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The US Must Develop a Policy on Iran


By: Amber Pawlik

**Please feel free to send this article to any politician or media** 

If you go through terrorist attacks against the United States , you will find a re-occurring theme:  the Islamic regime of Iran that was behind it.  It is now known that recent insurgencies in Iraq have been coming from leader al-Sadr, who is sponsored by the Islamic regime of Iran . It is time for the United States to develop a policy regarding Iran :  to rid the world of its modern NAZI Germany. 

The Islamic regime of Iran is the biggest threat to the civilized world.  It poses not just a threat to the United States but could possibly start the next genocide against Jews.  The Islamic regime of Iran is developing a nuclear program that could hit Israel , a small area with roughly 5 million Jews – almost equivalent to the number of Jews that Hitler killed. 

So as long as this thug regime is around, it will seek to destroy the United States , Israel , and our soldiers in Iraq .  This regime does not want a success story in Iraq .  A success story in Iraq would mean a death to them, which is why they are launching attacks now on American soldiers.  Unless we want to keep sending our soldiers into dangerous areas, with more insurgencies coming up because we are not attacking the root of the problem, it is time to deal with Iran . 

There is a very simple and effective solution that the United States can adopt to rid the mullahs in Iran with little cost to us:  give unequivocal moral and military support to the rebelling Iranian population. 

The Iranian population is ripe for a regime change.  The Iraqi population was not.  In order for regime change to happen in Iraq , it had to happen by military force.  In Iran it does not:  the population can overthrow its own government. 

Hopefully the work others and myself have done on Iran will enlighten the public to the pro-American nature of the Iranian population. After 9-11, whereas Palestinians came to the streets to cheer on bin Laden, the Iranians came out with candlelight to support the Americans.  You can see pictures of this at http://www.daneshjoo.org.  Helping to arm the Iranian population is not the same as arming bin Laden, which we did to fight the Soviets.  In fact, to not use them or turn our backs on the Iranian population would be suicidal. 

If the Iranian population can overthrow its own government without US military involvement, it would mean a host of good things.  This includes little casualties for us (possible border protection should be provided against insurgencies into Iraq ), the inability for the left and Europe to call us “imperialist,” and support from the Iranian population, since they do not favor war in their backyards. 

Relying on the Iranian population to overthrow their own regime, however, does not mean we should do nothing at all.  The Iranians have fought with great courage for freedom, to have the rest of the world turn their backs on them.  Moral and military support from Western world leaders must be given to the Iranian population

Most who support regime change in Iran have thought that Bush would wait until his re-election to deal with Iran .  We must reject that mentality.  The United States should develop a policy towards dealing with the Islamic regime in Iran , starting today. 

As was taught to us by Madrid on 3-11, America could easily be vulnerable during election time come this next November.  Terrorists may see it as a time where they could influence American politics, or they may recognize it as the vulnerable time it is, since no politician wants to utilize military force right before an election.  I say we reject that mentality completely.  Even if we are attacked in early November, we should begin attacks immediately on whoever did it.  This is all the more reason to start taking actions now. 

If the Islamic regime of Iran stays in power, the success in Iraq thus far will have been futile, for the Iranian thugs will try to take over this country.  If President Bush wants to finish the job in Iraq , he must turn his attention to Iran .  If John Kerry is elected president, who said recently he thought al-Sadr was a “legitimate voice,” we can expect tyranny and oppression to loom in the Middle East for years to come, and all efforts towards ridding the world of dictators and terrorists will revert backwards.  Action should be taken now. 

I’ve wanted to start an organized activist campaign regarding Iran for a while now.  The time is right.  Here are some things you can do.


Write letters to politicians. 

Here are two email addresses to send letters to: 

The president’s email is [email protected]

The vice president’s email is [email protected] 

Since I am a United States ’ citizen, I will write to United States ’ politicians.  However, people throughout the world should write to their politicians too.  The threat the Islamic regime of Iran poses is a global one.  A global front must be made in retaliation. 

Here is a brief list of things you can tell the President and Vice President or your leader: 

  • It is time to rid the world of its modern NAZI Germany.
  • US Soldiers must be given the support they need, ridding the source of violence against them, which is the Islamic regime of Iran .
  • More speeches in favor of the Iranian population must be given.
  • Military support can be and should be provided to the rebelling Iranian population.
  • The Iranian Islamic regime should have pressure put on it to release its political prisoners.

What is going on in Iran must be clarified in clear, moral terms:  the mullahs are evil and the people who desire freedom are good.  The Iranian plight generally goes unnoticed and unreported.  Support from Western leaders – or celebrities or newspapers or anything – would give the growing rebellions in Iran the moral support they need.  The Iranian people are our greatest asset in this, and if we could fuel the fire under them, this would mean little or possibly no casualties of ours. 

Write to the media. 

The Islamic regime of Iran is more afraid of the people rebelling in Iran being reported in Western media than they are of the actual rebellions.  It can be speculated that the mullahs are making threats to Western media about reporting what is going on.  The Iranian situation is always either under-reported or never reported accurately by the media – sympathy is always given to the Islamic regime.  Recently, Time magazine questioned if the Islamic regime of Iran was funding al-Sadr, which is the equivalent of questioning if Hitler was sponsoring NAZIs.  The only way the rebellions of the Iranian people were reported from last July was because thousands of people started sending faxes, emails and letters to the media.  Shedding light on the situation may be the best disinfectant possible.


Write letters to the editor. 

If you are familiar with the situation in Iran , a simple letter to your newspaper will help shed light on the situation.  This is especially important if you are at a university, where political debate is high. 

Start a university club. 

University clubs in favor of a Free Iran already exist.  It is Iranians themselves who start them.  But many Iranians hide their identity and refrain from activism, because they still have family in Iran .  American college students, who are so yearning to find any given cause, should also start such clubs. 

People often times wonder why I’ve poured so much time into the Iranian cause.  Besides the first obvious reason, that the Islamic regime poses a direct threat to the United States , it is really quite simple.  I live in a country where I can speak freely.  For me to sit idly by, and not write about it, when at best I risk not my life or friends or even my job but at worst - unpopularity, would be the most cowardly thing I can think of. 

We must develop a policy regarding Iran , which should revolve around unequivocal moral support given to the people, not the mullahs, of Iran  






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