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Islam and Human Rights are Incompatible



By Amber Pawlik

I am writing this to any person who still has a shred of decency, compassion, or kindness in their soul.


And, with that, I am giving my thesis to this article:  if you endorse human rights, you will be opposed to Islam. 


There is a rather arrogant position in the United States and Europe, mostly found among liberals, that the rest of the world is Muslim, and simply would like a violent-free version of Islam, as Shirin Ebadi is supposedly advocating. 


The fact of the matter is this is not true.  There are a large number of people in the rest of the world who simply hate Islam, and see it, appropriately, as a direct threat to human rights.


In response to my most recent article, “Shirin Ebadi: Why do you endorse Islam?” I received an overwhelming response from people all over the world, including Iran, Italy, and South Africa.  Every single one of them supported what I said and expressed gratitude to me for saying it.    


One man pointed me a website, which contained this letter, An Open Letter to the Nobel Committee.  In this letter, they say:  The only connection of the people in Iran has been the life of brutality and suppression imposed on them by Islamic laws. The only aspect of Islam that people identify themselves with is to fight against it.”


The letter goes on to say:  “The fact of the matter is that people of Iran see the Islamic Republic with all its laws and regulations as the cause of the hardship, poverty, destitution, women's suppression and the brutal state of children's rights.”


This letter was not signed by any “conservative” organizations.  For what it’s worth, I’ve had tremendous difficulty getting conservatives to listen to, accept, or take a stand on what I’ve been saying about Shirin Ebadi.  My allies in this have been human rights and socialist groups.  The signers of this open letter to the Nobel committee are hundreds of people, representing hundreds of different human rights group including some called “Women's Liberation abroad” and “International Relations of the Committee against Stoning” to name a few. 


A very bright young Iranian man named Mahyar (I asked him if I could quote him, he said yes and proudly told me to use his name for “the days of anonymity are over”) wrote to me:


It's heart-warming to learn that there are folks like yourself who are cognizant of the true nationalistic psyche of Iranians and do not equate Iran and Iranians with an obscurantist religion which has brought nothing but misery and sexual apartheid in Iran.”    


Mahyar pointed me to the works by an Iranian man named Razi.  To show you how long this struggle of Iranians has been going on, Razi was born in 865 and died in 925.  He was a scientist, having written one of the first treatise on infectious diseases – including small pox and measles.  He wrote a heretical book On Prophecy, which has not survived, but according to the site, “maintained the thesis that reason is superior to revelation.”


From Razi’s heretical book: 


“All men are by nature equal and equally endowed with the faculty of reason that must not be disparaged in favour of blind faith …


“The so-called holy scriptures are worthless and have done more harm than good, whereas the ‘writings of the ancients like Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, and Hippocrates have rendered much greater service to humanity.’"


Indeed.  This is why Iranians do not approve of their Islamic government.  The Iranian people – the discoverers of Algebra – are a people of reason and enlightenment.  They would be an overwhelmingly successful and prosperous nation if it weren’t for the Islamic thugs. 


Instead they are stuck with a thug regime forcing an unwanted religion on them.  The following gives a brief glimpse into life in Iran: 


“In today’s world we seek to give a chance (right to live) to a serial killer or rapist while Muslim women get cruelly killed for hardly-criminal crimes like adultery by a barbaric and medieval custom called stoning-to-death. In Islamic Iran, a woman has to die a cruel death by stoning in public for killing a man to save herself from being raped.” 


For further investigation into Islam’s incompatibility with human rights I refer you to this site, “Is Islam Compatible with Democracy and Human Rights?”  Faithfreedom.org is another website dedicated to exposing Islam. 


These people are well aware of the fact that Islam is oppressing them.  Their friends and family are being stoned to death. 


But Western leaders have a different idea regarding Islam.  Islam to them is just another religion – one me must accept according to their multiculturalist rants.  They sit in countries where they enjoy not just freedom, but overwhelming prosperity, and they are commanding these people to accept what they know has been oppressing them for so long. 


Any person in Iran especially can tell you different.  The laws oppressing them are not just bad laws created by a bunch of random thugs, they are based in the text of the Koran.  The Koran explicitly endorses stoning to death, therefore the thugs force it upon society.  The problem is Islam, and the people know it. 


This is not a product of “extremists.”  This is a product of people who take the Koran literally.  And that is the way it is meant to be taken.  The only way for peace to exist in the Middle East is for Islam to be eliminated.


The problem is not organized religion it itself either.  The problem is because of what Islam preaches, including telling Moslems to go kill Christians and Jews. 


