Leaving Islam





"Eyad Qasem" <[email protected]>  


read important.


Fri, 08 Apr 2005 05:13:47 +0000


Hi ali u bastard, i just wanted to let u know that ure site probably hasnt changed 1 muslims mind about ISLAM, and even if a few alhamdoolilah in the UNITED States alone 30,000 converts a year, ahahah u pig, anyways ure showing pictures of some bad muslims... that doesnt conclude about the whole nation of islam now does it? u got priests that rape children... but that doesnt mean the whole entire relegion is wrong, why dont u get facts from the quran to state why islam is bad and not some phony pictures of a few men that are praying in front of a womans underwear store... yeah..... i dont think u realize what punishment allah has in store for u. Allah says he blinds the disbleievers, ure blinded man its obvious and your blindness is killing you, u have to lie about a relegion to make it look bad.... why dont you put Actual stuff about islam on their, u have a few ahadith.. and yea we should kill anyone who fuckin is against islam and is trying to ruin it, u for example u dont know but if someone is crazy enough and ever found u they would kill u so bad. u bastard..


From: "Rohail abdul khaliq" <[email protected]>  
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 22:54:02 +0000

your all comments on pictures are simply worng ..... that's all false in your site so please please close it 
u r about to destroy your self & sooon u realize it ...




"Ali Mohammed" <[email protected]>  


your site and the Pope


Mon, 04 Apr 2005 07:17:33 +0000

The pope is dead. One Christian scumbag down. Allahu Akbar! You will too soon join the Pope.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!


From: "Andy Dirgantara" <[email protected]
Subject: Sina u dickhead...
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 17:18:23 +0700

Look I don't wanna talkin' 2 much. My request is very simple: CUT THIS CRAP 
OFFLINE!! u r finished!!

Get lost asshole...Insha-Allah b4 Judgement Day we will march under Imam Mahdi leadership!!



Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 15:10:14 -0800 (PST)
From:  "Jack Mack" <[email protected]


I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smash your head????????
Dumb morons????
Me and u
in a debate
I CHALLENGE U and it'll b my rules....................
(oh yea 



This Muslim is posing as a Jew.  :)) Do we have a word for funny, stupid and pathetic in English?  If not I just call him "Muslim". That word is quite comprehensive. Here he is trying to play the Islamic game of "deception". He is not good at it yet. He needs more practice. But it's the effort that counts. I suppose he will be admitted to the paradise of Muslims for trying.  :)

From: "hate arabs" <[email protected]>  
Subject: Love u sina!
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 20:23:25 +0000

I swear u motherfucking cock licking son of a bitch ur a fagit!

How dare u insult the scriptures of YWH??

U bite the hand  that fed u filthy arabs!

U motherfucking coward hiding in a rathole with that muzzie Sadaam Hussein

Ur an Arab 

Plain and simple

and all u motherfucker should b dead whether ur muslim or not Sons of a fagit ur all the same creed

Especially u sina

ur still a filthy muslim in ur heart u son of a bitch

i fucked ur stink ass bitch mom that fuckin slut

I hope ur kids die in agony and rot in the depths of hell

U son of a whore lyin to ur own family?

Just like a muslim

ur fuckin uncle is a Mullah! u son of a bitch gutless coward

Hiding behind a pc son of a fuck

im a real man and a proud jew and i swear i we will hunt ur ass down u fagit after we gain control of the WEST and expell all u stinkin arabs and vermin out


America for the white man

real conservative

U son of a bitch ill give my real name

Binyamin Lashinsky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Binyamin Lashinsky
Binyamin LashinskyBinyamin Lashinsky
I swear ill chop ur wife's tits off and feed her to hounds motherfucker

What will u and ur the fucking cowards on ur site do??

Motherfucking gutless cowards

If u think the muzzies are bad we put them to same








Ur all cowards

u cant touch us

muslims are dumbasses

but jews are smart

and we invented computers

dont fuck with us

u fear us

u fucks






I dare anyone of u bastards to post about Judaism

Just 1 word

I swear



What we would do if we did not have Muslims for entertainment? :))


Date: 29 Mar 2005 11:51:02 -0000
From: "Muhammad Mansur" <[email protected]>  
Subject: your web-site was terrific

hi mr."fuel for hell-fire"

i see u and ur shaitaan team r eagerly waiting for an exclusive place in one seven grades of Jahannum...wow ..u'll definitely make it to the top...All the best...continue ur work!!

u know.. some of the delights there in jahannum which may be fed 2 u and ur pals cud b zaqqhum(bitter-thorns) , ghassaq(ur pus,others filth-faeces,ur-menstrual-blood), boiling water...Wow !!!

oh boy! what a sight it'll be...u guys'll be screaming with pain when ur skins are roasted over n over n over ....wow...imagine u may be in BLAZING FIRE forever...CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

u know..ive read in "The spectacle of Death" that after eternity, FINALLY one fellow will crawl out of Hell..he'll be so burnt ..pitch black in color...WOW!!! u cud be that one....GO FOR IT 'suwar'!!

anyway .... im sure..like other mails.. mine won't make even a minute difference in ur shit-lives(u'll say "you are right"!).....but u guys cud start practicing to eat and drink the-above-mentioned-delights right-away!!! but dumbos don't foolishly incinerate urselves...u'll get more wholesome fire in Jahannum !!! so be patient !!

bye to u ..mr.gonorrhea-brains and ur pus-brained pals !!


PS...dont reply...i wont read it anyway..u "SHAITAAN KA CHCHELA"!!

"Ali Sina + Salman Rushdie" = 1,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,000 lts. of Hell Fire petrol.....CONGRATS AGAIN!! YAHOOOOOOO!!!!


Another message, from another brain damaged zombie, scared to hell by a psychopath. The mind of the Muslim is truly a pathetic mind. The fear of hell is the recurring theme in all their messages. The psychopath Muhammad has paralyzed their thinking ability. Fear overruns all their thoughts and nips in the bud any doubt and rational thought that may come to their minds. I see little hope. When the brain stops working, what else is left? 

It is truly pathetic that a billion "people" worship a deity so monstrous. Even the most brilliant of them is genuinely incapable of seeing the absurdity of God punishing humans in such a barbarous way for eternity. No human psychopath could be as sick as Allah of Muhammad. 

I put "people" in quotation marks because that is something arguable. I don't think anyone deserving of that name can be this stupid. They are not people. They are Muslims.   


Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 14:10:23 +0000 (GMT)
From:  "josh adams" <[email protected]
you say that you want prove that islam is true. well whatever religion you follow, why dont you prove that it is true. give me evidence or something. or and by the way 90% of your website has been copied and pasted from other websites, so can you come up with your own bull shit.



From: "Bee Joya" <[email protected]>  
Subject: you're just JEALOUS!!
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 17:53:43 +1100

Dear, who ever you think you are 

no one needs your false views on Islam..for it is more truth than you could ever take!!..i am a muslim woman and i see through your facade...your 
jealousy of the truth is blinding you from faith and morality....i can sit here an type about how wrong you are but i'm not gona waste my time..like 
you have wasted yours spreading your blasphemies. ..why don't you speak of Christanity and all the BULLSHIT it speaks about... Jesus died for our 
sins!!..what on earth is that about..no one is accountable for YOUR sin...also those statues of Mary crying blood, what is that about. why don't 
you write an article about your peadofile priests....is that what you call proof and truth...

Allah (SWA) says that people like you -see the  truth, but are blinded by it, you hear the truth, but are deaf to it...i have found that example in 
you and ALLHUMDULILLAH i believe in ALLAH (SWA) even more than ever.. thank you for spreading faith..and ALLAH (SWA) will give you what you deserve in the afterlife and i will watch and smile, while you burn in hell....Thank 

The pedophile priests go to jail. But you seem to forget that Muhammad was a pedophile. If pedophilia is bad, why you follow a pedophile?  


Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 01:33:06 -0800 (PST)
From:  "vcgh ghhj" <[email protected]>  
Subject: Hypocrite
Hey peice of shit....(have the balls, post this letter on your website)
I haven't come across someone so scary as you. I know lot of people personally who sent you so many letter to post on your website. All you coward did was hide all the letters which challenged and ridiculed you and post only the non-important, unreasonable, abusive letters so that you could use it as weapon against Muslims in your stinking website.
It is certain that you put in lot of efforts for your dirty work and for that you need plenty of time and resources. A abnormal fool like you surely can never find a decent job or means to livelihood. Hence, you planned this. Why not join the bandwagon of anti-Islamism as an ex-Muslim and reap from the fools around.
Your shameless begging in your website http://www.faithfreedom.org/help.htm for funds, donations proves that a fucking bastard like you has a well secured and luxurious means of livelihood.
My advise to good-for-nothing vagabonds like you around, "plan the way this swine has planned, go and get hold of a major religion which you don't practise, built a website (cowardly) and start abusing right left with notions illogical and out of context. You don't have to worry about anything but just utter lies, sheer lies and propogate falsehood effectively. And, I promise, you will have lot of hits and visitors to your website". The more stupid you are the better chances of gaining, the more vulgar the more visitors, the more lies (out of the blue) the more chances of making quick dividends. But wait! don't forget to beg for funds like this clown does in the name of humanity and peace" .
Further, "tell that you are a chicken fearing for your life and there are Muslims out there to get you and that's the reason you are hiding like a rat"  And thereafter live happily with whatever donation that comes your way"
Don't chicken,
Post this on your website you mother fucker...


Yep! This one was the important, reasonable and non abusive letter we were waiting for. Finally we got it.



Dear Ali,

You sound like an angry man.

Don't you have anything else to do in your life besides "recruiting" non-muslims or ex-muslims to go prove something that is obvious?

Look around you. Look at what is happening around the world. The "world" is not just the country you live in. Look at the map of the world and you will realise that it is larger than the "world" you live in and there are so many wonderful things happening. Do not just focus on the bad things cos if more people do that, there won't be any more wonderful things happening.

You sound so negative! You sound just like the prophet and his God you so hate.

Get out there and "smell the roses"! Use your US 50,000 and travel around the world and widen your horizons. Help the ones who really needs help! Like the homeless and parentless children of the tsunami. It may perhaps help you in realising the truth about whatever that you are trying to prove.

Life is short, why make it shorter?

Peace, mate!




If there were people like me warning the world of the dangers of Nazism, seventy years ago, fools like you would not have given Hitler the chance to become what he became and kill or cause the death of sixty million people!  

What is your contribution to the world except keeping your head in the sand and pretend everything is fine? What would you do if you or one of your loved ones (if you have any) becomes the next victim of Islamic Terrorism? Thousands of people are being killed by the Islamic goons and clowns like you have still stars in their eyes and canít see where all this is coming from or heading to.  

Now go and enjoy the world and thank heavens that people like me exist who strive to preserver it so you can enjoy it.  

This comment really belongs to Muslimsí Comments but I give the benefit of the doubt that you are a misguided liberal PeeCeeist. It is often difficult to see any difference between the leftist Liberals and the Muslims. The question is what eats you? Why are you so concerned about an Internet site that you can simply ignore? 



From: "pee wee" <[email protected]>  
Subject: Re: hello
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 11:28:19 +0000

you are really an angry man! and you want others to be angry like you. well it has worked from all the comments which you got from those so-called anti-muslims! good on ya, mate!
but are you and those so-called anti-muslim friends of yours really making a difference? doubt it!
all i can say is that you are becoming a Nazi yourself! you know, your words speak louder than actions. all you guys do is talk, talk, talk. well, it's nothing but bullshit talks and what have you done for the world? make it better? puh! what a laugh! just a bigger bunch of you - angry people!
empty vessels make the most noise. warning sirens are just loud sounds and what do sirens do? nothing! just like you!
as for me, i am enjoying life. life is not about fighting. this fight of yours will never end.
all i can say is, good luck, mate!


At first I gave the benefit of doubt that this man is a misguided leftist PeeCeeist. Now I am pretty sure we are dealing with another Muslim pretending to be neutral. So I moved the comment of this individual to Muslims' Comments. Why would anyone be so disturbed by an Internet site if he is not biased. This is a free world and anyone can say whatever he wishes. 


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Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 21:51:11 -0800 (PST)
From:  "AHMED ALI" <[email protected]
Ali, or shall i say u mad bastard?
1st of all Ali is a muslim name so y use this name. If i met u somewhere out on the street i would love to cut your throat, u dirty bastard. I pray that u rot in hell and u will rot in hell. dont ever call my prophet a peodophile. u scum. when u read this mail of mine i hope have a heart attack and u go cabbage. u dirty son of a bitch.



