New Zealand Mosque Massacre

Jake Neuman

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  1. Truth Triumps says:

    Think for a Moment. Is not the ‘NEW ZEALAND MOSQUE MASSACRE’ an Activity from a Non Muslim Copying Muslim Activity?

  2. Face_The_Truth says:

    I have heard rumors that, the Prime Minister of New Zealand — Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern — has secretly converted to Islam after realizing that Islam is the ONLY true faith on earth revealed to Islam’s founder Muhammad the Arabian just 1400 years ago and, as a result, all other faiths on earth are false.

  3. muhamad- azizi says:

    So many Imams in Arab and Muslim countries call for avenge. Western Media fails to talk about it. Erdogan of Turkey used the massacre to rise the emotion of Turkey majority Muslim against minority Christians for election. So NZ premier minister Jacinda Ardern refrains, be yourself, too much naïvity and you’re going to far. Islam is not innocent, it is the most bloody religion in human history. Keep it in your mind that : Muslims are going to avenge, soon or late. Because the Muslims can not let quran and ahadith to fail. Quran 2:178 send the Muslims to avenge, retaliation : “Man to man, Woman to woman……” Please premier minister since the massacre, all you’re doing just naïvety. think about tomorrow.

  4. Face_The_Truth says:

    Why don’t we hear Islamic mosque related violence in Japan?

    Because, Japan doesn’t take a large number of foreign-born Muslim migrants each year.

  5. Walter Sieruk says:

    One the subject of “terrorism and mass murder “ there are some people who have had actually called the murderous evil an “incident,” as in Manchester, and the murderous evil in New Zealand a “terror attack” not both and a double standard and an affront. The reality of the truth that jihad mass murder bombing which occurred in the city in England then than wicked mad man who committed the shooting murders in city of New Zealand are both actions of terror attacks of mass murders should be totally and completely condemned . There is no excuse of a “justification” of any kind for the evil and murdering behavior of those two villains in both countries.

    In addition, it very much, needs to be understood that this evil man in that city in New Zealand had committed that heinous crime the shootings because he was as vicious and malicious as he was ignorant .For the Muslim people are not Islam and this shooter for his violent and deadly actions need to and should be punished . What more for what he did he punished hard and not be put into a rehabilitation program.”
    Moreover, We should not accept double standards and likewise we must never forget that hideous and evil Islamic terrorist bombing in the city in Manchester, England was an Islamic terror mass murder jihad terror attack. This not as some claim a result of a “hijacked Islam” but actual violent Quran based jihad Islam. This Muslim suicide /homicide bombing is on the Quran as ,for example , in Sura 9:111 it teaches “The believers fight in Allah’s cause they slay and are slain, they kill and are killed…” Furthermore, in Sura 47:4. it also instructs “Whenever you encounter the unbelievers strike off their heads until you make a great slaughter among them…” Let’s face it , setting off a bomb murdering young are who are not Muslims is a very effective way to “make greater slaughter among them.” In conclusion, the religion of Islam is actually a death cult.

    Both the jihad bombing mass murders in England and that evil and vicious man’s shooting of mass murders in New Zealand were nothing less the wicked actions of terrorism.

    Let’s not have double standards

  6. Face_The_Truth says:

    Why Muslims attack non-Muslims in Muslim-majority territories?

    Answer is simple.

    Muslims assert their dominance over non-believers; because, Muslims know that, if Muslims commit crimes on non-believers, non-believers won’t retaliate for one reason or another.

    When Muslims in Calcutta committed riots and bloody mayhem on non-believers (i.e., “Hindus”) prior to the independence of Indian subcontinent, “Hindu”-traitor M.K. Gandhi forbade all non-believers (i.e., “Hindus”) to retaliate.

    Because, “Hindu”-traitor M.K. Gandhi was a secret admirer of Middle-Eastern Jewish homosexual lunatic named “Jesus the Nazarene”.

