Why Muslims are so delusional?

   The large majority of Muslims, either in barren deserts of Middle East or in lush green tropical landscape; either in high mountains of the Himalayas or in swampy lands of river deltas, uphold very dearly the supremacy of their religion, Islam. Islam is their primary identity; any other identity – be it national or linguistic or regional – is subservient to religious identity. Without Islam, as if, their existence in this world and their purpose in life, their transition to after-life would become totally and utterly meaningless!

   How did Muslims acquire such an extreme delusional view, which is almost unique to this religion? Of course, in other monotheistic religions strong parochial views do exist – the views that only their religion is God’s chosen religion – but then there are doubts and suspicions  as to the supremacy of their religion and religious orthodoxy; but not in Islam. That is what makes Islam different from other monotheistic religions.

   When somebody blows himself up, he does it with the utmost conviction that he is doing it for the good of the religion and in the process, good for himself – he is going to be a martyr and hence go to paradise. When somebody beheads infidels, he does that with clear conscience that he is doing it for the religion and hence he is virtuous. The Jihadists can kill enemy soldiers, even after their surrender; the women of the enemy soldiers and civilians can be taken as slaves and used for sex purposes and all these actions have the virtuous sanctions of the religion!

   These are, of course, the theological teachings of fundamentalist Wahhabi/Salafi ideology of Sunni Sect which is endorsed and propagated by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia had spent tens of billions of dollars over the past fifty years or so to promote and glorify this ideology. The Sunni Muslims all over the world are gradually adhering to this ideology like a massive herd of goats.

   Why Muslims are demonstrating such herd mentality in this enlightened age of the 21st century is hard to fathom. It seems, though, that there isn’t one single reason for this behaviour; there are multiple inter-twined and complex reasons.

   The most important one is what religion teaches and demands of Muslims. Islam requires adherents to congregate in mosques five times a day where prayers are to be performed, Quranic verses are interpreted and general teachings or fatwas are given by mullahs to the Muslims. These teachings are not confined to theology only, they stray well into social, political and economic matters. This practice is quite natural as Islam is not a pure theological religion, but a political religion giving out a code of conduct in life. These teachings are to be followed by Muslims in every sphere of life.

   The incessant barrage of religious teaching starts from the very child birth. As soon as a child is born, Quranic verses are recited by a mullah so that the child can hear it. Although it is symbolic, but it shows the subliminal aspiration of the parents that the child would grow up as per Islamic teachings. Even before the child is ready to go to normal school at the age of five or so, the parents hire mullahs to give private coaching to the child in reading Quran.

   With such perpetual reinforcement of religious teachings – from child birth to the whole life – it is of no surprise that the Muslims, particularly the illiterate and semi-literate mass, cease to think independently and rely on the interpretations dished out by the mullahs. Even educated people under constant barrage of fatwas may be brainwashed and lose capacity to think objectively and critically. They follow the fellow Muslims under the guidance of mullahs. It must also be remembered that mullahs round the world, except in small enclaves in the Middle East, are totally illiterate in Arabic language and hence they preach what they fancy.

   As Islam claims to be the latest religion purporting God’s messages to human beings through the last Prophet (Prophet Mohammad), it cannot be revised or reformed. In other words, the messages which are claimed to have come to Prophet Mohammad, some 1400 years ago, in the remote corner of Arabia (in Mount Hira, near Makkah) from God Himself must remain untouched and frozen. God’s messages as depicted in Quran are sacrosanct, final and invariant. These are the strong messages that are reinforced in Muslim brains five times a day, 365 days a year.

   Islam does not make any attempt to establish the existence of God or Allah – His existence had already been established in the other two monotheistic religion – Judaism and Christianity. Many of the edicts from those religions had been incorporated in Islam, almost verbatim, and they also remain unaltered. However, Quran specifies in clear terms God’s reward in the after-life to the followers of Islam and punishment to those who fail to accept Islam (the infidels). Under this twin approach of carrot and stick, Muslims are made to adhere to the edicts of the religion like robots and collectively they demonstrate the herd mentality.

   The other important reason for herd mentality comes from strong bonding that the religion enforces on Muslims – Muslims must stick together, stand together and support one another – and that is why one Muslim calls another Muslim a brother. This attitude comes right from the 7th century Bedouin tribal culture, where members of individual tribes used to stick together and fight together. Loyalty to the tribe was not just an altruism, but a survival instinct. This mentality had become almost genetically embedded in the psyche of Muslims.

   Another reason why Muslims, whether living in the East or in the West, are made to follow religious ritual is because of social pressure. All human beings are social animals and they have the mental attitude or natural inclination to copy others, particularly the peers of the group or society, in order to demonstrate solidarity with them. The urge to follow the peers is so overwhelmingly compelling that it overrides common sense and critical thinking. This situation may be dubbed as brainwashing or mind infection, almost similar to biological virus that infect the body. Needless to say, that the people who are most prone to such copycatting or mimicking behaviour are either of low intellect, or low self-esteem, or weak mental aptitude.