From: "Sheran Mahmood" <[email protected]>  
Subject: curse on u pig!
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 19:03:03 +0000
X-Originating-IP: []
you son of a bitch!
                          u will be burnt in hell forever. u committed blasphemy.
curse on your birth. If I see u I will cut u in million pieces, u bastard, bullshit.
May God destroy u soon at my hands.



Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 10:55:45 -0800 (PST)
From:  "sabina ghumra" <[email protected]>  
Subject: Re: your wrong!!!

allah is the greatest
islam is the true religion
muhammed (saw) is the messenger of allah
DO NOT reply back
i dont want to hear your nonsense talk



Mon, 28 Feb 2005 14:04:02 +0000


"U Kandemir" <[email protected]


I am Very Impressed Sir

Dear Sir,  

Your website is really interestŪng. I am sure that you will never be proved wrong as all your arguments make perfect sense, to those who have made up their mind.  

Why do you challenge people if you are a humanist? Do you obtain satisfaction from proving wrong? Have you dedicated your work in this direction? Will you still do this when you are 50, 60, 70 years old? And eventually when you die, will you challenge even more then, thereafter?  

Here is my challenge, and I challenge you to publish my challenge to the world.  

Let us all wait, for surely I wait just as you do. Then when that time comes, I challenge you, to challenge me or any other around you. I challenge you to speak. I challenge you to even lift your head, against any fear that your life's work had been a challenge against the truth. I challenge you to stand before all and confirm that you are victorious in your challenge.  

And finally sir, I challenge you to contemplate for only 5 minutes, that you may be wrong.  For if you believe in challenges, then surely you believe in the power of reason. And to believe in the power of reason, one must contemplate the view, of those who challenge his own reason.  I therefore challenge your reason and respectfully ask you to consider my challenge, that you are wrong in your own challenge. This challenge you will not decline, I hope.  

However, I know already the outcome of my challenge. Unfortunately, you do too.    

Best Regards



Dear Muslim,  

What is it that you are talking about? Do you make any sense to yourself? You surely make none to me.  

If Islam is true one person out of 1.2 billion Muslims should be able to prove it. If it is not why in the world you want to follow a false cult? It is not the fallacy of Islam that bothers me; it is the stupidity of Muslims and their desire to kill other humans that bothers me.  

What kind of challenge is this that you are issuing? ďLet us wait and when we die we see who is rightĒ? Is that the best you can come up with? Why your Allah did not give you people one single logical proof so we know for certainly that Muhammad was not a psychopath? Why instead of threats Muhammad did not answer the logical questions that were posed to him by the freethinkers of Mecca ?  

What truth are you talking about? Where is that truth? Where is your reason? You think just by threatening me that if I donít believe in a man who lived a life of a pervert I will believe? Donít give me foolish threats. Show me the truth of Islam. You are 1.2 billion Muslims. Why canít you come up with one single logical proof? Why all you can do is threatening me with hell or with assassination? How much stupidity is enough? What Muhammad did to your brains? It looks that he has surgically has removed your brains and replaced it with manure. Why you people are so miserable and fools?    

You challenge me to contemplate for 5 minutes. I have done more than that and that is why I left Islam. It is now your turn. The brain must be there somewhere, try to find some undamaged cells and use them. Try to force yourself to provide one logical proof that Muhammad was a prophet of God. One will do! Put aside the fear mongering and the foolish talk about hell. That is for the stupid people and the naÔf. Try to come up with one logical argument that Muhammad was not a liar that does not involve the treat of hell. Any psychopath can use the treat of hell. ďYou believe in my lies or you go to hellĒ. What else is new?  

Now you ask if I am a humanist why I donít leave you idiots alone to practice your damn cult. Isnít the answer obvious? Your criminal prophet told you to kill innocent people who do not believe in his lies. Not a day passes that some benighted follower of this cult is not bombing, beheading and killing some innocent person somewhere in the world. We must stop you. You are dangerous. You have lost your humanity. You are zombies and criminals. We must stop you at all costs.  

I am trying to reach out and stop those of you who are still capable of thinking from falling into the precipice that you are heading to. You are taking the whole world into disaster. This insanity must stop.



[email protected]  


Sun, 27 Feb 2005 23:29:51 EST


Save yourself

Hey buddy,


Man do i feel bad for you. You are so lost.  What is the point of what you are doing right now, but condemning innocent people to hell.  Do you think you are making the world a better place by attempting to make islam look bad.  Let me tell you, you're making yourself look bad, in front of god and your fellow men.  I am not writing to condemn you to hell or to wish you wrong, I am simply praying for you, hoping that somehow you will see the light.  Satan has got a hold of you and you can't shake free.  Be careful how you use Allah's and the prophet's name, do not offend anyone.  Think about what you are doing, ruining millions of people's trust and faith.  You were never a true believer and that is why you do the things you do.  Whatever you do, know that Allah is watching you.  He is there right now.  May the all powerful  Allah have mercy on your soul.  I beg you to stop this website.  I cry as I read this.  We are way too close to the end of the world for you to ruin people's faith.  And besides of you're going to try and "save" any one from the " horrors of islam" save yourself, let any other doubter find out for themselves (if they can).  I am proud to be a muslim.  I have been raised as a respectful woman who knows how to respect herself and everyone around them.  I currently live in America, and now more than ever I am proud to worship Allah, the one, the only God.  I do no pray to anyone but Allah.  Anything that we have was given to us by Allah.  And you know, He could have created you blind or deaf or made it so that you could not get an education. If He had done that, you would not be writing such horrible things about Islam.  But He is merciful, and He knows why he created  you.  You must have heard this a million times before, but I am so proud to be a Muslim after reading this site.  I feel as if Allah has opened my eyes to what Satan may do to a person.  Ali, if you don't have faith, you have nothing.  You will end up old and alone in life, and wonder why.  When your body leaves the earth, you will not be supported and backed up by all these people who approve of your theories.  You will face Allah alone, and he will ask you why you did the things you did.  What will you say, that  you wanted to save others?  think about it for a second.  Allah sees all.  Please stop this crusade, stop condemning others.  This is wrong and you know it, you know it when you sleep at night and you have the gift of waking up in the morning.  At least save yourself. Please Stop.


Has it ever occurred to you that if Allah was the real God why Muslims are unable to answer my simple questions and defeat me in a debate?  

