Civil War Erupts In Sweden as Irate Swedes Burn Nine Muslim Refugee Centers to the Ground

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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  1. Ra says:

    These two burnt farmhouses are owned by Swedes.
    This article is taking an imaginary revenge on Muslims when in reality Swedes are master baiting at full speed.

  2. Zach Twiller says:

    Sweden reaches its “Popeye” moment and answers the question,”How long must one tolerate intolerance.”

  3. Raza says:

    A whole load of Sh*t! Racist scum calling yourselves Christians. You may aswel follow harry potter books. Same as your new testament! Tell me I’m wrong! ?? Didn’t think so

  4. Manuel Franco says:

    enough is enough1 &they should be thankful that they’re not being burnt while on the inside111

  5. This is absolutely ridiculous, and the people who committed this heinous crime should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. It’s really brave to do this to people who have nothing left but their lives. It’s a miracle no one was killed.

  6. Ali Sina says:

    I am not telling anyone to hate Muslims or to mistreat them. I am saying we should keep them where they are so they can taste the sweetness of Islam and if they don’t like it leave it. Don’t you think that perhaps this is God’s way to tell Muslims they are following a false prophet and that they should wake up? I think so. Therefore I don’t think we should intervene in God’s plan. At the end, those Muslims who survive this ordeal will come to their senses, will leave Islam and the world will be a much better place for all of us.
    Sometimes misplaced compassion can be deadly.

  7. Jean-Marc Cowles O'Connor says:

    “Civil War” and arson are not synonymous.

  8. juliett13 says:

    ” the citizens of Sweden may not be as welcoming as they once were.” Of course they are not you moslem idiot!!! ( referring to Ali Sina who I guess wrote this masterpiece of intelligence). Why the Hell would they be when all the so called “refugees” have done is make demands, attack aide workers, and damage things!! They have been sexually assaulting women using the excuse that Europe isn’t supplying them with enough women for sexual use, prostituting the few women refugees with them, destroying food and clothing insisting that it isn’t good enough for them and demanding cash!!! Why the Hell do you thing that the Swedish people would keep putting up with it!! The Swedish may have the reputation of the most tolerant and accepting people in the world, but even they can only be spit on by these ungrateful moslem parasites so many times before they simply explode!!!

  9. jon kay says:

    “to breed like rabbits” – you got that part right. This is all about overpopulation. The answer is for all nations to put a cap on their total permitted population size, and then put a moratorium on immigration above that number. Read “The Population Explosion” by Paul Ehrlich. He predicted all this way back when.

  10. Gary says:

    Question? Mr. Obama, if as you claim the religion of peace, love and tolerance (aka Islam) is so special, why will the Muslim countries of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, AUE and others not take in the Syrian refugees? Same religion, similar language and culture, but they will not welcome their Muslim brothers from Syria. Their answer was the same as our US House of Representatives and 30 state governors. They and we have no way on knowing who the terrorist are. What makes you so special, that you know better.

  11. Ron says:

    We need to look at the positive things about the influx of Muslim refugees (not ISIS terrorists) coming here to the West. The West has a chance to give them refuge, heal them and replace a physically and salvationally dangerous and satanic ideology of Islam with the love and salvation through Christ.

    We can show Muslims the documentary proof provided by Muslim scholars of the sins, murders, robberies, theft, arson, larceny, lies, pedophilia, rape done by Mohamed and the blunders in his statements and why he cannot be prophet of God.

    A lot of material is not available to these Muslims in their countries either due to banning them at state, mosque or family level. Here at least there is no ban at the state level and now it will be easier to dismantle the bans at mosque and family level with the help of social media and internet.

    It is difficult to evangelize Muslims and convert them to Christians in Muslim countries but when they are coming here in the West nobody is stopping you from spreading the message of Christ to them. The West is not like other pseudo democracies which do not allow conversion of faith or has anti-conversion laws.

    I believe we should welcome real refugees of any and all faith (Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheists, Animists, Agnostics etc.) but the scrutinizing/vetting process should be exhaustive to filter out fanatic/terrorists adults (18 yrs. or more).

  12. jesus says:


  13. Calm down people.
    Its not real…YET
    #Raza stfu

  14. shhite happens

  15. Michael T says:

    The Swedish foreign minister has the gall to blame Israel for the attacks in Paris when this mess is engulfing her nation.

  16. Raza says:

    Majority of these comments are from Racist people worth no religion!!! Debra Walker #Stupidness
    Burning down these mosques and anything related to the Muslims is gonna cause unrest and it is a direct instigation of war! Paris was not done by Muslims regardless what you seem to think you know! How many of you are real Christians??? As in the Old Testament? Very few left… Homosexuality is a Sin but “Christians” are allowing it! These refugees are running from worse terror than in Paris yet you want to cause them more terror! So, my opinion shared by millions is that you are the terrorists!!! The day will come when our country will need help too them we shall become refugees looking for a country to run to… But then you or your children or even grandchildren will be treated the same as you treat these now. Pause and Think about that and stop believing the news which are telling you what they choose to. A Muslim who can’t understand these comments! #NotInMyName #wearethesame

  17. Burn them all and send the muslims to hell. Give them no place on earth to breathe in peace until they return to their own rabid countries and then leave them alone there to devour each other.

