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When a Muslim Thinks He is Not 

By Ali Sina

Letter from Rizwan Hafeez


Dear Mr. Sina:  

Given that you are a well-educated person, a thinker and probably a philosopher, (as you so humbly compare yourself to Mr. Lincoln on your main page, intentionally or unintentionally) I ask you to please put your talent to some good use instead of spreading more violence and hatred through your informative website. Let me tell you what I see wrong with what you are your co-enlighten ones are doing through this website of yours:  

As far as I can see your articles are full of hatred and disgust and aimed towards at least 20 percent of the entire population or 1.2 billion, give or take. As far as I can see you make no distinguish between Muslims from different countries because all of them are pretty much the same to you. But why is it that I see you and your fellow writers on this site are trying to express your frustration, hatred, anger and disgust at Islam and Muslims by making a mockery of their beliefs much more than trying to “enlighten” them through cause and reason? I see that because any writer who bases almost all of his writings on making fun of what others hold in high respect is doing nothing but laughing at his own unworthy and miserable self.  

You present your case by saying there is no other way of doing it simply because Islam is the religion of hate and preaches nothing but killing innocent lives or hating non-believers. Therefore, Muslims, as a result, are the most hated people on earth and rightfully so because they are behind almost all the terrorist activities being performed these days. In other words, they deserve this kind of special treatment! You also present your case by telling us how this religion has its roots in the very terrorism we see all around us these days. Telling us all of this started because a bunch of blind-minded people started following a person who claimed to be the messenger of God. His teaching were aimed only at gaining personal benefits and those who spread his words did so by bloodshed, loot, war, rapes, massacres, and genocides. Therefore, as modern human beings we must condemn every part of it, shun it, and more importantly, tell people to abandon it so there may be no more of this nonsense. But why is that in doing so I see you are condemning one form of violence and yet spreading another form through your website? How would you explain putting pictures of a woman and some school girls with captions, “This women thinks she is 100% vagina” and “These women think they are 96% vagina 4% people” I see a serious flaw with your technique here; I see that by doing this you are showing us that you are no different from all those educated Muslim fanatics who are incinerating our thoughts through religion, because you are doing the same thing, only the other way around. Let me ask you something: Would you caption a picture of yours wearing a suit as “I think I am 90 percent dick” Or would you caption a picture of your wife or girlfriend wearing a dress as ¡”My wife thinks she is 80 percent vagina” If education teaches us one thing it teaches us to respect the cultures and customs of other people. If the West thinks it is OK to wear a mini skirt at work with a top but it is not OK to wear only a G String, what’s wrong with the Muslims (some) thinking it is not OK to show any part of your body for whatever reasons?  

Why is it that you are supporting your cause by only insulting their beliefs, no matter how wrong or right they are? Maybe because you want them to think like you do. Just because you have seen the great path to enlightenment means they should also see it too, and you want to make it happen at any cost. What is you rationale? Should we fight fire with fire because there simply is no other way of saving the world from the cruel hands of Muslims? Should we enlighten the darken minds of those brain-washed Muslims at any cost? Is it really what you and your fellow writers are so desperately trying to do, trying to save innocent people and save Muslims from the shackles of slavery and hatred? Any person with a sound mind can easily tell that all of your articles present more prejudice than rationale and also are extremely biased, suggesting a frustrated, helpless and abused mind behind them. An excellent example of this would again be the picture of a Muslim woman on your website covered in a black garment in typical Muslim way. Was that really necessary to support your noble cause? Or was it more of an expression of your hate, helpfulness, and other personal feelings against the followers of this religion? I certainly don’t think I have to humiliate a poor woman just because she is so different from what we think is right and because she practices something which I, or most of the world hate so much! If I do, I am a bloody idiot and have no right to call myself “the enlightened” one. Instead, I am someone who is a very frustrated man and who can and will use absolutely any mean possible to express my anger, most importantly, to offend whoever of whatever put me into this current miserable state of mine!  

Mr Sina, you may have abandoned your religion and may very well think that you are a much ¡¥freer¡¦ and better person, but you are still that very Muslim who as a child or a young adult felt all that hatred for all those Non-Muslims or ¡¥infidels¡¦ around you. The only difference being that back then your hatred was for non-Muslims and now it is for the Muslims. No matter how much you justify your actions by either your “seven-valley

Journey” to enlightenment or other spiritual jolts you may have encountered, the fact remains that you and your “co-enlighten ones” are full of hatred and so are the articles and other material on your website. You may be right about Islam and the lies within it but you certainly are not right about “this is the only way of stopping it”. If you keep on doing your way then you will be remembered as nothing but one of many violent fanatics of today’s world.  

You are very good at answering questions and having debates. I am pretty sure you will read my article and may even decide to put it on your website with your answers. Before you do so, or if you do so, please note that I am not arguing about the validity of your articles or demanding the justification of putting such a website. The only thing I am trying to tell you is that you are not doing it the right way. Some people will think you are right and may even decide to abandon their religion in doing so, but most people most definitely think that your only purpose to put such a website is to offend people by expressing your hatred and frustration. As an educated man and a man who strongly opposes fanaticism, I think you should try something better with your knowledge because fighting violence with violence and fanaticism with fanaticism is no wise thing to do. You may be right in whatever you say on your website but you are absolutely wrong in the way you are saying it. Just give me four to six months and I will prove you are doing it the wrong way and that there are “milder” ways around.  

As about me, I am a 29 year old ex-believer and will remain so for the rest of my life. The difference between me and you is that I don’t disrespect what anyone holds in high respect even when I know it is wrong. I will never tell my parents or my family or friends that I have abandoned their religion because not offending their thoughts and beliefs is more important to me then telling them how enlightened I have become.  It is enough for me that I feel satisfied about I have done and I certainly don’t see a need to tell the whole world about my path to enlightenment! Also, I hold Mr Lincoln and his efforts and views in extremely high respect. Please don’t even think about linking your stupid philosophies with this great man. Just put it that way; no one in this world hates him and at least 1/6 of this world hates you or could hate you! Doesn’t that give you a clue? But then again, it will give you what you so strongly desire; it will make you famous even if you are using a fake name! As in your own words, “Fight Stupidly With Humiliation”  



Riz the Sex Machine -- as the girls call me dearly.  

PS: I didn’t bother reading more than a few articles on your website but I heard you are offering prize money for anyone that proves you wrong! I think I can book a test drive for that new WRX! BTW, why don’t you first show me the proof of procession of sufficient funds to back your challenge and then I will take it from there.  

 "Rizwan Hafeez" <[email protected]>

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