Teachings of False Religions

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    The “Allah” of Islam as created by rape-born Muhammad the Arabian 1400 years ago was or is none other than Jewish “Jehovah” and Christian “God the Father”.

    The reason why Jews and Christians do not act today as the same way as world’s Muslims do is because multiple bloody revolutions took place in the Christendom such as the American Revolution (Part I & Part II), the French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution — where Christians and Jews changed or transformed themselves in their social lives due to extremely heavy military toll Christians and Jews suffered amongst themselves.

    Whereas in Islam there is no bloody revolution amongst Shi’ites and Sunnis to date; world has only seen scattered skirmishes here and there!

    So, world’s Muslims have remained in their 1400 years old mindsets as of now.

    Another reason world’s Muslims have not changed like world’s Jews and world’s Christians did in the past 1000 years is because both Jews and Christians today aid and abet world’s Muslims both by cultural, social and financial accommodation such as “Diversity Lottery Visa” and by military and financial assistances such as “Foreign Aid” and arms-deal.

    Both Muslims and Jews do not eat pork, and both Muslim and Jewish females cover their heads with veils, and both Muslim and Jewish males cut off the front of their penises in order to make covenant with fictitious Islamic “Allah” or fictitious Jewish “Jehovah”.

    So, Islamic barbarism was or is NOT entirely de novo invention in our recorded human civilization; rather it is appropriate to say that, Muslims borrowed barbarism from both Jews and Christians and have kept continuing Middle Eastern barbarism to this day.

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