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When is Islam Oppressed?  

By Abul Kasem  


“I am telling you that my religion doesn’t tolerate other religion. It doesn’t tolerate. The only one law which needs to be spread, it can be here or anywhere else has to be Islam.


[ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) interview with Abdul Nacer Benbrika (Abu Bekr), the spiritual leader of the Victorian terror cell suspect). The daily Telegraph, Sydney , Thursday, November 10, 2005, p.31]    


HAT IS THE ISLAMIC definition of oppression? Ask any Islamist this question and he will certainly provide answers such as: Kashmir, Palestine , Afghanistan , Iraq , Chechnya , Bosnia ….and so on. Think carefully, how true these statements are. In fact, if one takes the trouble to read the blood-soaked history of Islam, one could not help wondering why this label of oppression not be imposed on Islam itself? The unprovoked, savage invasions by the Bedouin Arabs, to subjugate, at the point of swords, the people of Iraq, Persia, Syria, Egypt, Asia Minor, Armenia, Cyprus, Sicily, Crete, Spain, Afriqiya (north Tunisia), India to their fascistic/Arab imperialism (peddled as Islam) demonstrate a naked truth—that it was Islam who had started this oppression.  

Therefore, the charge that the Islamic mayhem in the current world is due to what is happening (read oppression) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Chechnya are just sham pretensions by the Islamists, the ideological gurus of the Islamist terrorists and the suicide bombers. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Jordan, Turkey, France, …have none of their soldiers fighting in Iraq , yet these countries are not immune from the Islamist terrorists’ attack. Did you ever wonder why?—why, not being satisfied with the campaign of unremitting terror in the infidel territories, the Islamist terrorists even have to terrorize the innocent people of these Islamic Paradises? To find the answer to such a perplexing issue please read on.  

One fact stands out very clear from the hypocrisy of the Islamists. This fact is: Islam is grossly offended/oppressed by any un-Islamic moves of the infidels/not-so-good Muslims (like the Islamic Paradises, I listed above). This is simply because these Islamists audaciously believe that Islam is the only religion into which each and every person on this planet must be subjected to by hook or by crook—using terror, force and slaughter, if need be. They have the Qur’an solidly backing them up. This is the major theme of the Qur’an, which is so eloquently supported by the cleric, quoted above.  

Here are a few verses from the Holy Qur’an which are 100% in support of the above imam of a mosque in Victoria, Australia: [Readers, please CLICK the following link for the full texts of these verses]: http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/reference/reference.html]  

The only religion is the religion of Allah, Islam…16:52  

Muslims (Islam) are the best of righteous people...3:110  

Allah has perfected Islam and it is the only religion for mankind (last verse revealed, and so, the final word of Allah disclosed to Muhammad)...5:3


Islam is the perfect religion; it will dominate all other religions...9:33


Can't worship anything other than Allah; Islam is the only right religion (the purpose of an Islamic state)...12:40


There is only one God (Allah) and all should bow to Islam...21:108


Allah proclaims Islam (the religion of truth) over all other religions…48:28


Allah has sent Muhammad to proclaim the 'Religion of Truth’ (Islam) over all religions...61:9  

What happens to those people who, despite the call to convert to Islam, do not follow suit? In the language of the Qur’an, they are worse than animals, believe it or not. Here is how the Holy Qur’an grades the Kafirs (infidels).  

The worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are the deaf and dumb (unbelievers) who do not understand Islam...8:22  

How about using (read sword) on those who refuse to convert to Islam or deviate from Islam?  After all, the Islamists are foaming: ‘Islam means peace’, ‘there is no compulsion in religion’, ‘killing one person is killing the entire mankind’, and so on. Because of such deliberate misleading propaganda by the cunning, crafty and sly Islamists and their bogies of western apologists of Islam, one might find it hard to believe easily that there could be anything in the Qur’an but unbound ‘peace’, incessant ‘love’ and boundless ‘mercy’ for the infidels. Sadly, to the disappointment of these gullible unbelievers, the Qur’an, in many verses, categorically exhorts the true believers to use force preemptively to convert the unbelievers to Islam. Here is a sample verse:  

Allah sent down iron as a material for war and for other benefits; whoever deviates from Islam is to be brought back with iron (i.e. with force, meaning use iron (sword) to force people to Allah’s religion)...57:25  

And when all efforts to pursue the Kafirs to convert them to Islam have failed, or when the unbelievers resort to rejecting Islam openly, Islam stipulates that they be crucified or maimed. Read this terrible verse from Allah:  

Punishment for waging war against Allah (i.e. the unbelievers who reject Islam) and His messenger is execution (beheading) or crucifixion or cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides or exile from the land...5:33  

One might still insist that the above verse is applicable only in war situations, when Islam and its founder, Muhammad (or Muslims) are/were attacked in a physical fight. Perish this thought, if you want to learn about ‘real Islam’. The words, ‘waging war’, in the above verse has very little to do with real combat (like Iraq , Afghanistan ). Any action, activity, remark, gesture, word/s, sound, utterance, look, manner, habit, conduct, style and so on, which are not in conformity with pure Islamic percepts are considered as blasphemous or ‘waging war’. Thus, even the slightest criticism of Islam, Muhammad, Qur’an or Sharia, verbally or in writing, might be treated as gross violations of Islamic tenets. These acts are absolutely blasphemous, and are punishable by death (by beheading, the Islamic method of slaughter). The conclusive proof of this dreadful provision is the appalling blasphemy laws enacted by most of the Islamic Paradises. This is the meaning of freedom of thought in Islam—the freedom to mete out capital punishment to those who dare to mildly criticize Islam, in any manner whatsoever. If anyone still has any suspicion of what I just wrote, let him consult the blasphemy law of any Islamic states, which complies one-hundred-percent with the Qur’anic verse I quoted above.  

Below, I have listed a few innocuous activities, manners, social customs, traditions and the daily way of life, which the Kafirs blithely take for granted, but which are extremely un-Islamic. According to Islamic morals, customs and laws, these offensive activities/practices might be construed as oppressive to Islam and, therefore, they are legitimate targets for eradication, or they must be swiftly replaced by Islamic practices or Islamic purification. The very small number of Islamists currently occupying (the Islamists think that Allah has sent them to infidel lands to conquer it) the infidel lands (camouflaged as economic migrants or political asylum seekers or refugees) will fight tooth-and-nail, legally or politically, covertly or overtly to remove such un-Islamic practices from the infidel lands which they have occupied (migrated for Islamic occupation). They would, whenever possible, incessantly lobby the simple and fair-minded Kafir politicians to enact Islamic laws as a replacement for those infidel customs, traditions and values. In their language, this process of Islamisation by stealth is called ‘elimination of vices and promotion of virtues’—a secret method of inuring the infidels into Islamic imperialism.

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