Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Why Islam Needs a Reformation

Jake Neuman

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3 Responses

  1. Jon MC says:

    What Ms.Ali is actually suggesting is a counter-reformation.
    As Jake says Mohammed himself reformed Islam root and branch after the Hijra from a peaceful religion to the religion of (daily) violence we see today.
    Ms. Ali’s suggestion is then a counter-reformation to take Islam back to the Meccan model and de-legitimise the Medinan.
    Whilst I share the general pessimism about the likelihood of success it should be remembered that many Muslims are perfectly aware of the duality of Islam. Indeed I have heard Muslims say that they “are in Mecca” when meaning that their community was a minority with very limited power. When questioned as to what would happen if they gained power or a majority the response then I’d “be in Medina”.
    Thus the idea put forward by Ms.Ali is, in principle, sound; the problem lies in whether Islam would or could reject one half of its dual nature.

  2. jewdog says:

    I think space aliens will land before Islam undergoes a reformation, just to gauge how likely that is. Instead of waiting, why not reverse Islam by doing to it what it did to so many millions of hapless people: Conquer it, colonize it and establish Islam-free zones for Islam refugees. Already, many Islamic countries have degenerated into anarchy and are vulnerable; now is the perfect time. It just takes will, which is the problem…

  3. charlie says:

    Scary stuff. I’m sure Ayaan means well but she’s not actually helping.