Some people say they don’t mind people being Islamic, so as long as they don’t force it on others.  Indeed, that would be a nice position to accept.  I have Islamic friends, all of whom I respect intellectually and in many other ways.  But the fact is, these Muslims are tamed by living in secular America.  Islam itself will always seek to force itself on others, if not chained by something else.  It is a religion that actively tells its members to kill Christians and Jews.  Islam, by itself, will never, ever create peace.  It will always seek to force itself on society, government, and all innocent people. 


I thought for sure I would get a negative reaction from some people to my most recent article about Shirin Ebadi.  I thought for sure I would start to be called a racist (for condemning Islam) and also get called a war-monger, or the like.  Sure, I got this response from Americans.  But the people of the rest of the world – people who are being oppressed, people from international groups working towards liberty and human rights for people – overwhelmingly liked my article. 


Shirin Ebadi not only does not call for a separation of religion and state, she is protecting the image of Islam.  She identifies herself as a Muslim woman, and is begging for more reform, not regime change.  She is not in tune with the Iranian people themselves. 


Recently, Ebadi came out and said the Iranians just need 10 more years until freedom will come to Iran!  These are not the pleas of a person who is behind the Iranian people, but a person trying to pacify the Iranian people. 


I was told by a reader that he does not believe that Shirin Ebadi was the first female judge.  Another fan tells me that the media in Iran is starting to lie about what Ebadi said – saying she called for a separation of religion and state, but that he translated those speeches, and can attest there is no such thing.  Shirin Ebadi was also quoted as saying, “"...The performance of the sixth Islamic Majles in Iran, is unprecedented in the past 100 years !..."  For someone who is trying to separate herself from Khatami, she is not doing a very good job.  This woman simply has stink all over her. 

And the Iranian people know it.  The following describes nicely an Iranian reaction to Shirin Ebadi.

Potkin Azarmehr in Iranian Reactions to Shirin Ebadi

“This section of Iranians (what he calls the Ebadi sceptic opposition section) criticise Shirin Ebadi’s remarks about there being no contradictions between Islam and human rights. They quite rightly point out numerous contradictions between Islam and human rights and I share their view. However we must remember none of us who share these views dare to go back to Iran. The likes of us live outside Iran and enjoy the security of the democracies we live in and so we can comfortably afford to be so outspoken in our views. 

We have to remember the limitations that the people in Iran face. Yes of course I would have preferred Shirin Ebadi to call herself an Iranian woman first and foremost instead of a Muslim woman. Of course I would have preferred Shirin Ebadi to come out and say Islam is not compatible with human rights, but do I dare to go to Iran and say such things myself? Do I know of any Iranians who publicly say these things inside Iran and are not dead or in prison right now?  We are in fact a testimony to how our right to express our views is denied to us in Islamic countries.”

He goes on to say: 

“Instead I revel in the joy of watching Shirin Ebadi appear before a press conference without the Islamic head dress, and say all Iranian political prisoners should be freed.”

Well, compatriot, you can’t say these things, so I am saying them for you.  The Iranian people do cast doubt on Ebadi.  They do fundamentally believe she is a fraud, meant to prolong the Ayatollah regime longer.  No Iranian wants to see more Islam, especially Islamic based law. 


But they are happy to see anyone do anything against the government.  In a nation where expressing these views can get you killed, who can blame them?


The Iranians need our support.  Only with the West can they rise up against their government.  Only from free, civilized countries – who are allowed to speak their mind freely and condemn oppressive regimes – can real change be made.


The Iranians people deserve better than Ebadi and her message of waiting 10 more years and working with the Ayatollah regime.  Europe did give them a glimpse of hope, but they screwed up big time by prodding a religious woman instead of a secular person.  In all of their arrogance and agenda pushing, they want us to accept Islam as “just another way of life.” 


All people interested in the welfare of the Iranian people should be clear in their message:  Islam is not a religion compatible with human rights and heavy pressure should be put on the Iranian government to completely drive the religious fanatics out.  I am calling upon all conservative leaders to come out against the Islamic regime that is oppressing these people.  I am calling on everyone to put pressure on Shirin Ebadi to call for a separation of religion and state.


Iranians should live in a world where they are free to disagree with the Islamic government without fearing their life.  They deserve – and they want – a secular nation like we enjoy in the West.    


A young Iranian man contacted me and said:


“And I also think [Ebadi is] a sell out to kids my age who went to protest against this regime in Summer. Their slogan was "ya marg, ya azadi" meaning "either liberty or death". I think in English there is something like "give me freedom or give me death". Kids out of high school are willing to die for freedom and she wants to defend human rights within the bounds of Islamic Republic's laws that call for decapitation and floggings? And she gets a prize for this?”


I don’t know why that is, compatriot.


Can you answer him? 







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