Leaving Islam



America : Too Nice or Too Naive?  


By Amber Pawlik 

Ever since 9-11, when Islamic extremists waged war against America , Americans have been bending over backwards to accommodate our very enemy.  This has included dropping food on the same places we bomb, listening to and sympathizing with leftists screech about killing “innocent” civilians, and even agreeing that surely Islam is a religion of peace.   

The recent attacks on American civilians in Fallujah demonstrate exactly what this niceness has gotten us.  Four American civilian corpses were dragged by a “jubilant mob” through the city and two of the corpses were hung off of a bridge after rebels ambushed their vehicles.   

Fallujah is known for being a hot spot for violent anti-Americanism.  What were the civilians there to do?  Help deliver food to the people.   

We were commanded by leftists to worry about the “innocent” civilians in Iraq when going to war.  In fact, any time the US considers military action, various socialist groups always cry at us about the civilians – as if this is reason enough that we should never engage in war.   

In the recent Fallujah attacks, it was not organized terrorists that hung Americans off of a bridge as if they were animals and dragged their corpses through streets with glee.  It was a “jubilant crowd” filled with civilians.   

As far as I’m concerned, these civilians are the enemy too.  A population has a responsibility for the government in place and also a responsibility, obviously, for how it behaves itself.  When we are at war with a tyrannical government, if the population works to overthrow that government and does not wish death and destruction on us solely for being us (please note the Americans killed in Fallujah recently were civilians), such as the Iranian civilians, then the civilians are not our enemy – in fact, they are an asset.  But civilians who erupt in mass joyful glee at seeing dead Americans being abused and humiliated are.   

Probably the most self-destructive, altruistic position of the United States , however, is our unwillingness to do the simplest, least bloody thing we can do to fight this war on terror:  fight ideologically by condemning Islam as being the violent religion it is, responsible for producing terrorists. 

Paul Bremer announced that the brutal killings in Fallujah were against the tenets of all religions, “including Islam.”  That is interesting seeing as Fallujah was once known as the “city of mosques.”  With all those mosques there to guard against making the “wrong interpretation” of Islam, how could such violence break out?

The fact is Islam creates exactly the kind of brutality seen in Fallujah.  Islam is an ideology that hates, above all things, man.  In Islamic art, they are forbidden to draw the human form for the “work of man will never equal that of God’s,” which is why much of Islamic art is of flowers.  If you have watched the Muslim men beat themselves or parents cut their little children on purpose, this evidence is enough to prove Islam hates man and worships death.   

No matter how many terrorists we scout out and kill, new ones will spring up.  So as long as Islam is around, taken literally, and practiced, terrorism will always exist.  “The truth is that the ideology of the terrorists is the same ideology of the ‘moderate Muslims.’ We are just fooling ourselves if we believe that there is a peaceful Islam and a warring Islam. Islam is Islam and when a Muslim goes to practice it he becomes a terrorist. “ – Dr. Ali Sina, Fighting Terrorism Ideologically.  We are sending our soldiers in, to die, without providing them with the intellectual and moral support they need to ultimately win the war.   

The reason why Americans are so benevolent and unwilling to see evil is because we are naïve.  We really are like babies with a lollipop.  I was told by a foreign friend once that he sold cheap jewelry out of vending machines to people for up to $100, because the Americans believed his stories of their greatness.  Americans are naïve because we have not been faced with pure, raw evil before.  America has never experience a Hitler the way Germany has or a Mussolini or a Stalin or any of the terrors that have ripped almost every other country in the world.   

That, however, changed slightly on 9-11.  Unlike our response when a US soldier’s corpse was dragged in a similar fashion through the streets in Somalia , the overwhelming sentiment from Americans in response to Fallujah is that we must not let these attacks scare us or back down.  This is a good thing, but we still are not willing to commit ourselves fully to this war, most evidenced by the fact that we keep apologizing for Islam.  It’s time to stop it.  Pure, raw evil does exist and we must treat it as such.   





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