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The Opportunity in Iran's Crisis


The solution to Iranís dilemma is not that difficult and not very costly either. But neglecting it can be very costly. The key to this problem is in the hands of the United States. There is a great opportunity at hand that if lost it could cost our lives.  The opportunity is that Iran is ready for change and the danger is that if this opportunity is lost the Mullahs will have atomic bomb.


America must invite all the Iranian opposition forces in Diaspora and help them form a provisional government and create a junta to overthrow the regime. All groups opposing the regime of any significant size should be invited to the table. *


There are several veteran retired generals from previous regime and great strategists among the Iranians living in exile. The decision how to deal with Iran must be left to them. They know the country and they know the people. They ARE the people. 


Unfortunately the forces of the opposition is very disunited.  This has been the main cause of their weakness and the main reason that they have not been able to unseat the Mullahs yet. America can end this acrimony and bring the different factions together. After all, if democracy is what we want to see in Iran, the Iranians must learn to work together. There can be no democracy if the Iranians canít even see each other eye to eye or talk to one another.   


America must act as the moderator in the junta but leave the decision making to the Iranians. But America must support them, both financially and militarily. This will bring all those who want to be players in the future of a democratic Iran to the table. This will also make America gain the trust among all the Iranians including the left wingers who are ideologically hostile to America.  


The Iranians have realized that the peaceful demonstrations have no effect on the Mullahs. These illegitimate usurpers of power have no intention to respect the will of the people and no qualm in killing any number of them as long as they could hold to their seats. It is also unreasonable to expect unarmed people confront heavily armed security forces of a brutal regime who are more than happy to shoot and kill.


This uprising needs coordination. It needs military and financial backing. It has none of that and America can help in all these three areas.


The Junta should be allowed to create military bases inside the Iraq and Afghanistan soils near the boarders of Iran. Iranian youths should be encouraged to cross the boarders and join this army. The majority of these youths are unemployed. They have nothing to lose but everything to gain by joining the army of liberation. Iranians are ready to do anything to free their country. They just donít know what and how.


The soldiers already serving in the Iranian army should also be invited to desert and join the army of liberation. The response would be overwhelming. Iranians are desperate. Joining the army of liberation, directed by their own generals, will give them hope. Iranians are very patriotic. Many Iranians living in exile will also join. Millions of Iranians are unemployed. (9) Joining the army of liberation means immediate relief for them and a renewed hope. 


So as you see the risk for America is virtually nothing. If the Iranians do not respond then the plan will be called off and no harm is done. America does not have to expend millions and millions in armaments when there are no soldiers. America will equip the soldiers as they arrive.


Then when every thing is ready, in a given "D Day"  (Deployment Day),  the army will deploy into Iran from the East through Afghanistan's boarders, from the  West through Iraq's boarders and from the South through the Persian Gulf, marching to Tehran, liberating city after city on their way and handing the power to the locals. The transfer of power in each city should be pre arranged so there could be no chaos created by vacuum of power. 



The forces of  liberation will not face any resistance. The Iranian army will never fight their Iranian liberators. On the contrary they will join them. The Bssijis and the Revolutionary Guards are too weak to confront a mighty military force. They are only trained to kill unarmed people and quash their uprisings. The invading army will not be seen as occupiers. They are Iranians going back home and freeing their own people. This is what 94% of the Iranians long to see. 


The US based Iranian televisions will be coordinating the march of the liberation and providing communication between the Iranians inside the country and their compatriots coming to their rescue. Those Iranians inside the great prison have placed their hopes on their compatriots living abroad. This is evident from the calls they make to the US based Iranian televisions. A few of these televisions are very patriotic and brave. They need to be supported to continue their work  


The ground troops will not face resistance. But it is possible that some elements of the regime try to shoot the liberation army from the air. We have to be prepared for that eventuality. Communication is the key and here is where the Iranian televisions in US will be crucial. The Iranian pilots of the IRI Air Force must be instructed that if they are ordered to become air born, they should land their planes in specific airstrips provided for them inside Iraq and Afghanistan. If they deviate and attempt to attack the liberation army the American Air Force must be on the alert and shoot them. The likelihood of this happening is slim but it is better to be prepared. The whole Iran must be declared no-flight zone, except for the planes going to surrender. 


At the same time all the flights to and from Iran must be banned. No Mullah should be able to escape. These thugs must stand trial for what they have done to the people. They will have nowhere to go anyway because the Iranians will certainly cut their relationship with any country that offers asylum to these murderers. But Syria or North Korea may take them in. They have stolen a lot of money and could buy their asylum. 


