Ariana Grande Concert Manchester UK Massacre. Killing Children is Islam In Action

A Call to All Muslims: Save your souls and abandon this very great evil – Islam. Quoting Muhammad: “I have been made victorious through terror.” — Sahih Bukhari 4:52.220   Quran 8:12 – ‘I will Cast Terror Into the Hearts Of Those Who Disbelieve. Therefore Strike Off Their Heads’

   Last night (May 22) a good, moral, moderate Muslim man strapped bombs onto his body and blew himself up at a concert attended by 20,000 mostly young girls killing 22 and wounding 120 fulfilling Quran 9:111 that those who kill or are killed in the service of God will ascend to a virgin delight Paradise. All 22 murdered are condemned as kafirs to eternal Hell and damnation.

   What kind of monster could strap bombs on his body and maim and kill any human being let alone children and do it in the name of and to the greater glory of God?

   The Manchester Massacre is not an aberration of Islam or a sweet, wonderful Muslim who after reading the Quran – the word of God self radicalizes not to peace and love but to hate and murder committing the greatest crime against God – killing of human beings. This massacre was done by a Muslim following exactly the Quran and the Sunna of Muhammad. Only the most evilest of people can believe that the Quran is from God.

   Islam has murdered over the last 1400 years – 750,000,000 in the greatest holocaust ever and millions of those killed were women and children with the survivors being sold into slavery.

   It is reported on the authority of Sa’b b. Jaththama that the Prophet of Allah (may peace be upon him), when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during the night raid, said: “They are from them.” (Sahih Muslim 4322, see also Bukhari 52:256)

   The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) used not to kill the children, so thou shouldst not kill them unless you could know what Khadir had known about the child he killed, or you could distinguish between a child who would grow up to he a believer (and a child who would grow up to be a non-believer), so that you killed the (prospective) non-believer and left the (prospective) believer aside. (Sahih Muslim 4457)

   At the massacre of Banu Qurayzah, Muhammad ordered his SS Jihadist Executioners known as the companions to behead all the Jewish men and in order to decide which of the young male children to behead or leave alive to be sold into slavery Muhammad ordered that their pants be pulled down and the youngster’s genital area examined SS style for pubic hairs and if they had grown any pubic hair, it was enough to behead them.

    Book 38, Number 4390
Narrated Atiyyah al-Qurazi:
“I was among the captives of Banu Qurayzah. They (the Companions) examined us, and those who had begun to grow hair (pubes) were killed, and those who had not were not killed. I was among those who had not grown hair.”

    Can you imagine the sheer terror that was struck into the hearts of these male Jewish children who were about to be beheaded? What of their mothers who were forced to witness their wonderful sons head being chopped off?

    Can you imagine the sheer terror that was struck into the hearts of the young at this concert yelling and screaming in fear and terror with their parents desperately trying to get out of the concert hall to safety?

   But rather then use a sword to behead, this Muslim used screws and nuts and bolts to smash heads and bodies leaving a bleeding mass of shattered flesh.

   As a criminal, Muhammad not only beheaded upwards of 800 Jews but The Looted Property And The Jewish Women And Children Were Divided Among the Muslims.

   More specifically, Ibn Ishaq says the spoils were divided among the Muslims thus:
Then the apostle divided the property, wives, and children . . . among the Muslims, and he made known on that day the shares of horse and men, and took out the fifth. A horseman got three shares, two for the horse and one for the rider. A man without a horse got one share (p. 466). Then the apostle sent Sa’d b. Zayd al-Ansari brother of b. ‘Abdu’l-Ashhal with some of the captive women of B. Qurayza to Najd and he sold them for horses and weapons. [page 466]

   Allah also allows jihadists to have sex with female slaves. Sources: Ibn Ishaq, pp. 464-66; Tabari, vol. 8, pp. 27-41.

   Muhammad Enriches Himself

   Muhammad had captured huge spoils from his “final solution” of Jews of Banu Qurayza. Muhammad gets one-fifth of the Jewish property (movable, immovable and human), and his jihadist followers get the rest. The tribe of Banu Qurayza likely consisted of about 500 families, who were wealthiest in Medina. Therefore, Muhammad enriched himself with the wealth of about 100 rich families as well as their women and children from this single act of successful Jihad.
Here is how Allah sanctions the enrichment of Muhammad and his Jihadist followers from his expedition:

   Quran-8:41— “And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah,- and to the Messenger, and to near relatives, orphans, the needy, and the wayfarer,- if ye do believe in Allah and in the revelation We sent down to Our servant on the Day of Testing,- the Day of the meeting of the two forces. For Allah hath power over all things.”

   Why Does Muhammad Not Show Mercy?

