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This author makes it clear that Islam does not recognize gender equality. However, to justify the superiority of man over woman he uses a very circular reasoning. He says men are superior because they dominated women throughout the history. He neglects the fact that the reason men dominated women was because women were not given the opportunity to compete. This is like tying the hands of a person and then saying "look, he is incapable of using his hands".  

He continued: ďFor those who have conviction in religion there is little scope to deny the role of gender in determining values, rights and responsibilities that are often diametrically at odds with the idea of gender equality. Male dominated Prophethood was one example, another one is: polygyny. It is clearly permitted in Islam and also found in the Biblical texts (Prophet Solomon and David)."  

I could not have said this better. The problem with this Muslim and his twisted line of reasoning is that he does not judge religions by their fruits but rather tries to judge the values by what religions and in particular Islam teaches. Evil, in the sight of this person and his ilk is good because it was recommended by the prophet. 

Yvonne Haddad, a professor of Islamic studies at Georgetown University , commenting on Dr. Wadudís controversial action said; the service goes against the religion's traditions.  

"It's a time when people can get away with anything," Haddad said. "When people have a breakdown of traditional leadership, largely because the U.S. government has delegitimized the Muslim leadership in America , American Muslims are searching for new leaders more able to address their daily needs."  

"People in America think they are going to be the vanguards of change," Haddad said. "But for Arab Muslims in the Middle East , American Muslims continue to be viewed on the margins of the faith."  

This is just an example of how in Islam bigotry always wins. Reforming Islam and modernizing it is impossible. The Quran stands in the way as the main obstacle to any reform. The fundamentalists will always come victorious.  

Dr. Amina Wadud, speaking as part of a series sponsored by York University and the Noor Cultural Centre, midway through her speech titled "The Quran, Women and Interpretive Possibilities," waded into the minefield by addressing some controversial passages of the Quran. Breaking the ultimate taboo in the Muslim narrative, she stated that despite the fact the Quran explicitly asks for cutting off the hands of thieves, she did not agree with the Quran. She said she understood that this was a very difficult subject to talk about, but she would be dishonest to herself if she did not express her views.

She maintained that as a Muslim with Allah close to her heart, in all honesty she could not continue with the hypocrisy of lying about how she felt about some verses of the Quran. [source]

The question that begs an answer from Dr. Wadud is why she is still a Muslim. If she disagrees with the Quran, can she still call herself a Muslim? Isnít this a bigger hypocrisy? Although Dr. Wadud's courage is admirable, her adherence to Islam is unreasonable. It is very clear that Islam cannot be reformed and the main obstacles to reform are the Quran and the Sunnah. If Dr. Wadud does not agree even with the Quran, why she maintains the pretense of calling herself a Muslim? Wouldn't it be better if she leaved Islam to the benighted Muslims and joined the rank of the enlightened and liberated ex-Muslims?  

This is the ultimate question that Dr. Wadud has to answer, not just to Muslims and to the world, but also to herself. Why canít she cut her umbilical cord from Islam? If she does not agree with the violent and barbaric passages of the Quran that constitute most of it, why she calls herself a Muslim?  

By declaring her disagreement with parts of the Quran, Dr. Wadud has already crossed the line and has entered the rank of apostates. She is now a target of Islamic terrorism and she could be assassinated anytime. She is no more a Muslim as far as Muslims are concerned. Maybe it is time that she denounces Islam altogether and come to term with her own apostasy.    

Islam cannot be reformed. The only change possible is through eradication. To eradicate Islam you have to get out of it. You canít cut a branch while you are sitting on it. You canít demolish a house while you are living in it. Itís time to leave Islam and demolish it from outside.


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