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Shaheed says “if the almighty had made us to see and understand everything before we believe in it, then believing wouldn't be such a challenge.” 

He never pauses for a moment to wonder why recognizing God should be a challenge? If the consequence of disbelief is eternal burning, which in infinitely sadistic, why should God make this so difficult? Is God insane? Is He a psychopath?  What Shaheed is saying is that God will prize stupid people. Those who accept the gobbledygook of Muhammad without questioning him, will be rewarded and those who use their brain will be punished severely and for eternity.

Just think about it! This Allah sends a man with no proof at all. Despite his claim that he has come with "clear proof", there is not a single proof about his claim. I have been asking Muslims to show me one of those proofs. I promised them that if they come with just one proof, I would remove this site and give them $50,000 dollars in rewards. Not a single person has been able to do that.  So there is no proof. Muhammad lied when he said he has come with clear proof. He asked people to believe in him simply because he said so and if they didn't, he ordered them to be killed. The only proof given was the sword. In other words, "I am right because I can kill you". 

Now that is not all. This Allah makes things even harder. Not only his words in the Quran are sheer stupidities that anyone with a little bit of commonsense can see, his prophet lives a life of a mafia godfather, engages in assassinations, murder, genocide, rape, pedophilia, theft, deception and all sorts of ungodly deeds. Are these things good? Our inner being says no! Our intelligence says these are evil deeds. Our conscience is repulsed by these satanic actions. But that is not all. This so called prophet, ALSO says these things are bad. If these things are bad and he also knew it, then why he did such things? Why he perpetrated so many crimes? A group of Bedouins stole Muhammad's camels and killed one of his men. He sent people to fetch them; ordered their extremities be chopped and left them in the desert sun to die a slow and a painful death. If stealing was so bad that the thieves deserved such a sadistic punishment, how come he got all his wealth through raiding, killing and stealing? Those eight Bedouins killed one man and stole a few camels (which he had stolen from others). Muhammad killed thousands of people and stole all their wealth and even raped and sold their wives and children. What punishment does he deserve according to his own standard? Shouldn't he be the one burning in hell for ever?  

I have had Muslims telling me in my face that we should not look at what Muhammad did because after all he was just a man, but rather we must read the Quran alone and from there get our guidance. In other words, we should listen to his words but not follow his examples. Do you see to what length some people are willing to go just to fool themselves? If he was a liar, why couldn’t he have concocted the Quran? If he was a prophet, shouldn't he be the one to set the example?  Confucius said the greatness of a man is in how much his words and his deeds match. A person who does not walk his own talk is not worthy of trust. Muslims know Muhammad had sex with a 9-year-old child, had sex with his own daughter in law, raped the young women that he captured in his raids, tortured people so they tell him where they had hidden their treasures, assassinated his critics, etc. etc. Yet they want to be fooled. They have decided that foolishness is good. It is comfortable to believe in those stupidities. It is not that they can’t think rationally; they simply don’t want to do it. 

Muhammad did all sorts of evil things and said follow my examples. Would really God choose a despicable man like Muhammad to be the guidance to Mankind? Does it make sense at all? Can the maker of this universe be so stupid, so cruel, so sadistic, to send an evil man like Muhammad who commits all sorts of crimes, fill his book of revelation will hodgepodge and ridiculous tales and demand us to forgo our intelligence and accept this evil man nonetheless or else we would face eternal burning. ETERNAL burning???  Isn’t this nuts? How can the allegedly merciful God be so sadistic? 

Do you see my friend? People are not genetically or clinically stupid. But they allow themselves to be fooled.

Muslims say these are all tests of faith. What is it that God wants to tests us for? How can we win this test? By being stupid? Is the person who is most gullible and accepts every nonsense without questioning the winner, the one who passes this "test"? In that case Paradise must be full of stupid people. Why should anyone with any degree of intelligence want to go and live among fools? Living among stupid people is like living in hell. 