   If a Muslim does not adhere to religious teachings, he may be regarded by his peers as a renegade and excluded from the social grouping. This social pressure can impose various things on various sections of Muslims – hijab, burqa and abaya are blatant examples. Although there is no religious obligation at all for women to wear these things, once religious brainwashing has been made, it is extremely difficult to wipe it out, it becomes religious requirement. This is a delusion in practice.

   Delusion is a strong mental disease, an aberration of mind. Once it is set, the person concerned loses his capacity to think clearly and rationally. Obvious things can become unimaginable or wrong. It can strike all sorts of people – from top politicians to street beggars. Delusional suicide bombers are convinced that they are going to go to heavens when they kill infidels and heavens are places of unimaginable luxury and opulence in perpetuity. Admittedly, there is a strong element of revenge in their actions, but when they perceive that they can do these two things in one go, their motivation becomes stronger.

   It is true that human beings have natural tendencies to believe in God and after-life, as the recent study conducted by the University of Oxford shows (Ref. 1). However, this research study also points out that the belief in God is not all taught, rather a combination of nature and nurture. In Islam, when human natural tendency is perpetually reinforced by human nurture, it becomes firmly embedded in human minds and the teachings become universal truth.

   Nothing can be done about the natural tendencies of human beings, at least not in the short term, as they are, to a large extent, embedded in our genetic makeup. But the nurture element can easily be terminated by eliminating perpetual reinforcement provided in mosques, congregations, madrasas etc. Unless this nurture element is cut out, the delusional adherence of the Muslims will continue.

Ref. 1  ‘The Cognitive, Religion and Theology Project’ by Dr Justin Barrett of the Centre for Anthropology and Mind, University of Oxford.

  • Dr A Rahman is an author and a columnist

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  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    The reason as to “Why Muslims are so delusional ” is because they are under the strong influence and spell of demonic deception. It’s very sad and tragic that the imams and the mullahs have mind programmed such a firm but blind and unquestioning faith in Islam with its many false teachings so thoroughly in the hearts and thoughts and minds of so many sincere but mislead Muslims . As the Christian pastor ,Michael Youssef had explained “All false religion originates with Satan and is demonic at its core.” [1] Pastor had also explained “Islam seems to have been deliberately designed to plunge millions of people into spiritual darkness – and to keep them there by preventing them from ever considering the truth about Jesus Christ.” [2]

    The following short essay might help make this more clear.
    About Muslim clerics, be they living in the UK or the USA or if they are the mullahs of Iran and Afghanistan or the imams of Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia or any other country. All those Muslims clerics are, according to the doctrines of the Bible, Isaiah 8:20. false religious teachers .Meaning false teacher s who teach and indoctrinate the false doctrines of the false religion of Islam into the hearts and minds of others . Such false teachers are described in the Bible ,in Second Peter 2:1. “There were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privately shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.” [K.J.V.]
    Therefore, to reply to the many different claims made by the imams and mullahs as well as the other apologists for Islam there is the Christian internet site. It’s http://www.answering-islam.org
    In addition, it should be make clear that in the context and meaning of the above Bible verse Second Peter 2:1. The word “destruction” does not mean “loss of being but loss of well-being ,as the destruction of well- being . That is “going to ruin” by ending up and a terrible place of awful suffering which the Bible call hell, Luke 16:19-31.

    [2] JESUS, JIHAD AND PEACE page 219

  2. Shah DeEldar says:

    Islam is rather a closed book. Accept it without any preconditions… whether you understand it or not. It promises some great things like sex, drugs and heavenly bit-coins after one crosses the line but that is only a verbal promise with no way to verify that damn promise. As far as we know, nobody has testified from the other side of world whether they are in the right place and having fun?

    People like Tagore and other great intellectuals did not say much about Islam and that tells me that Islam stands for mediocrity and poor illiterate masses. Everybody can join the gang but nobody can exit and badmouth it. Just gang up and have your way.

    Do Muslims really fear God? I think…not!

  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    Ali Muhammad Amir Abd’Allah Umar Salehi ibn Sina says: Islam is a tribal religion. incompatible with the realities of the modern world.

    In order to understand Islam’s tribalist root and Islam’s tribalist founder Muhammad the Arabian Bastard, one has to clearly understand and carefully investigate the Old Testament tribalist character Abraham!

    ‘Abraham’s story is that of a man who has no children, but hears a voice promising him a numerous progeny.

    1. Abraham hears Yahweh’s (i.e., Jehovah’s or God the Father’s or Allah’s) voice, giving him orders, and claims Yahweh visits him.

    2. Abraham thinks he is the progenitor of a numerous progeny, though at first he cannot have children with Sarah.

    3. Abraham offers his wife for the pleasure of the Pharaoh and of chieftain Abimelek.

    4. Abraham considers himself Yahweh’s chosen one, elevated above all other tribes.

    5. Abraham institutes male circumcision, and gives it the symbolical meaning of the Covenant with Yahweh (i.e., Jehovah or God the Father or Allah).