    Why Muslims are rampaging in France, in Great Britain, and in Germany today?

    Because, the followers of Middle-Eastern Jewish homosexual lunatic named “Jesus the Nazarene” are prohibiting retaliation and misleading world’s Christian-majority nations in every way possible.

    If a Muslim attacks a non-believer, non-believer(s) should exterminate not just the Muslim-attacker, but also his/her Muslim mother, Muslim sister(s) and Muslim brother(s).

    And — only then — you will find Muslims are behaving very respectfully towards non-believers all over the world.

    My dear readers, please read from the following LINK for your better understanding about Muslim-Kufar relation.

    Muslims migrate to non-believers’ lands with the ultimate goal of looting, murdering, raping, and arsoning non-believers’ everything in order to create Dar al’Islam.

    But, time and time again, the fake and plagiarized teachings of Middle-Eastern Jewish homosexual lunatic named “Jesus the Nazarene” apparently mis-direct non-believers from exterminating all Muslim invaders from non-believers’ territories.

    When Pagan Arabs of Mecca were looking for Muhammad the Arabian to arrest and execute him 1400 years ago, Jews of the Arabian Peninsula in Yathrib sheltered Muhammad the Arabian from Pagan Arab’s wrath.

    Muhammad the Arabian survived due to Jewish aid and assistance.

    There wouldn’t have been an ideology called “Islam” if the Jews of the Arabian Peninsula in Yathrib handed rape-born Muhammad the Arabian over to the Pagan Arabs of Mecca!

    And, later the Jews of the Arabian Peninsula ultimately reaped their cultivation in Muhammad the Arabian when Muhammad the Arabian either exiled or brutally beheaded all Jews of the Arabian Peninsula 1400 years ago.

    That’s the sad history, my dear readers.


  7. muhamd- azizi says:

    J. Neuman. Me like you I feel deeply sympathic to victimes. But not only the victimes of the mosques also we should feel the same to 76 victimes of the Church in Nigeria. 76 Christians were massacre during Church service by Muhammad Buhari tribalmen. Churches in North and Central Nigeria are been burning to ashes. Western Political correct and the Media keep quite. This is what concern me. Pr. Muhammad Buhari radical muslim opposite to NZ premier minister Jacinda Ardern. M. Buhari doesn’t take it serious like : condemn, consolidate the victim community, call it terrorism…… No, nothing. And no one give him remarks. WE SHOULD ALSO FEEL FOR VICTIMES OF THE CHURCHES IN EGYPT, IRAK, PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN, NIGERIA AND SO ON.

  8. muhammad azizi says:

    My thought and wary going to minority Christians in Arab and Muslim world. The naïvety of New- Zealand premier minister. The way She presants the tragedy totaly naïve, in an other hand the Anti- Christ western Media makes it worst. All these without to think the life of Christians in Arabs countries. Let us see what Western Countries(France, Germany, Britain…..) do when they face terrorism in their soil. First of all : They hide the name of the Muslim terrorist for DAYS. IN THE WAY TO COOL DOWN THE TEMPER OF MAJORITY NO MUSLIM POPULATION. It works very good. Islam became super power religion. Muslims they can kill who they want, when they want, where they want. no one can stop them. In Christchurch. Media could report the tragedy differently. Media could say that : “Somalia gangs attack each other, the reason will give you later” It could help Muslims around the world to sleep good without to rise their Emotion. People need to know the truth only those they can help : secret service, police, interpole. I can not help I don’t need to know the truth, because I can not bring help. So I don’t need to be tell what happen in NZ is terrorism. REALLY I DON’T NEED IT. Nowadays in Nigeria under Muhammad Buhari presidency Christians are been killing into the church by Buhary tribal men, churchs are been burning to the ashes. Ones the Western Media doesn’t talk about it. who feels about Nigeria Christians??? My message is MEDIA SHOULD STOP TO PUT LIFE OF CHRISTIANS MINORITY IN ARAB MUSLIM WORLD IN DANGER.

