Muslim versus Muslim; 
Jews kill a Palestinian and its death to Israel


By: Lee Jay Walker Dip BA MA

media in general appears to be blinkered like Islamic media, why? 

Since 1970 more than 4 million Muslims have been killed by Muslims in the

Iran-Iraq war; Somalia; Afghanistan; Kurdish persecution in Iran, Turkey, and Iraq; 20,000 Muslims killed in Syria in 1982; Pakistan-Bangladesh  war; 100,000 Shia Muslims killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in the last 12 years; Algeria; Tajikistan; and other inter Islamic conflicts. 

While the plight of Christians and Animists in Sudan remains hidden from most people despite 2 million mainly Africans being killed by the Arab Islamic regime, including forced starvation and slavery.  Yet Arabs and Muslims state time and again that they are brothers and that Palestinian Arab suffering is a crime against humanity.  While Arab persecution of all non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia; slavery in Sudan and massacres of non-Muslims; Berber persecution in Algeria; Coptic Christian persecution in Egypt; and other hostile acts by Arabs remain hidden from the mass media. 

If "you were to close your eyes" and just listen to the mass media then it would appear that Israel and non-Muslims are "bloodthirsty," and of course the victims are always Muslims.  Yet the truth "couldn't be further," for all converts from Islam are killed in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia; while women who are raped in Pakistan are often put in prison due to needing four men to clear them from being raped.  While Buddhists in Bangladesh, Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan, Christians in Somalia, Hindus in Pakistan, and many others, are all faced with either massive discrimination or out-right persecution; and the Buddhists in Bangladesh suffer from massive Islamic migration, destruction of Buddhist temples and forced female marriages to Muslim men. 

Yet despite all this, and the reality that in 2002 women suffer massive discrimination in Islamic nations and honour killings keep on rising, the media in general hides this from Western citizens.  Just like it hides the plight of hundreds of thousands of Christians fleeing persecution in Northern Nigeria and parts of Indonesia.  And do you often hear people talking about Muslim slavery in Mauritania and Sudan?  Of course not,  for this is not on the agenda and it would appear that Islamic slavery of Africans is deemed to be not important; yet could you imagine the  outcry if Israel did this or a Christian nation? 

If any one wants to test "real Islam" based on "true Islamic law" then just visit Saudi Arabia.  Take Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Pagans, and people from other faiths, and let them speak openly about their religion to Saudi Muslims and see what happens?  Then you will have your answer of what Islam did during the time of Muhammed and continues to do today in the lands of Mecca and Medina.  However, you will not be able to tell this story to your friends, for talking openly about your non-Muslim religion in Saudi Arabia and trying to convert Muslims means death

Despite this, and massive persecution of non-Muslims, Muslim minorities, women, and homosexuals in most Islamic societies; the usual mantra of "death to Israel" continues throughout the Islamic world. Therefore, what is the real agenda?  Is it that Saudi Arabia can do what she likes due to massive amounts of oil reserves?  Or is it that political correctness means we have to be pro-Islamic to show how nice we are, therefore, Christians and other non-Muslims are allowed to be "lambs to the slaughter of Islam?"  Or is it a mixture of both? 

Whatever the "truth is," and of course it will be because of multiple factors, one reality remains and this is that Christian leaders have on the whole betrayed non-Muslims due to their overwhelming silence; and Western media should be ashamed of basic generalizations which should shame them. For just like Muslims have killed 4 million Muslims since 1970 alone; the United States also supported Islam in three wars out of three in Europe in Cyprus, Bosnia, and Kosovo.  While the United States and United Kingdom supported radical Islam in Afghanistan prior to the bombing of America and both nations said nothing when 200,000 Christians were killed in East Timor in the mid-1970s. 

So who will speak up for non-Muslims, women, and Muslim minorities in the mainly despotic Islamic world?  Maybe no one will, and the continuing persecution of non-Muslims will gather in speed throughout the Muslim world.

So maybe I should just lament, and listen once more to the Western and

Islamic media; and in my ears once more I can hear "Death to Israel." 









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