prince of Wales was unanimously chosen by an international jury set up by the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) for his earnest efforts to promote dialogue between the Islamic and Western civilizations, 4

John Casey of Cambridge University, warns that the British public lacks a clear understanding of Charles's standing in the Muslim world:  

The extent to which the Prince is admired by Muslims-even to the point of hero-worship-has not yet sunk into the consciousness of the British public. When it does, that public may or may not be pleased.

As it is clear, Charles likes to think with his heart rather than with his head. Heart is for feelings. To find one's way one must use his head. Impressionable people like Charles can easily be coned. He, obviously is being used by Muslims with whose help they hope to penetrate England and indoctrinate the Britons with Islam. Gordon and Stillman write: “At a private dinner with Prince Charles in May 1997, Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia announced a donation by King Fahd of $33 million to Oxford University to construct a new Centre for Islamic Studies at Oxford, a gift designed "to establish Islamic studies at the heart of the British education system."

Centre for Islamic Studies is just a fancy name for madrassah. Thousands of mosques, madrassahs and Islamic centers have been sprouted all over UK. Islam is gradually penetrating in that country, destabilizing its democratic foundation and fomenting terrorism among its Muslim population. Muslims’ 'generosity' does not come with no-strings-attached. Wherever they invest their money, whether it is in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, UK or USA, the objective is to advance Islamic imperialism. Soon terrorism will follow and the country will become a war zone.

The Britons should know that the first allegiance of a Muslim is to Islam. Every Muslim, whether he is a pauper or a prince has the duty to advance the cause of Islam and make it dominant. 



Muslims, function as the fifth column, in favor of Islam, wherever they reside. The Britons must realize that Islam is not just another faith. Islam is a fascistic doctrine that uses religion to advance its political agenda. If the king of England has sympathies towards Islam, whether he is a convert or just a 'useful idiot', this should be a matter of concern to everyone. His sympathy to Islam will boost Islamic zealotry and will feed Islamic terrorism.   

With so much scandals oozing out of the House of Windsor, Charles flirting with Islam and his son Harry wearing a swastika armband, maybe it is time that the Britons see whether they really have any need for the archaic institution of monarchy. Apart from providing fodder for the tabloid industry what other useful function does monarchy have?  

Instead of coming to America and lecturing to Americans about a faith of which he knows nothing but some lies and clichés that he has been told, I challenge the Prince of Wales to urge his panel of "wise men" to confront me and prove that my charges against Muhammad are false. Will he at least ask them to do that? If he really cares about the truth, this is the least he should do.


Is Prince Harry also a Muslim in closet? 


This article should be read by the President of the United States before listening to Prince Charles's charade about Islam. Please forward it to him, to the Secretary of State, to all the members of the Congress, to your governor and to your mayor. Send it  to your local newspaper and ask them to publish it. Don't assume that truth will always win. This is a childish belief. It happens only in fairytales. History shows that only those who are determined win. If you are not determined the Isamists will win and mankind will lose.  

Permission is granted to publish this article  and I encourage you to promote it as much as you can until it reaches the Prince and millions of others who like him are fed with lies about Islam. Being a 'useful idiot' is just as dangerous as being the enemy itself, or perhaps more.  


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