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Sarsur: An Israeli Muslim Living up to His Name

Sarsur also spoke against Israel when it attacked Gaza strip to defend itself from Islamists rockets. He likened Israel to the Nazis. For those who do not know, Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. Sarsur also spoke highly and praised Hezbollah; a terrorist organization with strong ties to Iran. He also spoke of an Islamic Khilafat with Jerusalem as its Capital. In short, the man is an Islamic supremacist.

“Islamic civilization” – the biggest lie known to mankind

I can say with confidence that the only civilization attributed to religion is the so-called “Islamic civilization”. Other civilizations do not base themselves on religion. We do not hear about the “Christian civilization”, the “Jewish civilization” or the “Buddhist civilization”.

“Muhammad believed in women’s rights.”?

5/20/2013 The Islamic practice of taqiyya (lies, deception, obfuscation, dissimulation, etc. to advance and/or protect Islam) comes into play with this barrister’s (see image) every use of the English language....

Islam teaches Hate Crimes

Jake Neumann The American Declaration of Independence and the United States Bill of Rights are the most important declarations of humanity in history: We hold these truths to be self-evident,...

Egypt, 2012: The Year In Fatwas

In previous decades in Egypt, the fatwas, or legal decrees issued by learned Muslims and based on Sharia law, revolved around questions like proper prayer, when and where women should wear the hijab, and if smoking was forbidden or permissible.

Questions on Safety, Prosperity and Opportunity

In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet, Islam has worldly objectives that are decidedly non-spiritual. Within nation states minority Muslim populations employ PC methods to intimidate as they work tirelessly by demographic, economic, or political means to promote special accommodations and concessions, until the government is totally Islamic in nature. Once in power, national aspirations by Muslim countries include regional domination, holy war, sharia law, and the end of the separation of church and state. Global aspirations include the end of democracy and all competing ideologies, as well as the end of individual free agency and free speech. Despite the endless self-aggrandizing proclamations otherwise, Islam is certainly not a source of social or political enlightenment as it mandates the destruction of all competing political, religious, scientific, and humanist ideologies

Islam Got Your Tongue?

5/12/2013 SOURCE As I put it at the end of my first talk, If telling the truth about something can get you killed, then that truth needs to be told again...