    6. Abraham sends his eldest son Ismael, together with the latter’s mother, the slave girl Hagar, into the desert.

    7. Abraham wants to kill “his” and Sarah’s son Isaac.

    It is possible that Abraham at first had a healthy sex life, and that he got no children due to purely physical causes (impotentia generandi rather than impotentia coeundi).

    Abraham lent Sarah to other men (Genesis 12:10-20, 20:118).

    Doing this with your own wife (rather than with your sister or daughter) was very unusual, because the laws against adultery were very strict.

    In fact, both the pharoah and Abimelek were very unhappy and indignant when they found out this woman they had hired was already someone’s wife!

    Is this practice of making a childless wife available to the inseminative potential of other men not an indication that her ultimate pregnancy was brought about by one of those other men?

    In Genesis 18:1-15 it is related that a visitor, called Yahweh (but otherwise a perfectly human fellow who washes his feet and eats flour cakes), wants to see Sarah, and afterwards tells Abraham that next year he will have a son.

    Although the story may have been censored a bit in the final editing, there can be no doubt about what had happened in between.

    It would explain the oral tradition mentioned in the Jewish Talmud that Isaac didn’t resemble Abraham at all.

    Similarly, the son that Hagar is said to have given Abraham, may well have been another man’s offspring: Nobody keeps check on what exactly a simple maid is doing at night.

    At any rate, Abraham does not behave like a man who, after years of fruitless trying, has been blessed with two sons!

    Abraham sends the eldest, Ismael, together with his mother Hagar, away into the desert.

    The youngest, Isaac, will be sacrificed at Yahweh’s command (i.e., Jehovah’s or God the Father’s or Allah’s command).

    Did Abraham suffer at the thought that these children, who had restored his manhood in the eyes of his tribesmen, were in fact NOT his children at all?

    Did Abraham suffer from a conflict between his delusion of a God-given promise of numerous progeny, of which the sons were the fulfillment, and the sneaking realization that they were NOT his own sons?

    At any rate, in a completely pathological development, Abraham hears a voice telling him to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

    This is one of the great religious founding moments of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition: Abraham obeying Yahweh all the way, even past the limits of absurdity!

    But in the Bible narrative (Genesis 22:1-19), this great and profound act is conducted without any religious pomp, even secretively!

    Abraham doesn’t tell his family he is going to obey Yahweh’s glorious command.

    Abraham makes his son believe they are going for an ordinary animal slaughter, until Isaac himself notices that they have everything for a proper slaughter except an animal.

    Abraham expressly tells his servants that he and his son will both come back soon.

    Abraham knows his family will prevent him from obeying Yahweh’s command, and rightly so.

    The narrative goes on to relate that Abraham is prevented from striking and killing his son, Isaac.

    It says that an angel of the Lord intervened.

    If we discount the hypothesis that angels exist and intervene in human actions, we simply read that someone stopped Abraham.

    Perhaps the voice (“Yahweh”) has changed its mind, and now tells Abraham not to go all the way.

    It tells him that he has already passed the test of obedience, and resumes the older tune that he will be the ancestor of a numerous people!

    But more probably, it is the people in Abraham’s surroundings who stopped Abraham, and the explanation that they have really been Yahwah’s agents ripens later in Abraham’s brain.’

    Book Source:

    Koenraad Elst, “Psychology of Prophetism — A Secular Look at the Bible”, New Delhi, 1993

  4. Anisur Rahman says:

    Agree totally with the comments given here. Whereas in other monotheistic religions, there are large measures of suspicion and rejection of the teaching by their adherents; in Islam the mullahs take the religious edicts as universal truth and preach them accordingly. Consequently 1.6 billion Muslims are being pushed to become absolute morons.

  5. Continuum says:

    Old testament (which is similar to quran) is a tribal book and therefore Judaism is clearly a tribal religion. By extension christianity is a tribal religion as well.

    It is well known that all three TRIBAL desert religions HAVE STRICT CODES TO ENFORCE CONFORMITY.



    You shall have no other gods before[a] me. Exodus 20:2



    Devarim – Deuteronomy – Chapter 13

    7 If your brother, the son of your mother, tempts you in secret or your son, or your daughter, or the wife of your embrace, or your friend, who is as your own soul saying, “Let us go and worship other gods, which neither you, nor your forefathers have known.”

    8 Of the gods of the peoples around you, [whether] near to you or far from you, from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth;

    9 You shall not desire him, and you shall not hearken to him; neither shall you pity him, have mercy upon him, nor shield him.

    10 But you shall surely kill him, your hand shall be the first against him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.



  6. Islam is a tribal religion. incompatible with the realities of the modern world.

  7. Anonymous says:

    well said.

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