Have you received these emails known as "Nigerian Scam"? I receive at least two every day. Obviously the scam must work otherwise they would have stopped sending them. Someone writes to you and says "she" is the widow of such and such African dictator and has 40 million dollars in securities that she wants to transfer to your account for safekeeping until she comes to your country. As recognition for your cooperation she will gives you 25% of that loot. Or that he is dying and wants to give all his inheritance, in the tune of 20 million dollars to a "God fearing Christian" like you to expend in charities on his behalf after his death. The scam is that this con artist will ask you to send to him a small amount of money for "building trust" or some other silly excuse. Just a few thousands of dollars, nothing more. Hey what is a few thousands of dollars when you are going to be a millionaire overnight? This person is going to trust you with millions of dollars after all. You send that money, he asks you for more, you have to send because you can not back off now that you have "invested" some thousands of your hard earned money. Then he asks for more.... You become frustrated but feel pressured to comply.  I read that even smart people have fallen for this scam and have lost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even their lives. Sometimes these suckers are CEOs. They are smart people and yet allow themselves to be fooled. Why? It is because millions of dollars sound so attractive that they WANT  to believe, even though it has "scam" written all over it. The temptation is so big that they intentionally silence their own better judgement and let themselves to be fooled.  

I read an article about John de Ruiter. This charlatan claims to be God or Messiah. He has gathered a few hundred followers and they are middle class intelligent people. He was a shoemaker and totally uneducated, but some of his followers are university professors. They have allowed themselves to be fooled. His technique is silence. When you pay and go to his seminars he sits there, stares forwards and says nothing. Absolutely nothing! Then after 20 minuets, his devotees, overwhelmed by his presence, burst in tears and create a pathetic atmosphere inside the conference room. Some sob and others remain silent as if they are in the presence of their maker. Someone stands up and undresses his or her soul, confessing how de Ruiter has changed his/her life and every one sobs. Someone says you are the master of my life and I don’t have any more wills left in me except your will. He stares calmly and utters a few words of cliché like “truth speaks to you. Surrender and listen to the truth” or something stupid like that. 

His followers have left their homes, their careers and their families to move to Alberta and bask in his vicinity. He has orgies with two sisters who are his followers and were introduced to him by their parents. These stupid parents are delighted that God makes love to their daughters and feel privileged. Probably this is how the great fool Abu Bakr felt. His wife wizened up and left him after she discovered his disloyalty. His foolhardy followers are not bothered at all. They have rationalized everything and redefined the meaning of sex to convince themselves what this degenerate charlatan is doing is divine and not lust.  

How can you explain that? Isn’t that insane? Yet you can’t say these people are clinically stupid. They have allowed themselves to be fooled. Because they WANT to believe, they miss, and deliberately overlook all the telltale clues that tell them this guy is a nutcase and a narcissist. They want to be fooled because it feels good. It feels good to surrender your intelligence to someone else that gives you great promises of salvation, enlightenment, paradise, or in the case of the savage Arabs of 7th Century, abundant food and unlimited sex.  Also they can not go back because they have given up everything they possessed and have broken all the bridges behind them. So because awakening is too painful, they will do everything not to awaken. 

Muslims want to be fooled. They have the choice. They can find the truth with the same ease that you and I found it. Of course we are not more intelligent than all other Muslims. But you and I decided to see the truth, Muslims don't WANT to do that. The believers WANT to be fooled because it feels good. They cheerfully abandon reason because in this abandonment they find serenity and peace. When you stop thinking and forego your greatest human faculty, you enter in a state of blissful stupidity. This is a state of "wakeful somnolence", in this state you are physically awake, but oblivious of the reality that is going around you. You enter in the paradise of ignorance. You live in a make-believe world of fantasies. You walk on this earth but your head is in the cloud seven. It is like being drugged. This is the state of blissful ignorance in which you rejoice in your stupidity and take pride in your foolishness. 

 Martin Luther said:

"Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has: it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but--more frequently than not --struggles against the Divine Word...." 


"Reason must be deluded, blinded, and destroyed. Faith must trample underfoot all reason, sense, and understanding, and whatever it sees must be put out of sight and ... know nothing but the word of God." 

Ali Sina 

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