Look at yourself. You are obviously an educated woman. But your letter to me is anything but intelligent. All you have to say is that I should fear your bugaboo Allah and repent. But can you prove that this Allah is God? Hell no! None of you can. All you can do is use fear of hell to intimidate stupid people. What if Allah is Satan?    

Donít be proud of your stupidity. Be ashamed of it. You must be ashamed of following the stupidest cult of this world. Is there an end to your idiocy?  

Why if Allah is God you idiots canít prove it? What kind of god is this Allah whose prophet was a pedophile, an assassin, a rapist, a mass murderer, a looter and a liar? How much stupidity is enough?  

Come to your senses for the same of heaven. You are the followers of Satan.  

A true God does not want us to believe in stupidities. A true God does not threaten to burn people in hell if they use their brain and ask questions. A true God has answers to all the questions. A true God will not burn people for eternity for not believing in something that makes absolutely no sense. Allah is not the true God. Allah is Satan. This is so obvious.  How can a true God be defeated by a mortal like me? This shows Allah is not the true God. He is devil and Muhammad was a conman. End this stupidity. Use your damn brain if you have any. There is no paradise and no celestial whores for stupid people. You are bringing hell to this world because you are the followers of Satan.  

Instead of threatening me with your stupid hell, why you don't read my articles and try to refute them intelligently? You are 1.2 billion Muslims and not one of you can refute me. How can Islam be true? All you can do is issue threats! It is either the threat of killing me or the threat of your Satanic god burning me in hell. Isn't that foolish? Any idiot can sue threat to make his point. in fact threat is the favorite tool of domination of psychopaths. If a message is from God, it must be logical. Where is the logic of Islam? I am offering $50,000 dollars to anyone who can prove Islam is from God or at least disprove my charges against Muhammad. Can you do that? Do you know of anyone who can do that? 

Don't write to me, unless you read a dozen of my articles and can come up with a logical argument to disprove my accusations. I have no time to read stupid letters from stupid people who don't know anything about logics and all they can do is issue threats.  

There is no glory in being stupid. You must be ashamed instead. 



[email protected]  


Sat, 26 Feb 2005 09:30:17 EST


from (EHLO imo-d05.mx.aol.com) ( by mta129.mail.scd.yahoo.com with SMTP; Sat, 26 Feb 2005 06:30:21 -0800




Your friends have given you up!    See ya soon Sina




Wed, 16 Feb 2005 06:43:25 -0800 (PST)


 "ali khosravi" <[email protected]>  


sorry for U








Thu, 24 Feb 2005 11:34:15 -0000


"P24918" <[email protected]>  

Wagwaan pussy 

U little son of bitch you think your bad , come face to face n us mulims will how you what the message of allah is, ring me on this number so I can talk 2 you , if ur man enough



"* * * Rizi * * *" <[email protected]>  




Wed, 23 Feb 2005 03:34:05 +0500

hi there,


i know you are bloody jew because only jews are scared from the growth of islam ;) , i have wasted my time to find out any thing ture in your articals but faild, you just choose small pices of holy quran to give negative impact so you can prove your self ture


if you think that you are on right track, than place my email on the page so every visitior can read it.


i just want to say that you are not able to face a muslim scholar like dr. zakir naik and others, i can prove that


just recommend the religion that you think is right put complete information about that religion on your site and also add the refrences of pure islamic website (not faked site hosted by bloddy jewes LIKE YOU). so, visitors can understand what is islam and why you are against it, i think only one http://www.irf.net/irf/drzakirnaik/index.htm is sufficient  fort it , recommend visitors to read dr. zakir naik's books. so they can evalutate your claim.


i bet if you really reffered this email on your web site most of the non-muslims who visit your website will accept islam, and your website will be very help-full in the growth of islam. let the visitors to read both openions and judge by themselves not by you


if any visitor is reading this email, then note that he hasnít mentioned the email addresses of non-muslims who gave comments on his favour, its so simple because he is afraid that if he give their email addresses muslims will send them refrences about islam, as the will study the islam they will change their openion,  and i can bet any-one who have knowledge about islam will be lauging at him


First of all it would be easier for the readers that you want to impress if you don't write everything in capital. 

Secondly It is not me who is afraid of Dr. Naik, It is the other way round and here is the proof. 

Thirdly the reason I can't reveal the identity of those who write to support this site is because Muslims are in the habit of assassinating their critics. 

Fourthly you are welcome to post in the forum of this site and guide everyone to the "right path" 

Fifthly you order me to publish your email. Tell me why you Muslims ban opposing ideas on your websites and demand the "right" to be heard in non-Muslim sites? Doesn't this prove that you are weak when it comes to defend your cult and bully when it comes to promote it? But I publish your email, although you think by doing this you are making me a dhimmi, I like these Muslims' Comments because they prove my point that intelligent people do not embrace Islam.  This whole section is testimony that Islam damages the brain of its followers. 




"Riaz, Shabnam" <[email protected]>  


Religion - Islam and Prophet Mohammed


Mon, 21 Feb 2005 17:13:32 -0000

After reading your views on islam and prophet Mohammed I would like to stress;  

Firstly you have opted to remove the site on disapproving the accusations made against Prophet Mohammed. This is clearly an indication of your lack of faith in your current belief, should you fully beleive in yourself and what you are doing you would not have even stated the option of removing the site on being proven wrong.  

Islam and the holy Quran is about a thing called faith and it is up to an individual on whether to follow this or not, which is why we were given a thing called free will by Allah Almightly.  

By the supplication of free will you have obviously chosen not to follow islam and will have to account for this after your death just like the rest of us have to account for what we choose to do in this life.   

The fact that you have made accusations against Islam and the Prophet does not show that you are any better as you have vindicated against another religion.  

You talk about life and how you follow the evolutionary belief but even I know people who do not beleive in God yet respect others beliefs.  

However I know it is not my position to judge and I am ashamed to admit that in my previous years even I did not follow Islam like I should have, however upon an major event happening in my life I can assure you that the Quran is miraculous and Allah is Almighty. However I do not feel I have to give you any evidence for this as you can choose to beleive what I have stated or not. But if you want to go and look into Quran its also clearly stated that Allah will not be questioned for what he does as it is us who are to be questioned. Therefore by answering your questions I will be deafiting the whole purpose.  

What you think about of what I have written is entirely up to you, but I have not written this for any reward or money but just out of my love for ALLAH.  