  9. Found The Truth says:

    We should understand that minorities (whatever their faith/religion/worldview is irrelevant) within a country are NOT invaders. They should NEVER be treated as invaders. Even Osama Bin Laden’s children who have successfully immigrated in the West should NOT be treated as invaders. That is the Christian way. That is what Christ taught us.
    A democracy and civilization is judged by how it treats its minorities and most vulnerable. Hatred towards fellow citizens is PURE HATRED and CANNOT be justified.
    When you do not have Christ in you then you will easily buy into this hatred rhetoric and will be devoid of moral outrage.
    Christ the way, the truth and life. When Christ is in you, you will feel compassion, love, towards other humans irrespective of their religion, faith, race, ethnicity, caste, creed, economic situation etc.

  10. Face_The_Truth says:

    This is NOT about “Right vs. Wrong”.

    This is all about defending one’s country from foreign invaders when existing government does nothing!

    Will Saudi Arabia allow building Christian churches in the Kingdom of Saud?

    Will the Islamic Republic of Iran allow building Buddhist or Jain Temples inside the Republic of Islam?

    We (i.e., non-believers) all know answers to the above questions.

    So, let’s not deliberately delude ourselves into believing that, Islam and Muslims are 2 different entities.

    Let’s not deliberately delude ourselves into believing that, deliberate destructions of Pagan temples and libraries were not part of Christianism.

    Let’s not deliberately delude ourselves into believing that, Islam and Christianism — which metastasized within just 500 years during medieval time — had absolutely nothing in common for conducting Jihad and Crusades against non-believers.


  11. Iranian Arianism says:

    Hello, my good teacher, Dr. Ali Sina, I am an atheist, and I condemn any violence, and I wish peace and eternal peace and stability for nature on earth and all human beings and other living beings in the world. Long live liberty ..

  12. Walter Sieruk says:

    First and foremost, in the nation of New Zealand those four hooters and murderers of all those people in the mosques are four despicable people who did wrong, evil and need to be punished by their murderous violence. There is strong and clear different between rights and wrong. What those violent characters did by their shootings was wrong .very viciously wrong.

    It make no difference that the shooter might have had the “feeling” that they were in the right by their violent and deadly actions. They were wrong.

    Many people don’t approve of mass unvetted immigration and understand that Islam had many things about it that are very disturbing about this religion yet they don’t become violent as those four shooter did in New Zealand . There is no excuse for what they did.

    The fact of whatever a person believes about Islam the true of reality is that Muslims are not Islam. Peaceful Muslims should be treated with respect and never threaten with violence in any way or of any sort .
    Second, as a result of the wicked individuals who murdered those Muslims in that city, many Islamic propagandist in a lot of nations ,cities and towns will seize and exploit this tragic incident and will attempt to depict all Westerns as malicious and murderous and as the “real terrorists”

  13. Walter Sieruk says:

    About that awful and deadly incident in the countries of New Zealand, those murderous villains who shot all those Muslims who were in the mosques and only being religious. Those four murderers are responsible for their evil behavior and likewise should be punished for their wicked actions
    This also leads to the subject of the Quran based theology of the Islamic doctrine that Allah’s had indeed sent that wicked murderer to commit that shooting Muslim massacre . This means then the god of Islam, as if he really does exist is a destructive and malicious god. For the Quran teaches in Surah 57:22. “No misfortune [disaster] can happen on earth or in your souls but is recorded in a decree [Quran ] before [in eternity ] We [Allah] bring it into existence: that is easy for Allah.” Therefore according the Islam’s “holy book,” the Quran the Islamic god, Allah, is guilty of causing the mass murder os all those Muslim in those two mosques .What a cruel vicious, malicious god Allah must be. So Allah is than a very unloving malice –filled god. This Allah is even malicious to the people who worship him.