Why America Should Help

Now the question is why America and not England or any other European country should be behind this operation? The answer is that the Iranians do not trust these countries. 


Even now that the Mullahs are in defiant of the IAEA, last Thursday a German delegation traveled to Iran to discuss bilateral trade between the two countries. Germany provided the bulk of direct foreign investment in Iran in 2003, worth 270 million dollars (218 million euros). (9)  


The British and the French are doing the same. Iranians have no respect for these countries and do not trust them. Furthermore it is improbable that these European countries would want to see the Mullahs overthrown and lose yet another oil producing business partner. On the contrary it is very likely that these countries supply the Mullahs with all sorts of weapons so they can kill Iranians with ease. We should not discard the possibility that the Europeans take this as an opportunity to sell arms to Iran and make more money while Iranians kill Iranians. Europeans are monotheists. They worship only one God and that is the almighty Money. For 26 years the British, the French, the Germans and even the Italians have gang raped the Iranians and have slept with their murderers. These countries are still colonialists. They have zero regard for human life or justice. All they care for is profit. 


Why not the UN or a coalition of several countries? Because this is not going to happen! The UN is a joke. Time is running out and we do not have the luxury to appease France, Russia or Germany and even the UK who want to keep the Mullahs in power and get fabulous trade concessions. These countries know already that Iranians do not look at them favorably for their shameful ties with the Mullahs. Shortsighted as they are they have no interest to see Iranians be freed. They can't see that they are sleeping with a cobra and that the Mullahs are only using them now and will destroy them with terrorism later. All they care is to have a few lucrative trade agreements and for that they will even sell their souls to Devil and will continue to back this tyrannical regime. 


We must not forget that it was the support of France, Germany and Russia that emboldened Saddam, giving that psychopath false hopes that his friends will eventually come to his rescue and will stop America invading Iraq. Had these countries not been so "anti war", Saddam most likely would have taken his billions of stolen dollars and moved to Russia where an asylum had been offered to him and no war would been waged in Iraq.  




The Islamic Republic of Iran is the main source of Islamic Terrorism and Iran is the key to the peace in the Middle East. The Iran problem must be solved by the Iranians. The Iranians are ready, willing and able to take the matters in their own hands and reclaim their country, restore its democracy and join the family of mankind as responsible members. All they need is some help.


Why should America help the Iranians to reclaim their country and restore democracy is obvious. Let us not talk about the past mistakes of America in Iran that created the Islamic revolution as the backlash. Let us not mention the moral obligation of America towards the Iranians for destroying their fledging democracy in 1953 with a coup that ousted Dr. Mossadegh and put in power a despotic puppet ruler that oppressed the people to such an extent that revolution became their only way out. Let the bygone be gone. Today, the thugs ruling over Iran are the main cause of the mischief in the region. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the axis of evil and the main supporter of Islamic Terrorism. Mullahs are behind the insurgency in Iraq. Iran is the major financier of international Islamic Terrorism and is host to numerous terrorist camps inside its territory where the members of al Qaida and other Islamic terrorists are trained. The stability of the region and the success of America in Iraq depend on what happens to Iran. 


The IRI is the head of this snake. It is the root of the Islamic Terrorism. This head must be smashed and this root must be eradicated. The longer the Mullahs remain in power, the greater is the risk of the World War III happening. Once the Mullahs have A-bomb we have reached the point of no return and the WW III will be a reality.


Iran presents a great danger to the peace and the stability of the world. At the same time we have a great window of opportunity to act now and cleanse that ancient land from these gangsters and thugs. America is the key, but America need not commit any troop or engage in any war. The Iranians are capable of waging their own war. But America can  help in regrouping the resistance and supporting it militarily and financially. The people of Iran are ready to rise and free their motherland and at the same time free the world from this axis of evil. 


Opportunities like this happen rarely. The danger of non-action is also immense. If this opportunity is lost the devastation will affect every one of us. If the next world war happens, and it will happen if we do nothing, no one will escape from its horrors.  


America MUST not lose in Iraq. If that happens we better move to a cave and wait to see the end of the world.

But America will not be able to win in Iraq as long as the Mullahs are in power. Iran is crucial to the success or failure of America.


Today is the time when an ounce of prevention will save us from tons of remedies. If ever action was needed it is now. 




Earlier in this article I said "The stigma of "terrorists" from the Peopleís Mujahedeen (MEK) must be removed and they should be invited as well. Branding this group as terrorists was a big mistake and was only done to appease the Mullahs."


After I read about them, now I admit I was mistaken. This group is a dangerous cult that is controlled by a psychopath narcissist, Massoud Rajavi, who is no different to Muhammad. 

Read about them here:  




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