Thank you  


Firstly my offer is to remove the site if any person can disprove it. I know Muslims disapprove of it and I shall not remove it because of that.  

Secondly the reason I made this challenge is to demonstrate that no one can disprove my charges against Muhammad. I have even offered to give $50.000 dollars to anyone who refutes me. How you conclude this is proof of my doubt about my stance is obviously an Islamic logic that the rest of us canít fathom. Now remember that Muhammad made a challenge saying ďproduce a Surah like thisĒ, but he was insincere because he immediately added that  

2:24 But if ye cannot- and of a surety ye cannot- then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones,- which is prepared for those who reject Faith.  

Furthermore Muslims kill anyone who contradicts the Quran. So actually Muslims are in doubt and insecure not me. Muhammadís challenge has been met but my challenge has not.  

Another proof of the insecurity of Muhammad is the very fact that he said Allah should not be questioned. Why? It is because Allah is a lie. Under question Muhammadís lies would become manifest. A true God would welcome questions because he has all the answers. Only a false prophet says donít question me. He fears to be exposed as a miserable liar. He then tries to make people submit to him through fear. When it comes to logics Islam falls apart. Islam is only believed by people with low intelligence, who give in to fear and do not dare to question. 


Shabnam wrote again:

thank you for your response 

you say I conclude proof of your 'doubt' but yet you call Prophet Mohammed 'insecure' so we've both concluded haven't we? ie me concluding your doubt and you stating Mohammed as insecure.  

you say Mohammed's challenge has been met but your's has not but I wonder if the fact he is was the PROPHET has anything do with it don't you?  

Dear Shabnam,  

Only a person who fears questioning is insecure. If you are innocent you donít mind polygraph but a person who is guilty usually does not want to be polygraphed. Muhammad did not like people questioning him. Why? He said you must not question God. But this is stupid. If he really was from God, he would have welcomed all the Questions and would have had answers for all of them. This is clear that he was a liar who did not want to be exposed so he threatened those who questioned him with hellfire and often killed them. Muhammadís actions were satanic.  

You say ALLAH is lie but yet you forget that most of the informtion you have gathered about the Prophet Mohammed has been from the Quran so is that a lie also cus you've obviously used it to?  

Quran is a book of lies. I quote it not as a book of authority but to show it is a lie.  

If ALLAH was a lie he would not have even bothered to reveal his words through the Quran and you seem to have chosen what suits your accusations against the Prophet but have you forgotten all the other things written in the Quran about all the good things us Muslims should do like feeding the poor and needy, helping orphan's, etc so how about addressing other things in the Quran hey?

Lastly the fear us Muslims have is down to faith rather than insecurity 

Thank you  

Allah did not send the Quran. Muhammad concocted this lie to fool the gullible. Of course no one would have followed him if he said these are my words. He used Allah as a tool of domination. You should not judge the truth of a prophet by the good words that he says. Of course any charlatan will say something good so people become fooled and believe in him. You should judge them by their deeds. A prophet of God must not massacre innocent people. He must not assassinate his critics, must not rape women, must not sleep with a 9 year old child, must not be a thief. Muhammad was all of that and worse. Any criminal can say good things. See if their deeds match their words. ďYe shall know them by their fruitsĒ    

Please donít respond until you read the articles in this site. Facts become known to you once you read them.




Fri, 18 Feb 2005 13:47:30 +0100


"Abdullah Hadi" <[email protected]>  


[email protected]



riiiiiight, who are you trying to fool now? "terrorism" lol you're a laughing stockpile for the ones who studied the quran a bit, for cleary you have not. You just searched the internet and copied soem idiot's translation of the quran right? To be honest, I pity you.



Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:42:29 -0800 (PST)


 "putrina romeo" <[email protected]>  


faithfreedom3[email protected]


YOU are apparanlty unintelligant and ignorant. YOU have NO idea of what you are talking about and ALLAH is watching everything you do and write. You should know that you are accountable for all you bad actions and deeds. The Quran was written in prefection and there is no way any human can write something that beautiful. What religon are you? You apparantly have no dignity, values or brains.





Thu, 17 Feb 2005 10:50:22 +1100


"Hania Badran" <[email protected]


[email protected]

I think you are pathetic, a loser that has nothing better to do with his time but slander. Your research efforts are better utilised for solutions to poverty and disease and hunger and war. If you really were a good and honest human being, that's where your efforts will be directed. You are not fit to carry the name "Ali", and I'm surprised you still do considering it is a Muslim name. Your views are biased and contorted, and that is obvious to any being with an ounce of intelligence and knowledge. You are entitled to your opinion, and I to mine: you disgust me.

Islam is the main cause of wars, poverty and misery. The cause must be removed. What I am doing is awakening the Muslims. It has far more effective than finding the cure for a disease or feeding millions of people. You can be disgusted as much as you please, but eventually you will have to face to truth and realize this insanity called Islam is the main reason of the backwardness and barbarity of a billion people and not it is threatening the peace of the world.   


"Nussayab Suleman" <[email protected]>  


hello billy no mate!!


Mon, 14 Feb 2005 14:22:03 +0000

hey mr sina


  how u keepin up wid ur stupid record as bein d worlds greatest sinner, huh, do u hav no shame?? nt only r my muslim brothers and sisters responding 2 ur stupid comments on our most possesed relegion but so are christians, if i wre u id keep ma head down and carry on wid ma "no mate lyf" instead of foolin about wid d mst popular and d mst fragile and d mst stongest ever relegion on earth, and how dare u even think about insultin Allahs last prophet lyk that!! huh u dog, go bck 2 wre u came from, u unsivilised prat, go fuck up sum other relegion, wud u lyk it if sum bastard came and took d mickey out of ur relegion, wud u? or do u hav no particular relegion u follow? ofcourse u dnt init, well i aint gona waste ma time on sum dick who cnt respect Allah and his prophets!!!laterz u mother fucker, Ali Sina u big fat SINNER!!!!




"Alaina Suleman" <[email protected]>  


It's all in your name!!


