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Dear Rizwan the Sex Machine  

Your nymphomaniac life is of no interest to us. Here we are interested in your brain and I hope it works as good as your penis.  

You just read a few articles. Why don’t you read more? I bet you get the answers to all your questions and, who knows? …You might also see the light. Of course we are not spreading hate. What made you come to that erroneous conclusion? We are fighting an ideology that spreads hate and are trying to rescue its victims who under its influence commit evil.  

Of course we never incite violence or hate. That would be counterproductive and quite stupid. The secret of our success lies in the fact that we help people who like us wake up, see the light and start helping others. So we grow exponentially. What hate would achieve? Nothing! There are actually quite a few anti Islamic sites and are hate driven. I am not judging them. People get frustrated and it is natural for them to react in this way. Hate breads hate. But they accomplish nothing except venting their anger. Beyond that “therapeutic” effect and the feeling good factor, most these sites are not conducive to much good. We don’t want to build more walls. We want to build more bridges. 


Shaming Stupidity

You seem to disagree with my tactic of shaming stupidity. Well, we don’t have to agree on everything. I could be wrong. But I still think this is a good tactic. You probably don’t know that Islam grew through hype and bravado. There is no substance to it at all. It is all false pretence, braggadocio and hot air. How do you combat that? By humiliation, ridicule and shame! Believe me it works. It works where reason fails. You may not agree with me but psychological warfare is very effective, especially when we are dealing with people whose intelligence is below average and who are driven by emotions and not reason. Have you gone to any Islamic chartroom? You can see there are no logical discussions going on there. It is all pomposity, vanity and ostentation of piety. They are arrogant, boastful and utterly irrational. They are not even willing to discuss anything with you. As soon as you ask a logical question they ban you. The only questions you are allowed to ask are the ones for which they have prefabricated answers. But then once you receive the answer you must accept or you are a mofatten, a sedition maker. Intellectual questions have no place among Muslims.  

Of course you are not allowed to mock and humiliate people for how they dress and I never suggested that either. I respect all cultures and love variety. But hijab is not just a dress. It is a statement. When Muslim women wrap themselves in those bed sheets and parade in the streets, they are making a statement. They are saying that they are Muslims and they are going to take over the world imposing their doctrine in the countries that have hosted them. 

Muslims generally have low self esteem. This is because of their faulty education, patriarchal families, dictatorial regimes, childhood neglect and abuse, etc. which makes them underachievers. Often people with low self esteem become cocky and try to compensate their inner sense of inferiority with bravado and boastfulness. This is the reason youths are attracted to gangs. This gives them not only a sense of belonging but also a false perception of self worth. “The gang is awesome and I am part of it.” From the fragments of poetry left of the old days of “jahiliyyah”, we can learn that Arabs bragged about their clans and their lineage. You might be interested to know that as primitive people, they also bragged about their sexual prowess and even composed poems extolling their reproductive male organ. All these are signs of insecurity and low self esteem.    

The concept of tribalism and jingoism, among Muslim has not changed. The difference is that now their tribe is called Umma. Umma is the gang that gives them identity and fills them with pride. Because they see themselves as worthless creatures, they seek their glory in their adherence to Umma. This sense of belonging to a universal gang or Islamic brotherhood fills them with tremendous sense of superiority and pride.  

How do you combat that? Through ridicule! Let me make an example. Why do you think the youths were attracted to Nazism during the thirties? For the youth, there was a great deal of psychological pressure to join. The Nazis had uniforms, discipline, sang songs, went camping, had bands, drills — this seemed great. The vast majority of Hitler Youth were around 14 years old. At that age kids don’t have political orientation. They just want to belong and have activities and fun.    

This is exactly why Muslim youths today are attracted to Islam. Muslims are organized, they have a mission, they are activists, meet in mosques, have mass prayers that are impressive and give them an awesome sense of belonging. This must be the same kind of feeling the Nazis got when they organized parades. Like Nazism, Islam is an intense and passionate ideology. People who are in search of identity, the lost souls and especially the youth are attracted to such ideologies. This was the reason why Ku Klux Klan became popular amongst the disaffected American youth. The Klan filled them with pride, it gave them self worth. As worthless, aimless creatures that they were, they called themselves “the creators”.  

There is a lot of similarity between the KKK and Islam.  

The members of the KKK are supremacists and think the white race is superior.
Muslims are also supremacists and think Muslims are superior.  

They base their cause on hate and especially the hatred of the Jews.
Islam is also based on hate and especially the hatred of the Jews.

They consider Jews and nonwhites, whom they refer to as "mud races," to be the "natural enemies" of the white race.
Muslims also consider the Jews and non-Muslims whom they refer to as “kafirs” to be the natural enemies of Islam.

They attract mainly young white males, many incarcerated; the group also courts women and children.
Islam also attracts people among prisoners. They also court women and children.  

The motto of the Creativity Movement, which is a brand of KKK is "RaHoWa" (Racial Holy War),
The motto of Islam is Jihad, religious holy war.

They want to subdue the rest of mankind and become the master race.
Muslims also want to subdue the rest of mankind and rule over them.

A doctrine like that, to a person with no self worth is godsend. By joining such groups he or she can feel the power and become energized. Fascistic ideologies are irresistible to people with low self esteem in search of grandeur.  

How the Americans defeated the KKK and the White supremacists? Through ridicule, shame and humiliation! Virtually all the media attacked them, vilified them to the extent that they lost their lure and attraction. It is no more “cool” to be a White supremacist. You will be put to shame and spit on by everyone. This is the main reason young people joined these racist groups. Not for the ideology but for power and for identity. By being vilified the White supremacists lost their glamour and as the result their steam and now they are no more than a marginalized group in the fringe that count for nothing. Yes, of course a small group armed with hate can cause huge damages. Nonetheless they have been battered and practically debased and castrated.  

This is how to defeat Islam. Islam also is a cult completely bereft of reason that is sustained by hypes, pride and vain glory. The way to defeat it is to vilify and humiliate it. Don’t belittle the power of the psychological warfare. Once Islam’s credibility is destroyed and everyone sees Muslims as a bunch of hooligans and potential terrorists, when they are humiliated and laughed at, when their stupid allies, i.e. the useful idiots who defend them and their rights to practice their cult of hate are also humiliated, Muslim will feel the psychological pressure to defend their cult or leave it. Since defending Islam is impossible, the only option left for them would be to leave it.  

This is a very thorough and thought through plan. Don’t undermine the power of humiliation. Your expertise is in the areas of sex. Leave enlightening the Muslims in the hands of the experts.


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