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Golden Eggs of Rotten Islam: 
Freethinkers of Islam


 by Sher Khan  

Muslim apologists always huff and puff, claiming the golden ages of Islam produced many great Muslim minds. It is partially true, there were numbers of scientists, doctors and philosophers in the era of powerful Islam but they were not real Muslims, by any stretch of the imagination.  

Imagine a ruthless Mullah father with many children! Every evening he returns from work, cranky and ready to beat the whole family. As soon as he steps in, everyone maintains pin drop silence and stay far away from him. Almost same thing happened when Muhammad established his kingdom. There was no trace of doctors, chemists, poets or philosophers while he was in power; they had to hide to save their lives. As soon as Mohammad died, scholars, academics and intellectuals came out of their shelter and flourished again.     

Jabir Ibn Haiyan (?-803)

Muslim apologists claim that Jabir Ibn Haiyan was the father of chemistry though Chemistry was practiced from ancient ages. Egyptians used distillation process in 3000 years BC and the Greeks in 1000 BC. Zosimus of Panopolis wrote "The Divine Art of Making Gold and Silver", in the 4th century. Jabir Ibn Haiyan should not be called the founder of Chemistry, which is nothing but the usual deceiving technique of Muslim apologists. However, he did contribute a lot in this area of science and prepared varieties acids such as, nitric, hydrochloric, citric and tartaric acids. He practiced medicine and chemistry under the patronage of an Abbasid caliphate Harun al-Rashid.  

Interestingly, Jabir Ibn Haiyan was not a very religious person. A Muslim apologist writes, “His religious views and philosophical concepts, embodied in the corpus have been criticized but, apart from the question of their authenticity, it is to be emphasized that the major contribution of Jabir lies in the field of chemistry and not in religion.” Whenever Muslims are embarrassed with facts, they bring the question of authenticity, a known technique that they always use. As human beings, we surely are grateful to Jabir for his contribution to humankind. One logical question pops up; if Muslims disagree with Jabir’s religious views then why are they proud of Jabir and claim him as a Muslim scientist?  


Ibn Sina (980-1037)

Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna was another prominent figure, who excelled in medicine but his contribution to science and philosophy is also greatly remembered. Muslims proudly call him the doctor of doctors and enjoy virtual pleasure, alleging him as a golden egg of golden Islam. Despite taking the credit, Muslim countries never benefited from his works, however many hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and hotels of Islamic countries are named after him.  Ironically, European universities added Ibn Sina’s medical and philosophical works to their curriculum but they remained unknown to the witch factories aka madrassas of the Muslim world.    

Apparently, Avecinna believed in one god and accepted the authority of Muhammad as the lawgiver of Islam. Well, did he have any choice? A learned person like Ibn Sina was well aware of the punishment for apostasy. He surely did not want his head be chopped and play soccer with it. However, his freethinking mind did not accept the absurdities of Islam. He opined in his autobiography under the chapter of “THE AFTER LIFE”. – “The after life is a notion received from religious teaching; there is no way of establishing it’s truth save by way of religious dogma and acceptance of the prophet’s report as true; there refers to what will befall the body at the resurrection and those corporal delights or torments which are too well-known to require restating here.” (from “Avicenna on Theology” by Arthur J Arberry). Arthur J Arberry nicely explained Avecinna’s conviction in his commentary, “And on one most important point of doctrine he was unquestionably, gloriously heretical; he rejected unreservedly the resurrection of the body, and with it the literal acceptance of those passages in the Koran describing in graphic physical terms the pleasure and the torture of the damned.”  

What a blasting blasphemous heresy! A major portion of “holey” Quran is stuffed with resurrection and/or judgment day business. Quran is all about killing kafirs in this life, establishing Islamic kingdom, and punishment or reward with strippers after life. Quran confirms in verse - 50.42,The Day when they will hear a (mighty) Blast in (very) truth: that will be the Day of Resurrection.” Not only in this verse but the same assertion was repeated in eighty four places in the Quran. How naively Ibn Sina rebuffed the central idea of Quran is an interesting approach that deserves to be contemplated.  

Arberry made the most interesting assessment of Avecinna in the following commentary, “Even during his lifetime Avicenna was suspected of infidelity to Islam; after his death accusations of heresy, free thought and atheism were repeatedly leveled against him.”   


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