Letter to Norway – Land of the Nobel Peace Prize: ‘Thank You for Sending Me to Torture and Death’

4 Responses

  1. ashwani ali says:

    Oh Norway, you are not a land of peace lovers but you are a land of islamic sheeps & cowards. you will be cursed if Imran Firast is killed by Islamic world. May God protect him. Pl. Spain you kindly save his life and dont pass on him to islamic wolfs & dogs.

  2. Azadi says:

    This is hypocrisy often practiced by these civilized and most liberal countries. They do not hesitate to send an innocent to the gallows to appease some oil reach affluent countries because Imrarn was not one of them by their own standard. On the contrary Norway’s sibling, Denmark declined to send Niels Christian Nielsen, to India to face trial in Purulia (a district in state of West Bengal, India) arms drop case. The reason cited was that treatment in Indian jails was inhuman. This was considered to be true by Danish court on the basis of submission of a British convict in the same case who was pardoned by President of India on health ground.

  3. Anand Sagar says:

    I sincerely hope you will be protected from the hands of fanatic Muslims and live a free and happy life safely in a peace loving western country. You will not be let down.

  4. olly says:

    norway now is not the same before,they are now the part of islamic pusher.