Letter to Rose Hamid

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  1. Marcello says:

    Great article thank you

  2. Ron says:

    In the article she does not say implicitly and explicitly anywhere the statement “Third reich was much more kinder and more tolerent than the islamic state”

    She means to say that Islamic State is worse than Third Reich which seems to be true. In no way is she defending Hitler. She is making a relative comparison of the wickedness and its extremites.

  3. ali says:

    “How odd for you to self-identify with a people that your faith condemns far more harshly than the Third Reich did.“ this is the only thing i dont agree With Your article. to say that islam condems far more harshly than the Third reich the jews is stupid. it shows that you hate islam so much, that you are blinded to say such a stupid thing. because of Your hate for islam now you defend adolf hitler miss Susan. please show respect for the jewish People, they have suffered so much. please dont use them. Your article was great, but saying Third reich was much more kinder and more tolerent than the islamic state is wrong and Hitler being more tolerant than Muhammad is also wrong. they are equally evil. sorry for my bad English.

  4. No reform in Islam will ever happen or last. Look at history, or just look at contemporary Iran and Turkey. Both tried to introduce secularism but failed harshly. The reason is that the essence of Islam is not morality or ethics or love but “submission” and “dominance”. Islam is a political ideology masked as a religion. It can never exist without political power, so separation of mosque and state can never work. Fundamentalism is the true nature of Islam, true reform for islam means throwing out 99% of it all together or invent a new religion by imposing some totally far from the real scripture interpretations but still call is islam, still you won;t be able to erase the biography of muhammed or the history of islam.

  5. hocus pocus says:

    great article, it needs to be sent to her

  6. daH says:

    Excellent article. Rose Hamid’s laughable display of the world SALAM on her chest. Incredible, Muslims still think others are fools.

  7. yash7197 says:


  8. johnmarleo says:

    Nicely written with prudence, clarity and nationalism.