‘Trump Has Finally Inspired Me To Leave Islam’ — Trump Fan Ditches Her Religion

A Reddit user wrote a lengthy post to “The_Donald” subreddit on Wednesday detailing how she has “been secretly watching Trump and his speeches for the last few months and agreeing with what he says about Islam.”

“Until yesterday, I had not once removed my Hajib in my life while outside,” the author, a 19-year-old girl whose parents are Muslim immigrants, explained. “I tried to do it once when I was 10 years old, and my parents grounded me for a week.”

The author states, in her view, the idea of “moderate muslims… is bullshit.”

“There are no ‘assimilated muslims.’ Throughout my life, I have been to three different mosques regularly,” she added. “Everyone there had some kind of animosity to America. Either they support jihadist actions outright or they refuse to condemn them, or they victim blame christians and the west. Every time theres a terrorist attack, all over the media there are reports of muslims who speak out against jihad or protest terrorists.”

ExMuslimMaga then explained how, after the Brussels terror attacks, “not a single” member of her mosque condemned the actions of the ISIS-inspired bombers.

“This religion is fucking garbage. You want to know what people at my mosque say to me when I ask them about Trump or about terrorists crossing the border? ‘Don’t speak woman.’”

Finally, the author expressed outrage at the “liberals on campus apologizing for Muslims” and noted that “the Bernie girls going around wearing Hajibs ‘in solidarity’ … are officially a conquered people of the caliphate.”

“Only Trump is standing up to these animals. We don’t want a single one in our country. If Trump doesn’t win, I will happily die the last woman not covering her head. Liberals have no idea what Islam really is.”

You can read her entire post here.

Moderators on the subreddit claim to have independently verified the post’s authenticity.


2 Responses

  1. raka says:

    Rarely, the humanity needed to unite against one disease and this is such a time and disease is islam and this disease is much worse than pox or cholera.
    You can be killed legally or could be raped without any repercussions on the perpetrators or the earnings of your hard labour could be snatched without any help … just for one reason YOU ARE NOT A MUSLIM.
    They are taking over Europe of course France and sweden is already in their hold and soon sharia will be the law there and same with UK too.
    Still the humanity can win and besides will power the more important arsenal needed today is to damn the political correctness. Nothing less than following is going to work:
    1. Ask all Muslims to convert to some nice religion as being just atheist might not work, becoming buddhist is best.
    2. Those who say no must be castrated.
    3. The muslims who deny to become humans from all of the world should be shifted to ghettos which may be formed in middle east.
    4. UN must form an army for this purpose only.
    5. All books libraries dealing with islamic books and way of thinking must be burnt and all islamic buildings must be grounded …
    6. Humanity OR Sharia’s stupidity and cruelty … DO YOU NEED A MINUTE TO CHOSE

  2. moluccas says:

    april fool?

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