Leaving Islam




Amber Pawlik 

Collection of essays 

 Terrorists Reduced to Terror Tapes 2004/11/01

  Newsflash to News People:  The Chechen Rebels are Muslims

  Exporting Freedom 2004/05/11
  The US Must Develop a Policy on Iran
   America : Too Nice or Too Naive?  2004/04/03
   Defending Islam:  The Height of Leftist Hypocrisy 2004/03/24
   Contemplating Evil: Western Media's Portrayal of Iran 2004/02/05
   France: The World’s Canary? 2004/01/24
   Feminists Pave the Way for Women to be Raped
   The US is No Longer a Paper Tiger 2003/12/22
   The US is the World’s Liberator  2003/12/15
   The West Must Support the Iranian
   Conservative Moral Cowardice:  The Standard’s Story on Ebadi  Nov. 1, 2003
   Islam and Human Rights are Incompatible   2003/10/27
   Shirin Ebadi: Why do you endorse Islam?    Oct 24


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