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  Bending Backwards To Appease Muslims Gabrielle Goldwater  29-Dec-2002 

Islam: Politics In Religious Garb. Ali Sina  28-Dec-2002 

The Origin of Christmas Ali Sina  28-Dec-2002 

“Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet” Syed Kamran Mirza  24-Dec-2002 

democracy needs to challenge Islam!  By  Lee Jay Walker DIP BA MA 23-Dec-2002

IRAQ or SAUDI ARABIA, who is the real threat? By Lee Jay Walker Dip BA MA 22-Dec-2002

Has America Lost its Sanity? Ali Sina   20-Dec-2002 

The Heavenly Assembly of the Last Day  Abul Kasem 20-Dec-2002 

AFGHANISTAN - why preserve this nation? Lee Jay Walker Dip BA MA  13-Dec-2002 

Terrence Robertson's Response to Ali Sina Terrence Robertson 13-Dec-2002

US Policymakers know but Choose to Ignore the Real Islam  Calisse Cansime  13-Dec-2002 

America must help Islamic countries to reclaim their own past Ali Sina 11-Dec-2002 

Why burn the world when we can make it a paradise? Ali Sina responding to Terrene Robertson  10-Dec-2002 

An American Response to Islamic Terrorism  Terrence Robertson 10-Dec-2002 

The wise man avoids evil by anticipating it A.H. Jaffor Ullah  9-Dec-2002 

A Balanced View Towards the Middle East. Robin SPX  5-Dec-2002 

Saudi Lies not any longer acceptable Ms. G. Goldwater  12/05/02 

An Open Letter to the Iranian Clergy
By Jalal Khorasanee 12/04/02 

Islam Itself Is On Trial
By: Ampbreia 12/04/02

SAUDI ARABIA, the land of hate and global terrorism.
Lee Jay Walker Dip BA MA 12/04/02

The review of the book, Approaching the Qur¹an The early revelations by Michael Sells  Parvin Darabi 11/28/02

Muslim vs. Muslim By: Lee Jay Walker  11/28/02

Has Islam Become a Hostage By: Ali Sina 11/27/02

Hogwash Muslim apology By: Ali Sina 11/16/02

Advertising American Values By: Ali Sina 11/03/02

On the nomination of a member of CAIR to NYC Human Rights Commission By Ms. G. Goldwater 10/29/02

An open letter to Saudi Embassy By Ms. G. Goldwater 10/26/02

Good Reasons for Gulf War II By: Ohmyurs  10/23/02

Mecca - Raleigh Connection - Smoke gets in my eyes By: Steven Luotto 10/22/02 

Why Are Muslims Putting Up With Christians, Jews and Other Unbelievers In America? Al Mansur 10/18/02

Was Falwell Wrong? Ali Sina 10/14/02

Is Falwell To Be Blamed For Calling Muhammad Terrorist? Ali Sina 10/08/02

Let Walker Walk Away. Put America On Trial  Ali Sina  10/01/02

Islamic Game of Victimization By Ali Sina 09/24/02  

A Year Later: Are we heeding yet? By: Ali Sina 09/09/02


Archive 2005
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