Mon, 14 Feb 2005 13:01:30 +0000

Nilufer Alaina Suleman


Don't try to drive people away from the path of righteousness! It's us individuals who will be answering for our deeds, not you! May Almighty Allah Ta'lah forgive you and save you from the fire of hell... by the way, talking of sins i forgot to mention that, your name says alot about you...Ali Sina...SINA...SINNER! get it? And yes... the moon does have your name printed on it and it definately says SINA (SINNER) on the other side! It's actually warning mankind from the BIGGEST SINNER- YOU!!! I as a muslim do not believe in revenge, but i strongly believe in punishment because i know Allah is the most forgiving most merciful but also strict and severe with punishing the wrong doers! Your comments have not made me change my beliefs and never will... those who have taken your advice and have fallen out of Islam are Hypocrites...first chance they get to prove anything, they will become part of it. May Allah have mercy on you! You are insulting our faith...have you not considered changing your name? why have you still got a muslim name? Actually i'll give you a name myself...how about: the ANNONYMOUS FOCKER!!! suits you doesnt it? The perfect name for an imperfect person....don't forget to invite me to your christening ceremony! Laterz FOCKER!! 


Nilufer Suleman - UK



Sat, 12 Feb 2005 23:01:28 +0000 (GMT)


 "adilah rafic" <[email protected]>  


please read!!!


To ali sina...what the hell do u think ur playing at??..and who the hell do u think u r?im not going 2 swear at u ..the reason being that it is the holy month of muharram..anyways it is people like u that badnaam the islamic religion!! evrything which u said about those pics is s**...and i suggest that in future u keep ur opinions 2 urself!! May Allah Allah Taala giv u a big sazaa that u realise what a sin u have committed and then beg Allah Taala 4 forgiveness!! hope u got the message!!im surprised that ur name is Ali(our prophets name) it should be shaytan!!all my brothers/sisters please do not listen 2 wot this FOOL has 2 say!




"Tyler Johnson" <[email protected]


[email protected], [email protected]


Sat, 12 Feb 2005 14:44:14 +1100


Pitiful, Pro-Israeli Simpletons!


Dear Mr. Pipes and their anti-Muslim demagouges,

Truly I pity you. For some reason or another I tripped over your articles and I would be laughing if they were not venmous and filled with hate and contempt. It is in this manner that you bastards are waking me as well as thousands of Muslim Americans up. I see that with the Nazis there are new fascists that would hate us because of who we are. It's not Jews anymore or Gypsies that are the 'other,' but Muslims. I will see to it that pro-Nazi, Zionist, White supremacist, in short, right wing fascits like you pay. 

As you churn your Hate filled Muslim articles, I will support and increase donation to more Muslim groups. 

Just try and stop me!

This is NewsfromTuvalu.



"Faisal Siddiqui" <[email protected]


Fri, 11 Feb 2005 16:29:18 +0000


Now what exactly is that you are challenging? You want to have a brawl? My my you surely are an ignorant American! The only way you can solve things is violence? My friend you need Salvation and the only salvation for you is to convert to Islam and all will be well.

Allah Hafiz

[4.106] 'And ask forgiveness of Allah; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.



"Imran Daud" <[email protected]>  


Bull shit


Mon, 7 Feb 2005 20:26:17 +0500

u bull shit sort of person what kind of proves do u have to claim such rubbish and dirt of ur mind which u have mentioned at ur site. post them too so that every muslim could break ur mouth with their answers.



Mon, 7 Feb 2005 03:01:51 -0800 (PST)


 "anser khan" <[email protected]>  


shut your mouth !

i can only advice (as i have no time for long e-mails) you to simply shut your mouth up and don't misguide the humanity.


understood !



Sun, 6 Feb 2005 11:23:36 -0800 (PST)


 "Joe Baninski" <[email protected]

You are one sick individual.........do you not relize that the middle east is a 3rd world region.....do you not study history and relize that America stoned women, hung women for thinking they were witches, forced them to were bonets and cover their babies heads out of shame and if they didnt they would be burned, stoned to death, or hung. In england in the 18th and 19th centuries children were shot or hung for stealing a loaf of bread or had their index fingers cut off. Every nation develops in the same way, and as much as everyone is entitled to their own opinion all you are doing is fuling predjudice and racism. ....exactly what they are doing about Christianity . You are better then the people you describe in your website.


The ignorance of Muslims is truly amazing. They are taught not the facts but sheer lies. 


Tue, 1 Feb 2005 15:02:23 -0800 (PST)


"mohd karimjee" <[email protected]>  


[email protected]

Ali Sina, I have read your articles and all i can feel is pity for you, pity because you have failed to understand God and his religion.  You claim to know everything, yet you forget that you were created from a single drop of semen,yet you want to debate with your creator??

Not only that you are misleading people. You are leading them to sin and damnation. But try as you may, you will never never destroy islam, because it is GODS religion and the Quran is GODS words to mankind. You may abuse Islam and the prophet of islam but know one thing, there will be a day when all of us will have to stand before GOD and answer to all our deeds, bit one thing i know i would never ever want to be in you or your followers shoes on that day.

May GOD show you the reight way and take you out from satans whispers.GOD help you



Here is the typical Muslim reasoning. There is no logic in it at all. The fact that people are created by a drop of semen does not prove that Muhammad was telling the truth about his claim. Muslims are so much filled with these illogical fallacies that they canít see the absurdity of them. This argument is called ďnon sequiturĒ and it is a logical fallacy. A non sequitur is an argument where the conclusion is drawn from premises which aren't logically connected with it.

This person then engages in another logical fallacy and that is argumentum ad baculum or the threat of force. This argument says if you donít believe in what I say you will be punished either in this world by me or in the next world by God. Argumentum ad abculum is another logical fallacy. This is no proof of the claim of Muhammad.

Another logical fallacy presented in this argument is the famous red herring. This fallacy is committed when someone introduces irrelevant material to the issue being discussed, so that everyone's attention is diverted away from the points made, towards a different conclusion. The point of this site is not to disprove the existence of God. The point is to show Muhammad was an impostor. trying to prove the existance of God instead of the claim of Muhammad is a red herring. Billions of people believe in God but they do not believe in Muhammad. 

These letters and the arguments that Muslims present prove only one thing and that is the intellectual bankruptcy of Muslims. To see the absurdity of these claims, let me make a similar logical fallacy.

Hobal is the God that created you. How can you deny it? Donít you see that your life depends on the oxygen that you breathe? How you dare to question Hobal and all the favors that he has done for you. You are an ungrateful slave of Hobal. You lead people to sin and you will be punished. I am happy I am not a misguided person like you. You will be filled with terror the moment you die. I only pity you and pray that Hobal may guide you to the right pat. If this is an illogical argument, so is the one presented by Muslims to prove the claim of Muhammad.



