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Terrorists Reduced to Terror Tapes

 By Amber Pawlick

Three days before an election in Spain , al Qaeda bombed a train in Madrid .  They killed 198 people and successfully altered the Spanish election in the way they wanted.   

Because of this, I have been deeply worried about a potential terrorist attack against the United States before Election Day.  I say this with many friends in cities that are likely targets for terrorist attack.  With only three days to go until Election Day, I believe we got the only blow the terrorists will give us:  a terror tape by Bin Laden. 

It is clear:  staying tough on terror has not made the enemy “hate us more.”  It has kept them at bay.  Our strength was not taken as a challenge to fight harder; Spain ’s weakness was not taken as hope for a peaceful resolution.  Al Qaeda didn’t attack us this week for one reason:  they knew the vicious and quick response we would give them. 

Under Bill Clinton, al Qaeda attacked the United States once in 1993.  They then attacked us again in 1998 and then again in 2000 – three times in eight years, an average of once every three years.  Those attacks were the 1993 the World Trade Center bombing, which killed 6 and injured 1000; the 1998 bombing of US embassies in Africa, which killed 224 and injured 5000; and the 2000 bombing of USS Cole, which killed 17 and injured 3.  Like John Kerry, Clinton promised that “those who did it” would be hunted down and killed. They never were and the attacks never stopped.   

Under President George W. Bush, al Qaeda attacked us once, on September 11, 2001, and it hasn’t happened again.  The war is being kept over on the terrorists’ territory, not on ours – against well-armed and well-trained soldiers.   

I take offense to people who might say “but only a dozen or so people died in the attacks under Clinton .”  Killing just six people does not make terrorism a “nuisance.” One life or three thousand lives does not matter.  Every person killed was a person with a family, mother, father – possibly a wife or husband and children.  Seeing as terrorists do not care who or where they attack, keep in mind:  that one person can be you.   

I wish I could write about this upcoming election, “Regardless who wins or loses, keep in mind our real enemy is Islamic terrorists.”  The fact is this is not true.  Our enemy now is Islamic terrorists and those in America who want to see us destroyed.  This upcoming election is the difference between a man who will fight the terrorists and a man who will appease them.  John Kerry already has a track record of meeting with American enemies.  He represents a voter base of people who either don’t care about terrorism or sympathize with terrorists.   George Bush on the other hand has prevented attacks on the United States , reducing terrorists to doing nothing but making tapes and threats against us.  This election is of massive importance for the future of our world.  I am pleading with you as a girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend: please make the right decision

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