    The God of the Bible is not really Allah the god of Islam. To explain, through the passing of time it has become widely accepted that the word “Allah” is just the Arabic word for God. This started when truth compromising Bible “translators” substituted the word Allah where the word God should have had been uses in the Arabic translation of the Bible. Furthermore, in the glossary in the book ASSASSINS! By Dr. Haha Lung it defines Allah as the “Pre-Islamic Lunar god : the god of Islam. “ Likewise, in the book entitled INSIDE ISLAM by a former Muslim who is now a Christian, Reza F. Safa on pages 22, 23 it reads “In pre-Islamic times both Allah –worship and Baal-worship involved the worship of the sun, the moon and the stars which h defines them as astral religions. [Which are condemned in the Bible, Second Kings 23:5] The crescent moon, which was the symbol of moon worship, is also the symbol of Islam.” In conclusion the Islamic god, Allah, is not the God of the Bible.

    The words in brackets are my own. In addition other some other books that expose this little known truths are WHO IS THIS ALLAH ? by G..J.O.. Moshay also UNVEILING ISLAM by Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner and THE ISLAMIC INVASION by Robert Morey . There is also PHILISTINE by Ramon Bennett and ANSWERING JIHAD by Mabeel Qureshi

  14. Face_The_Truth says:

    Jake Neuman is a Jew.

    A Jew will play on both sides.

    What Jake Neuman prescribed above for “Non-Violence” sounded like Maha Vira or Siddhārtha

    But, next time world’s Jews, Christians and Muslims will tell us (i.e., non-believers) that, Maha-Vira or Siddhārtha Gautama were NOT practical men when Maha Vira and Siddhārtha Gautama propounded “Non-Violence” 600 and 500 years before the birth of a homo-sexual as well as delusional man named Jesus from Middle Eastern Nazarene Jewish sect.

    Aside from the latest revenge-attack against Muslim invaders of New Zealand, any conscientious human on earth MUST admit that, Islam or Christianism advance as a Trojan Horse in non-believers’ territories.

    Indian “Hindu” rajas (i.e., “Hindu” kings) accommodated Muslim refugees (Please read “invaders”) who came to settle in Indian subcontinent during medieval time from Middle East and the outcome of that non-violent accommodation of Muslim refugees (i.e., invaders) were (are) all painfully evident in India for all non-believers.

    Muslims invaders destroyed the existing systems of non-believers in order to make Islam flourish.

    Muslims have Jihad and Christians have Crusades!

    Islam as a blood-thirsty military ideology — that masquerades as a benign religion — has always been a global menace for all non-believers on earth.

    For my readers at FaithFreedom.Org website, at this point however, I suggest to please click on the following LINK to visualize some very beautiful photos on earth in order to contemplate about non-violence for a while.


  15. Found The Truth says:

    I agree, we all should condemn this violence unconditionally. All humans irrespective of their religion or no-religion are made in the image of God and as Christ says we should love them and win them with love.
    Christ taught us to love, bless and forgive those who hate us, unlike other religious leaders/incarnations of so-called gods (in fact demons) who justified returning hatred and violence with hatred and violence and called it karma.

    When you have hate deep rooted in your heart and you nurture this hatred on a daily basis egged on by reading revisionist history then it is bound to explode into violence anytime. We should thank God and our Savior Jesus Christ that many of these haters are not in positions of political power and only have the power to write or speak and not act.

    When haters are given political support as seen in Rwanda, Gujarat, Myanmar, Orissa then minorities have faced blood-bath and near genocide.

    When we have the Holy Spirit of Christ in our hearts then we will have peace, love, compassion and forgiveness towards all.

    At this time, we should pray that our God and Savior Jesus Christ would comfort and give peace and love to these grieving families who have lost their loved ones and also the perpetrators would be held responsible and sentenced in the strictest possible way so as to deter such occurrences.