   It is Allah who guides Muhammad into committing these heinous, barbaric cruelty against the people of Arabia.    Below are a list of Allah’s commands to Muhammad to carry out those acts of carnage:

   God celebrates this slaughter and enslavement of the Jews in the Quran. God called on Angel Gabriel, spoke to Gabriel the following words and Gabriel flew down to Muhammad and re-transmitted these evil immoral words.


   Allah (the AntiGod) was overjoyed by the great victory of His apostle and celebrated this slaughter and enslavement of the Jewish kafirs of Banu Qurayza. Merciful Allah promptly sent Quranic teachings during that period of Banu Qurayza war to justify the cruelty of prophet Muhammad. Again, the hate of Allah pours like rivers of blood from these hideous words. The Quran is coated in the blood of the kafirs. Here are the Quranic teachings that are criminal in any concept of laws, but are valid in the eternal laws of Allah (the AntiGod) and must be obeyed by all Muslims for all eternity.

   Quran-8:17—“It is not ye who Slew them; it is God; when thou threwest a handful of dust, it was not Thy act, but God’s…..” (Allah said, the killing of surrendered soldiers were done by the wish of Allah)

   Quran-8:67“It is not for any prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land. Ye desire the lure of this world and Allah desireth (for you) the Hereafter, and Allah is Mighty, Wise.” (Allah insisting Prophet to kill all the prisoners, and should not keep any surrendered prisoners alive until He (Prophet) occupied entire Arabia.

   How can you believe in a God that inspires mass murder, rapings, enslavement.

   The Muslim who murdered these children at the concert is following EXACTLY Quran 8:17, 8:67 plus the thousands of other evil Quranic verses and Hadiths ordering slaughter in the land. These verses/hadiths are exactly as they were written 1400 years ago. Not one word has been altered. This Muslim was making slaughter in the land of Britain.

   How can you believe in a God who instructs the murder of all prisoners? These are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. THESE ARE CRIMES AGAINST GOD. This law was an order from Allah (the AntiGod) to murder all prisoners until Arabia was conquered for Islam. Take no prisoners. Kill them all. “Make slaughter in the land.” MASS MURDER. The word “slaughter” is so outrageous that only the insane can believe in Islam. As we have already seen – if God murdered human beings – just one human being, He would no longer be Moral Perfection and therefore, no longer God. He would be nothing more than just a murderer. IT WAS EVIL MUSLIMS WHO SLEW THE JEWS NOT GOD.

   Quran-33:25– “Allah turned back the unbelievers [Meccans and their allies] in a state of rage, having not won any good, and Allah spared the believers battle. Allah is, indeed, Strong and Mighty.”

   Quran-33:26– “And He brought those of the People of the Book [Jewish people of Banu Qurayza] who supported them from their fortresses and cast terror into their hearts, some of them you slew (beheaded) and some you took prisoners (captive)”

   Do you not hear the screaming and wailing of the women and children of the defenders as God brought their husbands, fathers and brothers (the defenders) down from their secured positions and cast terror into their hearts? Do you not feel the anguished torment of these women and their children? Do you not understand the terror instilled by God into the villagers, themselves the defenders against Muhammad’s aggression?

   Do you not hear the screaming and wailing of the children and women as they fled the music hall in Manchester. We will all see the funerals of these poor murdered murdered. Not only have these children lives been obliterated but their children who would have been born to them as proud parents and the children of these children and on and on for all eternity. 22 didn’t die but all their descendants forever died neither to know life, or love.

   1400 years have past and Islam is exactly the same Islam that Muhammad invented and lived. Only now Muslims have modern weapons of mass destruction.

   We must not only ask but must demand that Muslims abandon Islam. If they refuse which they will then they must be ostracized from all humanity.

   May God take these children into his eternal embrace.

   Jake Neuman: An Unknown Kafir but not yet a dhimmi of Islam.
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Jake Neuman

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  1. Why do Muslim refugees have no sense of gratitude to their host countries? Other refugees from Hindu, Buddhist and Christian communities have a greater sense of gratitude and take good advantage of the facilities provided to them.
    In fact millions of Muslims do not have enough money or means to visit their capital cities, like New Delhi, Islamabad, and Jakarta etc. However some desperate Muslim refugees have entered the advance countries like England, France, USA, receive monthly dole money equivalent to 100,000 Indian rupees and other facilities, and kill the fellow citizens of the adopted countries. There is absolutely no sense of gratitude. They never realize that their mass killings would give a negative impact on the other peace loving Muslims. The major cause of Islamophobia comes not from mere terrorist acts but essentially from such ungrateful and ideology based mass killers.

  2. Walter L. Sieruk says:

    The jihadist or jihadists attacks in Western nations be the Muslim terrorists in the city of Manchester, Stockholm, London, Brussels , Paris, Nice, Berlin ,Madrid. Those jihad-minded Muslim terrorists who engage in those vicious Islamic terror attacks cannot be and will not be reasoned with. They will not respond to either logic or reason. They aren’t interested, at all, in reason or logic. So they have to be dealt with by a strong force of might. Either by the police or the military. For to even try to reason with a jihad-minded Muslim terrorist is just as much an act of futility as trying to teach algebra to a rabbit.