"Assamh" <[email protected]


Mon, 31 Jan 2005 19:12:37 +0100

I think u are sick mr. Ali, if it is your real name it will be better to change it, you will propably feel better, your hate on islam and muslims has no limit ....good luck......it is good for you

After reading the most of your article i can certify that you have never been Moslem...and as you really know.....what we think and what we say so i think and i say that you are a jewish...it is very simple...ask me how do i know that and i will tell you.....




"Raja Muizzudin Shah" <[email protected]>  


Thu, 20 Jan 2005 22:27:21 +0800


i hope you find your inner soul cuz the devil is in you...islam was and is the true religion...so with my polite manners...FUCK OFF DUMBASS BITCH



[email protected]  


Thu, 20 Jan 2005 16:11:21 EST


I'm a Muslim....Thank You


I'm a Muslim Living in New York, After reading the information on your web site. I got more into Islam....Islam and Christianity is Great, but Jew pretending to be ex-Muslim like is not...

PS. Your stupid Web Site is not convince anyone. You want change anyone's religion that easily..


From: "Ashley Mohamed" <[email protected]>  
Subject: u're a bloddy f**ked up person, u souless mother f**ker
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 21:47:37 +1300

1. u're crazy
2.u have no damn bloddy life
3.we muslims have  nothing 2 proof
cosw da proof is right in front of u

4. u're  crazy.
5.u don't want 2 admit it. 
i  bet u have no one  ur life
and  i betcha u won' have no one in the next 1000 years
this life and  after life.

6. i hope GOD  squeeeeezes the life out of u.
slow and painful (amin)don't know where u get the idea of been the 'what ever u call ur self'
7.i hope  4 this
the day u die
chock as painful  as god can.

8. breaks every bloddy bone u  have
9. i'll  say this again  
u have no bloody life..... none, zero,  nothing..........empty

u're living a souless life 
10. AND FUCK U  mother fuker.


u wanna play god
meet him first
by getting ur ugly face out of dis beautiful world

p.s; fuk u




Sat, 15 Jan 2005 13:48:21 -0800 (PST)


 "John Doe" <[email protected]>  


Muslim Delighted with your Website


I have read your site. Very interesting. I must congratulate you on your skills. Many a Muslim have fallen for this website with anger and at times with stupid words. The solution is simple; ignore your 'challenges'. Very simply Islam is a worldwide religion that will exist whether or not you support it. It will not go away, of course. However, if you were intelligent about the page you may consider attacking other religions as well as they too involve seeing angels, caused violence etc. You are too bias and I'm afraid your page is not making an impact on the world. In any case, I found your site delightful and of course sad. I pity you.



Abduallah Muhammad



Fri, 14 Jan 2005 12:50:55 +0000 (GMT)


Send an Instant Message "yassir hussain" <[email protected]>  


the truth will be told to you in hell

you said that if someone proves you wrong then you will remove this website right. well i am going to do just that.  now i am not going to prove to you that islam is right because clearly you just end up giving the wrong answers which makes no sense.  well firstly the stories

 on your website about people leaving islam are so fake, i mean come on who are you trying to fool.  the web page looks cheap and ridiculous. and in one of the stories "you" wrote "sorry for my bad english ali sina".  that is just a joke.  it is clearly that you have wrote all these bull shit stories.  you love the americans even thought they have done nothing for you.

now i know that something must have happened in your childhood that has affected your empty crap head. now here are the possible reasons:

1)  you had no friends especially the muslims. so you were a billy no mate.  the only mate you had was allah and dude you left him.

2)you were sexually harassed by someone, must have been your parents who were did a bad job in bringing you up so shame on them losers.

3) girls never like speaking to you or you were bullied by someone and because of this you again blamed allah.

4) you spent alot of time in the bedroom because you had no friends.

5) you joined the faithfreedom group so you don't be bored to death. kind of like a hobby. or and to make some friends.

6) bu what i believe is that you are just simply one ugly mother fucker. 

well i got news for your no one has an easy live. this is all a test and you are failing it big time. but allah is all forgiving. i mean allah said that the hell will be empty once he gave his punishment to the non believers.

so pal get rid of this website or become the biggest billy no mate in the world. 

sorry for my bad english.   ha ha ha!

 last time i wrote you didn't reply back. what is it to scared.



"Maria M" <[email protected]>  


Islamic Website


Wed, 12 Jan 2005 22:05:56 -0800

whoever u r...I must say I wasted 4 hours of my life reading everhyitng u hav wrirten and I came to the conclusion that ur a psycho..I cant beelive ...A MUSLIM? A MUSLIM WRITING THIS ABT HIS OWN X-RELIGION..no matter how modern or smart u bcm u still  shud hav sum humanity in urself but ppl like u donít..cuz u hav completely gone insane and u hav no idea wat ur talkin abt..wen other ppl say sumthin abt Islam it doesnít hurt as much as it hurts wen a muslim-born person says this...u vur born in sucha narrow minded n low class family that u always had to hear all the hatred abt mericans..that I never did cuz my family understands differnces n still doesnít hav any problem with me communicating with white ppl..they let me do wat I want..unlike ur family wen u vur a child, u dint receive the love u shud hav & u started havin inferior complex..ur parents always stopped u frm thigns that u wanted to do like other ppl...wen u moved to italy..everyone treated u like shit jus caz u vur a muslim..u prolly dint receive ANY love at all as a Muslim caz u vur too scared to share ur religion with other pppl..u started turnin away frm Islam caz u basically thought of givin up all the struggle that u had been doin to get a status in society..u thought that Islam dint giv me anyhting so let me do sumthin to take revenge..ur low thinkin n disgustings remarks abt otehrs prophets prolly made ppl hate u so much that u started wasting ur time on writin sumthin to turn muslims away frm their religion caz u vur like this urself..u dint find anyother way xcept to waste ur whole lifeitme insulting others religion, being ignorant, not knowin the facts n writin bullshit to gain attention n b head..u found no other way xcept to rite this buk so ppl will see u as an example for all muslims..instead in my opinion, ur humiliation for all muslims cuz muslims like u r the ones who keep getting insulted in society so to receive sum respect they find sum way to bcm famous..so they finally sell their religion n beleifes for fame n money..ppl like u r the ones who r so narrowminded that they donít uinderstand the fact that NOT ALL PPL R SAME..GUD AND BAD PPL R EVERYWHERE!!!jus caz as a child u dint get everyhitn all other muslim kids had..u bcame a psychopath n nao u need a psychiatrist cuz no one can help u xcept Allah but u refuse to get help frm him..jus rememba one thing..on the day of judgement I hope I c u standin tehre with ur head down thinkin wat u wasted ur whole life on..arguin and embrassing ur own religion and ur own pppl..ur a shame to Muslims & I spit on ur ugly face & the brain u lost a while ago !!!!ur a real tiem looser cuz u wasted ur life that was given to u by Allah and u will keep wastin it but no one will lissen to u ..u will keep shouthin forever but ppl will passby not even noticing that sumone is tryin to tell them sumthin..u no y??cuz ur CRAZY BRO!!u say Muhammad s.a.w..w went thru depression?I think its u who is goin thru depression rite nao so peaceout..oh wait I forgot ppl like u will never get peace b/c after findin out how much they r hated by chirstians as well as muslims..rememebr my vurds..u will never liv peacefully and u will never liv a normal life...NEVER EVER


