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Newsflash to News People:  The Chechen Rebels are Muslims

Bt Amber Pawlik 

On Wednesday, armed men seized a school building in Russia and took several hundred people hostage, including children.  The media continually refers to these terrorists as “Chechen” terrorists.  I have yet to see any in the media point out the most important aspect of these terrorists, except as an aside: they are Muslim. 

Seeing as it was Muslim terrorists who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center; Muslim terrorists who bombed a train in Spain; and Muslim terrorists who have beheaded innocent civilians, Muslim terrorists who blew bombs in Bali, Turkey and Riyadh, this information about is obviously relevant – to put it lightly.   

Can someone answer me why the fact that these terrorists are Muslims is always muddled in the media?  We (and when I say “we,” I mean the entire civilized part of the world) are not at war with a country.  We are at war with an ideology, Islamic terrorism, which is akin to NAZIism or communism.  The people who want to see us dead are not “Chechens.”  They are Muslims.     

Imagine you are a parent and your little child is held hostage.  Muslim terrorists round up him or her, along with all of his or her classmates; kill people; and threaten to bomb the whole building if troops attack. This is an evil of which no atrocity committed in the name of Christianity, that I know of, has rivaled – particularly in its sheer maliciousness.  And yet we are still scared to name the enemy?   

I have already heard leftists blame Russia for what happened.  Leftists have unyielding support for Islamic terrorists and an undying hatred for any civilized nation.  Tip toeing around, not identifying who and what the enemy is, is to fall right into the hands of people who would rather see you, and all of Western civilization, destroyed.   

George W. Bush has said he does not believe terrorism will ever be completely eradicated.  I have a suggestion for him or anyone who wants to defeat terrorism.  First you have to identify who the enemy is.  Then you can conquer them