  3. Walter L. Sieruk says:

    The heinous wicked Islamic terrorist bombing in the city of Manchester, England is based on the “holy book” of Islam the Quran . As such brutal, vicious deadly violence is sanction and taught in the Quran. As found in, for example, Sura 5:33. 9:5, 111,123. 47:4. There are some naive Westerners who might be shocked to find this out and the wonder and then ask “Just who can those jihad –minded Muslim being so very religious ,also be so extremely heartless ,unfeeling, brutal and murderous to kill as to murder all those girls coming out of that concert in Manchester ?” The answer that question is found in the Bible. For the Bible reveals there are some men who are so very cold, callous and dangerous because they have had “their conscience seared with a hot iron” First Timothy 4:2. [K.J.V.] The “hot iron” in this case is Islam.

  4. Face_The_Truth says:

    Please BRING IN millions of millions of Muslims from formerly called “3rd World” countries and, then, sit down and have dialogue with Muslims and, then, give Muslims money and arms to murder and rape non-believers of Islam…

    And, then, constantly say that the ideology of Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and barbarism…

    And, then, allow Muslims to build mosques in Christian towns and Christian cities…

    And, then, sit down and relax and watch a music show…

    And, then, see what happens next!!!

  5. Walter Sieruk says:

    The hideous and evil Islamic terrorists bombing in the city if Manchester was totally evil. This not as some claim a result of a “hijacked Islam” but actual violent Quran based jihad Islam. This Muslim suicide /homicide bombing is on the Quran as ,for example , in Sura 9:111 it teaches “The believers fight in Allah’s cause they slay and are slain, they kill and are killed…” Furthermore, in Sura 47:4. it also instructs “Whenever you encounter the unbelievers strike off their heads until you make a great slaughter among them…” Let’s face it , setting off a bomb murdering young are who are not Muslim is a very effective way to “make greater slaughter among them.” In conclusion, the religion of Islam is actually a death cult.

  6. Walter Sieruk says:

    That murderous jihad terror attack at the concert at Manchester totally cruel and despicable. This heinous Islamic of mass murder is so extremely evil , so evil , in fact, this is mass murdering of young people ,most of them girls also has a strong vicious element of misogyny to it. Misogyny, as most informed people do understand, is very much part of the essence of Islam. Along with the brutal deadly violence of this religion. This Muslim /terrorist bombing is not as some claim as result of a warped version of Islam but hard core non-watered down Quran based Islam. For example, the Quran instructs in Sura 9:123 “O you who believe ! Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you, and let them find harshness in you…” It’s thus very easy for a jihad minded Muslim show harshness to young girls who are not Muslim by exploding and bomb among them. The wicked action was the outcome of the deadly cruel religion which his Islam.

  7. Walter Sieruk says:

    As for that heinous jihad suicide/homicide bombing in Manchester, England it was both murderous and demonic. !t now should be made known that this the outcome of the Islamic doctrine from the Qu‘’ran [the Koran] of a sexual paradise with many virgins, houris , in it for the male Muslim /jihadist who dies fighting in the jihad for the cause of Islam is found in the “holy book” of Islam, the Koran, in Sura 44:54. 55: 56. 78:31. Also there is the Koranic instruction of Sura 9:111 which teaches “The believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, they kill and are killed.” Getting back to the origin doctrine of Islam from the Koran of a sex –filled paradise with many houris for the use only by the male jihadist who dies fight for the advancement of Islam. All this started when the founder and prophet of Islam, Muhammad manufactured Islam he put , had stolen, some of sex doctrine of Zoroastrian mythology and a yet smaller bit of Hindu mythological sex teachings along with as well as mixture pagan Arabian folklore and myth plus a heavy dose of Judaism and Christianity . Also some of it apostate “Christianity” For the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, couldn’t discern the difference between genuine Bible based Christianity and bogus “Christianity.” Those words and teaching Muhammad gathered from many sources, including the virgins /sex place mythology. , and taught as “Divine Truth” were written down on many things then later compiled and then went into the composition of the Koran. So the hoax of the Koran is actually a mixture and fusion Judaism Christianity and mythology of other religions and now the Muslim clerics with the Koranic brainwashing of young Muslims who are thoroughly mind programmed into believing this Islamic/Koranic virgins myth. This deception of false doctrine /myth into the thoughts of some people was predicted in the Bible along with the false teachers who engage in the indoctrination of such a myth /doctrine into the minds and hearts other people . For it is written “For the time will come when they will not stand wholesome teaching, but will follow their own fancy and gather a crown of teachers to tickle their ears. They will stop their ears to the truth and turn to mythology.” Second Timothy 4:3,4. [N.E.B.]

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