p.s. if u donít beelive Quran was revelead by God and u think Muhammad wrote it hinmself then do u think he was stupid to rite how he was a rapist..and a man of terror and all the thigns that u proved rite by getting evidence frm QUran?cuz a normal perosn wudnt rite sumthin bad abt themselves./

o yea one mo thing...u donít beelive Mohammad s.a.w.w cud hav been descended to heaven on the nite of miraj on a horse but u can believe that Jesus , a human being was the song of God? I feel pity on ur pathetic thoughts n feel so bad cuz ppl r usin u as means of entertainment n laffin at u and ur identity..so if I vur u I wud kill myself


Maybe after you are done with my psychoanalysis you can read some of the articles in this site and weigh the evidence of my claim. 




Wed, 29 Dec 2004 22:54:45 -0800 (PST)


Send an Instant Message "Jim Hassy" <[email protected]>  


You left out something very important about islam on your Website.

Hello Mr. Sina,


Although I am a catholic, I read a verse in the moslem book where their God describes an ignorant person "Like a donkey carrying books" or meaning the donkey can carry a huge load of books without understanding the contents. You are the perfect example of that donkey and your website by linking islam to terrorism. Good luck with your madness and you are not any better than them. You have hate in your heart which makes you the same demon your are describing.


Have a Happy New Year, although it is impossbile for you to have one with your type of madness. Moreover, I challenge you to post this e-mail on your website. Tony Savage is right: You are the enemy within by breaking the resolve of this great country.



"Hassan Hamdy" <[email protected]>  


Sun, 26 Dec 2004 14:20:32 +0000

Top of Form

I want to say :  

Any one help in made this site ,please be sure that your end  will be at so bad. you have to be sure that your end will be at hell , we will see


Thu, 23 Dec 2004 13:44:49 -0800 (PST)


 "naveed amin" <[email protected]


you want a challenge?

 yo!....i read all your fucking bull shit at your site ..are you on crack..?.? alright here goes you want a challenge...me and you on chat...any date any time ...and i will prove you wrong...and i will even prove you tht u are a female if u r a male..or the other way around.??...if i win u take the site down and on the forum u will right islam is teh only right path and that u r a FAG!...if i lose..wat ever u want...



[email protected]  


Mon, 20 Dec 2004 16:14:45 EST


research about islam

why do u have so much hate for islam
i bet if u read the quran with pure mind u will love it.
u r taking in things from the media
u are ignorrant
u obviously wernt a muslim so u dont no ur facts
my religion is growing
and growing
ur religion.......
well hasnt been heard of
how can u talk about islam if u have never practise it?
u r a joke
u have some rage against muslims
u have no proof muhammed was a rapist
were u there at that time .....no
so ur mouth should be closed
as for u are uneductaed
mr.z naik will proove u wrong and he is a man with wisdom
unlike u
mr naik doesnt HATE other religions he is peacful the  way islam teaches
u discriminate
i hate u
and may u die ......inchalla
email me back and try to convince me
if u wernt a muslim u cant tell me about whats right or wrong
i cant tell u whats right or wrong about hinduism as i was never a hindu
answer me this........
why is it that islam keeps on growing and growing....... it must be good
and dont say that all the muslim scholars are too busy because not many people no of u
because u r evil and vindictive and islam is growing so people like u are rear and unlikely

u are not a man of strength and wisdom
u lack wisdom
any man who did read the quran and didnt approve would have done nothing
carried on saying how much u hate it..........well u must have some really big hate for no apparent reason
u maY state an oppinion but im stating one that u are a stupid and vile
u make me sick
i spit on u
whatever religion u are
probably made up a religion
isnt going to get u to heaven
im telling u
u are sick
u are abnormal
please consolt ur doctor
may allah the allmighty with all his power show u death rather the right direction.


"biKi !" <[email protected]>  




Sun, 19 Dec 2004 05:55:45 +0500

well..u telling people to prove it wrong watever u r saying... look i dont need to give u any reasons to prove u wrong because u already know wat ever u r saying is actually WRONG! u have no reasons to prove islam wrong u just trying to mislead people... we dont need to give u reasons bcuz we dont need to start any conversation with a creep like YOU! i think u werent a muslim from the start.. u dont even belong to any other religeon... its bcuz no religeon teaches its followers to insult or say bad stuff about other religeons... if u trying to say that islam teaches terrorism then i can prove u wrong verryyyyy easily... i have examples i can quote quranic verses.. i can even quotes mustanid ahadis... so u better stop misleading people u better stop making ass out of u!

~~b i k i-



"biKi !" <[email protected]>  




Sat, 18 Dec 2004 06:20:09 +0500


well.... instead of writting sumthing against islam & MUHAMMAD (PBUH) u should better see wats in your fucking religeons BASTERD... hinduism is based on cast system (which is totaly inhuman) chritianity is entirely based on the stupid idea that some normal human being was the son of the GOD ...and so is every other religeon!!!... just think about what will happen to u when u will die SON OF A BITCH! 

~~b i k i-

This is typical Muslim response. Here we have three logical fallacies. 

Tu Quoque: the "you too" argument  

Ad baculum: the threat and fear argument and

Ad hominem: insult. 



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