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Ali Sina vs. Mustafa Basheer  

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Same goes for shariah laws. These seemingly barbaric practises have no place in modern society.

Your intellect is telling you the right thing. Who gave you the intellect? Doesnít it come from God? If so he has given you a tool to distinguish the right from the wrong. If you donít use it and as the result follow the ways of perdition, it is your fault. As Galileo said, if God did not want us to use our brain, why he would give it to us?

You have to acknowledge the divine origin of your intellect. Knowledge and reason come from God. Ignorance comes from non-God or Satan if you like that word. Anytime you shut down your brain and believe in things that make no sense you distance yourself from God and get closer to Satan.  

With our imaan strong, Mr Ali Sina, we believe first trusting fully in God and humbly admitting that our knowledge and intelligence is limited and that we are prone to errors, misjudgements and fallacies.

That is true. But does that justify believing in a charlatan and doing evil? Our intellect is limited but does this justify to go against it? We are given a measuring tool to separate right from wrong. It is imperfect but this does not mean we should through it away and do without it. If the laws of Sharia and most of the gobbledygook in the Quran do not make sense to you, isnít this proof enough that the Qruan and Islam are not from God?  

How can anyone prove these things??? How can I prove to you that buraq had the ability to fly? How can I prove to you that Muhamamd(pbuh) split the moon? How can I prove to you that Jinns exist? It is not reasonable to ask such questions and expect a rational answer. Ofcourse we cant prove these things! Not in a milli0on years and not with all the science in the world. 

If you canít prove them, then why you should believe in the? Would you believe me if I declare to be a prophet of God and say in this very moment as I am writing angels are circumvallating my house and praising me for being the greatest messenger God has ever sent on Earth? If not why not! What is your parameter to know which pretender is telling the truth and which one is not? To my credit, I am a good person and unlike Muhammad have never committed anything contrary to the Golden Rule. Unlike him I have never raped anyone, I have never assassinated my opponents, never had sexual feelings for little girls, never tortured people so they tell me where they have hidden their wealth and never killed anyone and sleep with his wife on the same day. By all accounts I am a good man and Muhammad was not. Why donít you believe in me and you decide to believe in a monster like Muhammad whose actions were so despicable and vile?  

You have to understand that when you deal with religion you are inevitably going to run into these myths and legends. 

Why should it be that way? Would a benevolent God send guidance based on myths and legends and then punish rational people who doubt them? It makes no sense. Is God playing pranks with us humans? If he wanted us to believe in myths and legends why he gave us intelligence? Who said just because Christians, Hindus and other religions believe in absurdities we should too? If they are mistaken, how can we be right by committing the same mistakes? Maybe it is time that everyone comes to the age of reason and leaves aside these fairytales. But it is not fairytales that bother me; itís hate that bothers me. The reason I am against Islam is not because it is fairytale. Itís because it is a hatemongering cult and a killing machine. It is one thing to believe in fairytales and itís quite another to kill for it. The belief in Santa Clause does not hurt anyone, but the belief in Allah instills hate in the believers and kills humans in huge numbers.

You can choose to believe in them in a figurative way or discard them.

Why should I force myself to believe in things that are irrational and try to find a figurative meaning for them? I can interpret the hateful teachings of Hitler also figuratively and claim he was a messenger of love. Does that make sense? Who am I fooling? Why should I interpret the stupidities of the Quran figuratively? Do I have to save my belief in Muhammad at any cost? Even at the cost of fooling myself? Why? 


It is just as possible to be a muslim and be rational. 

How? You already decried reason and said, how fallible is human intellect. Obviously one cannot be rational and believe in the absurdities of the Quran at the same time. You have to twist the apparent meanings of many things in that book and try to find esoteric meanings, interpreting them figuratively to sooth your intellect. What is the figurative interpretation of the verse 4:34 that says beat your wife if you fear disobedience? What is the figurative interpretation of slay the unbelievers wherever you find them? Or donít take the Jews and the Christians as your awlia, or do not befriend even your brother and father if they like disbelief above Islam or many other violent and stupid verses?    

I repeat again that the only thing you have to believe to be a muslim is in Allah. Everything else is secondary.

Why would I want to be a Muslim and why should I believe in Allah?  

The problem is that once you believe in Allah, you have to believe also in his messenger and in his alleged book. Once you do that you have to follow what the Quran says. How can you disobey Allah? This leads you accepting all the violence in that book and makes you prone to become a terrorist. 


Is it important to know who Muhammad(pbuh) was, what he did and how he lived. I think its immaterial.

How can it be immaterial? Here we have a man who committed all imaginable crimes and claimed to be the best example for all times and all mankind to follow and you say it is immaterial who he was? What if he lied? What if it was Satan who visited him whispering in his ears the Quran? What if this entire book is but a collection of Satanic Verses?  


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