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Ali Sina vs. Mustafa Basheer  

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Let us put everything behind us. Mr Sina, you were not around, nor was I, to see what real happened and what did not. No one knows the true story.

In that case, why I should believe in Islam at all? Isnít it possible that Arabs invented this whole story to fool people, to conquer and dominate?  

Give me one reason why I should believe in Muhammad? Now that you even cast doubt on his very existence, why should I force myself, reinterpret a bunch of absurd and violent verses to believe in Islam?

islam is in shambles. think of how we can restore the image, honour and regain the glory it once had.

Why should we do such thing? Why would we have to save the image of Islam?  Nazism is also in shambles and has no honor. Would you also try to save it and restore its past luster?  As far as we know, and can read from the history of Islam and understand from the Quran, Muhammad was a psychopath narcissist. He was a criminal far worse than Hitler. Hitler had some good qualities. For example, Hitler was not a sexual pervert or a pedophile. Muhammad had no good qualities. Why we must save his cult and revive it? He was an evil man, why would we want to remember him at all?

What we need now is reformation of Islam from within. We need to get rid of the crazy mullahs who issue fatwahs not knowing what they are doing!

The first question for which you have no answer is WHY!  Why we need to reform Islam? Why not reform Satanism, Nazism or other evil doctrines? Isn't it better to eradicate them?   

The second question is HOW! How do you propose to reform Islam? To reform Islam you have to get rid of the Quran. Apparently you already got rid of the history and haidth and donít even care about Muhammad himself although he said as a Muslim you should follow his examples. Once you get rid of the Quran, what else is left? Why you have to cling to this name that has brought so much pain and misery to millions in these 14 centuries?


Do you think anyone who claims to be a prophet would have done such silly and ridiculous things? Even if he was an imposter, wouldnt he try to hide any acts of immorality out of fear of losing credibility?? I think that should be proof that the sources are extremely unreliable.

I am afraid you donít know much about cults and how they fool people. Please study them and compare them to Islam. See how the cult leaders operate. You will be surprised to see the similarity. In fact what Muhammad did was not unique. He followed a very established pattern that all psychopath cultists follow. I have studied several cults and have found recognizable patterns in all of them.  Please take a look at this article where I compared Muhammad to Jim Jones.

If you read this article and others that I wrote on this subject (much more you find in my upcoming book. I am now looking for a literary agent) you will find the answer to that question. Yes that is exactly how cultists operate and their foolhardy followers donít lose their faith. In fact the more obscene and violent the cultist becomes the more believable he appears in the eyes of his deluded disciples. Amazingly all his extravagances and vileness are seen as the signs of his divinity.    

Yes, prove that Allah does not exist and I will publicly denounce Islam.

The burden of proof is on the claimant. It is you who should prove that Allah exists and that he is God.  

Nonetheless I have already proven that Allah is not God. The proof is in the Quran. My argument is that the creator of this universe cannot be as stupid and as sadistic as the author of the Quran appears to be. This is a convincing proof. It is not a proof that God does not exist but it is proof that Allah is not the God.  

By discovering flaws in the prophet's character you are only proving that he was a bad person. You still dont prove that he was not a prophet, nor that Islam is false.

Would a loving and a wise God send a pervert and a criminal to guide mankind to the right path?

Is the Quran the word of God or is it the lies of this bad man prophet? If God is so stupid to send a bad man as a messenger, what proof we have that this pervert prophet did not mix his own lies with the real revelation? We have evidence that Muhammad was a dishonorable man. Could he not have lied when he said the Quran is from God?  

On various occasion the Quran claims that Muhammad has sublime morals 68:4 and orders Muslims to follow his ďgood exampleĒ. 33:21  Are these verses from God or are they the lies that Muhammad interjected in the Quran? If these are lies, could other parts of the Quran be also lies? If they are true, then how can one explain the Sira (biography of Muhammad) and hadith where he is portrayed as a monster? If the Sira and Hadith are false, what happened to the true history of Islam and Muhammad? Where is that real history that shows Muhammad indeed had sublime morals, was an honorable man and a good example to follow?  If we believe in your claim that the flaws in the character of Muhammad does not invalidate his claim to prophethood, then what do you say of the above verses? How come the Quran says he had sublime morals when his biography belies this claim? Whom should we believe? The testimony of his own followers in the Sira or his own self adulating words in the Quran? If you say the Quran is the word of God, I ask you to show me the proof. How can we believe in a book when we canít even trust his author?  

I don't understand, why is it not enough for you to simply believe that he was just a man like us given a special duty by God.

That would be foolish. Why donít you believe in me? You need proof, and so do we. You canít prove I am not a messenger of God because at least morally I qualify to be a messenger of God. I am genuinely an honest and kind hearted person, I am not selfish and not an evil man. But I can prove Muhammad could not have been a messenger of God because he was the embodiment of evil. Why would I want to believe in such man who brought a book as stupid as the Quran that even you agree needs to be interpreted figuratively and taken with some salt and pepper when it come to telling Muslims how to deal with non-believers?

He had his own shortcomings, but we are not to judge him, because that is the job of his creator

I am not asking you to judge him. I am asking you why you believe in him! How can one believe in a man as vile as him who wrote such stupid book of nonsense?  


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