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Ali Sina vs. Mustafa Basheer  

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Dear Ali Sina and friends

Assalamu Alaikum
A brief intro- I am a Muslim, alhamdulillah. I came across your site while doing a google search on a hadith I wanted to check up on. This was about 3 months ago and I have now read and familiarised myself with the content of your site. Now, let me tell you here that the way you present your argument and case is indeed impressive. But I am not convinced, nor would any true muslim with imaan be swayed by any of your arguments because it is flawed. You may impress the common folk who are muslim by name, but not muslims who have studied their deen. MashaAllah I have enough knowledge about islam to defend my faith, its founder prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and the muslim ummah of any wrong-doings! And that is exactly what I intend to do here.

I know you are offering US$50,000 should I succeed in defeting you in a debate. Well Mr Sina, I am really not here for the money. If you think you can lure a true Muslim to debate with you by flasging your cash, you are mistaken. I know your friends have requested Dr Zakir Naik for a debate. Apparantly he refused citing many reasons for it. One of his conditions was that you raise the stake to a million dollars!!! I cannot speak for Dr Naik- was it his greed, fear of losing, fear of embarrassment, persecution- I dont know what prompted Dr Naik to make such a statement. I feel he should not have let go of this opportunity to defend Islam given the popularity of your site and the impact it can have on the Islamic circle and the the rest world at large. Anyway, Dr Sina, I am no Zakir Naik. I am just an ordinary Muslim who would like for you to present a chance so that I can fix some of the problems you(ex-muslims) and non muslims have with Islam, its prophet and its teachings. So if you are ready, Dr Sina I am. Where shall we start? You have made so many allegations against our prophet(who I think is the most honorable person that ever lived). You pick a topic and we will move on.

Once again Dr Sina, I am ready and willing to defend Islam. I am familiar with the style and content of your writings and I have read many(but not all) of your articles and debates. From your part, I would like you to simply admit defeat when I have proven you wrong. You may not agree with all I have to say but when you do come across something I say that makes sense, own up that you goofed up and please have the courage to retract your statement and admit it publicly. Apart from that I want nothing else from you. I wont bother you to shut down your site nor ask you for the money. Nor will I brag and claim victory. I will leave all that for the readers(and your conscience) to decide.

Walaikum Assalamu Rahmathullah.
M. Basheer.


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