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But I am not convinced, nor would any true muslim with imaan be swayed by any of your arguments

Dear Mustafa,

Thank you for your message. I have good news for you. I am not after true Muslims with Imaan (faith). I am after fake Muslims with intellect. Believe me all of us who left Islam were not true Muslims. After we came to see the true Islam we realized we are fooling ourselves and left it. In our case our imaan was less than our intellect so we left it. Those whose intellect is less than their faith will remain Muslims and we are not even interested in them. So please rest assured. Islam is not in danger. We are only culling the intelligent people, those whose imaans are not strong out of Islam. This is not a bad thing. You should be happy and thank us for that.

You may impress the common folk who are muslim by name,

I just said the same thing.

MashaAllah I have enough knowledge about islam to defend my faith, its founder prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the muslim ummah of any wrong-doings! And that is exactly what I intend to do here.

In that case you don’t need imaan. Imaan or faith means acceptance of a postulate without evidence. If you have evidence then it is not faith but facts. If your facts are strong I will accept them too.

I know your friends have requested Dr Zakir Naik for a debate. Apparantly he refused citing many reasons for it. One of his conditions was that you raise the stake to a million dollars!!! I cannot speak for Dr Naik- was it his greed, fear of losing, fear of embarrassment, persecution- I dont know what prompted Dr Naik to make such a statement. I feel he should not have let go of this opportunity to defend Islam given the popularity of your site and the impact it can have on the Islamic circle and the the rest world at large.

I am suddenly humbled. I am not being sarcastic here but I am truly impressed by your sense of fairness. Believe me it is very rare to see this much honesty. I salute you for not trying to bring excuses for Dr. Naik like other Muslims who say “he does not think you are worthy to debate with,” or “why you don’t agree to have face to face debate”, etc. This shows you are genuinely a fair-minded person and I already like you.

Anyway, Dr Sina, I am no Zakir Naik.

You should be very happy for that. This man, unlike you, is a showman. You seem to be honest, he is not. Don’t think he knows more than you. He has mastered the art of showmanship better than you and I but he is not a scholar. Even if we assume that he has memorized the Quran, this does not make him a scholar. There are thousands of kids who have memorized the Quran. This does not make them any more intelligent than other kids their age. Dr. Naik, to his advantage, has also mastered the art of showmanship and this is his secret of success. In a true intellectual written debate, he will be quashed. Dr. Campbell quashed him already, but he resorted to his theatrics and claimed victory. Anyone who listens carefully to their debate can see Dr. Campbell was the winner. But his Muslim audience did not pay attention to what was said but HOW it was said and they cheered him, applauded and felt so victorious when in reality he was the loser.

I am just an ordinary Muslim who would like for you to present a chance so that I can fix some of the problems you(ex-muslims) and non muslims have with Islam, its prophet and its teachings.

Believe me, we are also ordinary people. We were ordinary Muslims like you and now we are ordinary non-Muslims. Our knowledge really is not more than yours, but we see things under different light.

Take a look at this optical illusion. It is the same image. But if you look carefully you can see a young woman or an old woman. 

We read the same Quran and hadith that you read but now we see the other image that before we could not see and did not want to see. All you have to do is change your paradigm and evaluate Islam and Muhammad under the light of logics and fairness.

Before when I used to read Muhammad raided cities and killed the infidels I felt very proud that the messenger of Allah was victorious and the infidels were defeated and humiliated. Now I put myself in the shoes of those infidels and see how evil Muhammad had been. I read the same stories but now I am changed. I don’t close my eyes anymore to all that evil trying to justify automatically everything Muhammad did just because I am told he is a prophet. Now I ask what proof is there that he was a prophet. Where is the evidence that this man was a prophet? It is then that I find no proof at all. There is not even one single proof. So he could have been just a liar or a psychopath with mental disease. He had some mental experiences that he interpreted as revelation. And then when I see his actions I see he was not just a liar but also a monster.

So if you are ready, Dr Sina I am. Where shall we start?

You can start right in this forum. Friends here know as much as I do and perhaps more.

I would like you to simply admit defeat when I have proven you wrong.

You have my word on that.

And what if I win? You did not say what you would do if I prove that Muhammad was not an honorable man. Would you be willing to leave Islam and denounce it publicly?


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