  18. Robert says:

    the kingdom of Christ is not this world but the kingdom that will come, to mix this world with the kingdom of Christ is like trying to mix water with oil what is now to the christian is the gospel that it should be brought to this world the message of reconciliation through grace which comes by faith in Jesus Christ his death at the cross and his resurrection physically after 3 days in the grave.our responsibility here is to do justly to love mercy and to walk humbly with God! As men we are responsible to provide for our family and that includes security and safety our lives are not to be one sided. The laws that are in place to protect are only as good if they are enforced! God our Creator has given mechanisms of self defense to even the smallest creatures in this world and the tenacity to resist any threat no matter how great! so as a Christian I say protect and defend and show mercy when possible but not at the expense of your loved ones and the family of faith !!!

  19. Henry says:

    Thats Just it Brian Newman, You dont know what Jesus would do !!!! He was angry and beat the money changers out of the house of G-d.

  20. Mohit Singh says:


  21. Troy Murphy says:

    sorry but Christians are being percecuted, look at how many Isis has killed, look at all round the world and Muslims have been percucuting Christians for years

  22. Christy McAfee says:

    I say good for them!! That is what people need to do everywhere! !! We are welcoming more attacks like the ones in Paris if we allow the invasion of muslims to continue! !

  23. I am glad you asked. What did Jesus tell us about the person who did not keep his house safe and provide for his family first? I believe you will see that the person that fails to do that is no better than the infidel.

  24. Evan says:

    What would Jesus do Ali? Love his enemies and do good to those who persecute him. And Christians aren’t even being persecuted.

  25. Ali Sina says:

    Brian Newman, Please tell us what would Jesus do since apparently you know better than us.

    Burning the refugee housings is not the answer, Please tell us what is the answer.

    Belgium, or rather the west is under attack and the governments and the media along with the brain dead liberals are sleep and nothing is going to wake them up. They just don’t want to wake up. So what should a person who sees his country is given to the dogs and the lives of his children are going to be destroyed should do?

    Uprising is the answer. People must protest and if necessary burn so those crooks in power realize they cannot abuse us and could lose their lives if they keep giving in to Muslims for vote.

    Muslims are the enemy. They say it and their prophet said it. Anyone who permits Islam to infiltrate into his country and destroy it from within is a traitor.

  26. For a Christian site, I am seeing a lot of hate here.

  27. vinod vincent says:

    Yes Terrorists have to be named and it starts with Islam, and if if you want to take back your country Sweden as a Christian country, ban and kick Homosexuals, Alcohol, Atheism, idolatry, Multiculturalism, and Liberal ideas, and most of turn from your wicked ways , so that the Lord will heal and restore the Land. This is only possible by the Teachings of Jesus.

  28. paula says:

    Yes I think the sweeds are right..everywhere should be burning down mosques an where the so called refugees are to be housed but make sure the buildings have them in it next time…

  29. Brian Newman says:

    I am against refugee status, but when I think “what would Jesus do?” burning down refugee centers isn’t the answer.

  30. Quran (3:151)-= “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers,for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He has sent no authority”

    Fighting terrorism is like only fighting one of the symptoms not the actual diseases. Islam teaches that it’s followers must do EVERYTHING to establish a global ISLAMIC STATE(IS, Caliphate.) Terrorism is only part of this plan to overthrow democracy, free-speech, and anything that is NOT Islamic. ISLAM IS THE FASCISM OF TODAY. Mohamed him self beheaded 800 people. This is why terrorists do this. Mohamed was a pedophile with a 9 year old girl. The ultra leftists liberals feel this is a perfectly acceptable religion. Islam is growing while the press is busy silencing those who speak against it. There is no middle ground the choice is ISLAM or FREEDOM. The overwhelming majority of muslims support terrorists.

  31. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT INCITING OR CONDONING VANDALISM OR THE VIOLATION OF ANYONE’S CIVIL RIGHTS. That said, before the Muslim immigrant invasion of Sweden, there was hardly any sexual assault. After the influx, rapes went through the roof. The government put pressure on the local press to report these rapes as being committed by “Asian immigrants” instead of devout Muslims, sexually terrorizing as a form of Jihad. No doubt, a combustible situation. And then Paris and then the evacuation of a German stadium and then a Turkish athletic team asked to take a moment of silence, for those killed in the French Jihad, while Turkish Muslims in the attendance yelled out, “Allahu Akbar!” (just like the terrorists did) and then of course this…

  32. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Reclaim your Christian country from these veiled Arab women and from their bearded terrorist husbands. Muslims are entering your country in a great number to breed like rabbits, to build Mosques, to establish the Sharia law, to rape your daughters, and to sodomize your boys.

    Don’t blame the Muslims: you must blame your own leaders who betrayed you and sold out your daughters to these rapist and bastardly Muslims!