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Family Ties   

Just like you, I too value the feelings of my family and relatives. I have not told them what I do. In fact when earlier this year a dear elderly relative of mine visited me and insisted that I should stand behind him and pray, just as I used to do in my early youth, I complied. I told him I donít pray, but he insisted and I did it out of respect for him. Of course I did not pray. I only went through the postures to show my reverence to an elderly beloved relative. I write against Islam to awaken the Muslims but I donít think family ties should be sacrificed to the truth. Unlike Muhammad who encouraged his followers to abandon their families and told them cut your ties with even your fathers and brothers if they disbelieve, I urge those who leave Islam to hold strongly to their family ties. Everything is relative, including the truth. What is real is love.  


Abraham Lincoln and U        

You may not like me linking Lincoln to my philosophy that you think is stupid. But I think he fought for the same principles that we fight. He fought for freedom and so do we. He believed in equality of all men, and so do we. You say nobody hates him but 1/6th of humanity hates me. You forget that at his time Lincoln had enemies who hated him and waged war against him. Show me a great cause that did not have enemies. The greater is the cause the more formidable are its enemies. Lincoln eventually succeeded and so will we. He is remembered and so we will be.  

Will I be remembered? Why? I am not an important person. I am saying the same things that other apostates say. I am the Webmaster of an Internet site. Is that such an important thing? I am just a soldier like thousands of others and our number is growing. It does not matter if each and every one of us is remembered. I donít think any one of us gives a hoot for that. Most of us use pseudonyms anyway. But this light that we have collectively started will illumine the world. Islam will be defeated, Muslims will be set free and all these wars will end. A new renascence will begin in what is now called Islamic world and Muslims, these wretched people who are the primary victims of Islam, will once again climb to the cusp of glory, the glory that they lost when they lost their identity to this madness called Islam. Our movement will be remembered. FFI is just an internet forum. This movement goes beyond us.  

There have been many movements within Islam. Some brought a few changes here and others reformed a little bit there. But they all became history because Islam cannot be reformed. It is a dead and fossilized body. You must either accept it as is or leave it. Ours is not another movement within Islam futilely trying to reform the unreformable. This is a movement AWAY from Islam. This is a movement that will undo Islam. You can bet that it will be remembered. No other movement has had such a tremendous impact on Islam in such a short time. This success is partly due to the efficacy of our message and partly because of the ease of communication provided by the Internet. We are simply at the right time with the right message. An idea, that its time has arrived and nothing can stop it. What you witness are just the first rays of the dawn breaking through the darkness. Wait until this sun rises to the zenith.


You Are Still a Muslim

As for you, you are still a Muslim, albeit a non practicing one. Those of us, who truly have left Islam, have done it because we came to see the ugliness of this cult. We are now aware that Muhammad was a monster, a devilish man who through deceit managed to fool a bunch of gullible people who in turn gave birth to a culture of self deception, oppression and tyranny. We have no nostalgia for Islam and the very thought of Muhammad fills us with disgust. This man was a criminal. He raped all of us. Raped us intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, culturally and reduced us into worthless co-dependent misers that instead of valuing our own God-given dignity, cling to him for our identity. Now we see that he was a psychopath narcissist who reduced all of us into inverted narcissist. Even though we grew up with Stockholm syndrome towards our captor, we are now recovered fully and beside disgust have no other feelings for that fiend.  

You on the other hand are still a Muslim. The reason you donít want to call yourself a Muslim is because you like the lascivious life too much and you find Islam a hindrance. So, out of convenience, not conviction, you have left Islam. In the inner recesses of your mind you still think that Islam is a religion that teaches piety. All it takes for you to revert is a life crisis. This happened to one relative of mine who after living many years of libertinage, giving in to pleasures had a life threatening accident. He interpreted that as a wake up call and reverted to Islam overnight. He is now a brain dead zombie like all other Muslims. Or you will revert to Islam when you come to age and see the spiritual vacuum of your carnal lifestyle. Then you will become as fanatical as those whom you today pretend to disown. A good example of that is Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam.  


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