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Protecting the Diversity

You ask: Should we also mock anyone who wears differently? The answer is NO!. Every culture has its own custom; however no one is trying to impose his or her culture on others. Islam is militant, and imperialistic. Islam has an agenda. The agenda is to take over the world and eventually force every woman to wrap herself in bed sheets. And if they refuse? ÖThey will be beaten, disfigured with acid and forced to do it. This happened in all Islamic countries where the Islamists came to power. Once Muslims become the majority, the minority will lose its rights completely.  

This is why I am fighting against Islam and I call upon all the people of the world who want to remain free to fight against it too. I donít give a damn whether your wife wants to hide herself in a bed-sheet or in a barrel. How people dress should not be of anyoneís concern. Do you agree with that? Do you? Do you really? In that case how can you defend Islam that imposes a dress code not just on its benighted follower but on everyone else who lives in an Islamic country?  

The reason I put to shame Muslim woman and call them ambulant vaginas is not because of how they dress but because of the philosophy that goes behind that kind of dressing. Some order of nuns also cover most of their bodies, but that is a uniform. The philosophy is not that the body is shameful and the woman is awrat (pudendum). Muslims have an agenda to reduce every other woman into an ambulant vagina. I am fighting not against what they put on their heads but what is in it.  It is the slavery of mind that I am fighting against. Hijab is only a symbol of it.  

Let us say the neo-Nazis want to practice their freedom and they decide to wear a swastika band around their arms when they go to work, to school, to everywhere. What is the big deal? It is just a band and we live in free countries. Would you allow that? No sane society would allow that. Wearing a swastika arm-band or badge is not like wearing a badge saying save the trees, or be a blood donor. Wearing swastika is making a political statement. The statement is hatred against the Jews, the blacks and everyone who is not white. This is not acceptable. Wearing that band is provocative and insulting. Even if there is no law prohibiting it, the good people of the world must deride and humiliate those who wear them so they feel ashamed and stop doing it.  

Wearing hijab is just as provocative and insulting as wearing swastika. When your wife wears hijab, she is making a statement that she is a militant member of a despiteful hate mongering cult that wants to dominate the world and take away our freedom. That is a hateful statement and we should not allow it. That is why wearing hijab, like wearing swastika must be banned.  

I believe in multiculturalism. I believe diversity is good. I want to protect this diversity. Islam wants to destroy this diversity and create a fascistic monolithic state where everyone dresses the same way, shaves the same way, does the same things, believes in the same gobbledygook and thinks alike. Islam has destroyed that diversity everywhere it has gone. Islam is not another color of the diversity rainbow but the darkness of the night. With Islam, all colors will disappear.  

Islam is not another religion. I am a strong believer of freedom of faith. I respect peopleís rights to believe even in ideologies that I find absurd. I do not have to agree with them; nonetheless I love to see them have the freedom to choose. Islam is a fascistic cult that wants to take away that freedom. It is not another religion. It is a totalitarian doctrine of hate that must be stopped if we want to preserver our freedoms. You ask at what cost? At ANY cost! There is not price to freedom.  No cost is too high to preserver the freedom. We are born free and we must fight to keep it.  

Humanity has no choice. We must protect our freedom. That is not negotiable. I will fight if necessary with all my power and die before surrendering to tyranny. Many people think just like me. Many people will fight to preserve their freedom.  

The choice is yours. You must back off! Stop this insanity! Keep your damn cult to yourselves or there would be blood everywhere. If you start this fire, you will burn in it, not by thousands but by millions. Donít be fool. Donít do it.  

Alas, you wonít listen. You wonít because you are brain dead. You are zombies incapable of understanding or thinking rationally. You are following a psychopath and have become just as insane as him. You think you will win because you believe in the lies of that insane man. So you keep advancing undeterred, keep training terrorists and having them as sleeper cells ready to strike and kill innocent people.  

If nothing is done, the end will be very ugly. Your brain dead brothers will kill millions of innocent people and eventually the sleeping giant will wake up. Then there would be total destruction for you and your kind. The Islamic countries will be erased with no sign of life in them and the Muslims in Western countries will be slaughtered in the same way you slaughter sheep for your Satan in Mecca .  

This is what is going to happen if nothing is done. When push comes to shove we are all animals. When the humanity awakens and realizes that their very survival is at stake, they will fight back. Did you read about the crusades? Muslims started it and kept coming until the Europeans had enough and retaliated with vengeance. Had Muslims not invaded Europe first, the crusades would not have happened. This time it would be even worse. Let us learn our lessons from history.  

We the apostates are trying to prevent this disaster from happening. We have woken up and see the house is on fire. While the fire is spreading the rest of our folks are sound asleep. We will do everything to wake you up, because if you donít wake up, youíll die. Now do you see why we are doing this? Itís for your own good damn it! Itís for your own good. 

You think my ways of enlightening Muslims is wrong. I never claimed infallibility. But I get result. I speak to Muslims in all languages: Sometimes in the language of reason and use logical arguments, sometimes in the language of parables and use examples. Sometimes I speak to them in the language of love and friendliness and sometimes in the language of anger and condemnation. At times I feel I have to give a word of encouragement and at other times I sense scorn and ridicule are most appropriate. Let each person pick the language of his or her choice. Muslims come in all forms, not all of them are scholars and intellectuals. So to each I speak in his own language. If one language is not to your liking, pick the other one. If you are offended by being ridiculed, respond to my logical arguments. You may not like my method, but as long as it works I will stick to it. If you have better ways to push Muslims to the edge that may force them to think, I would be glad to hear.  

This site is banned in most Islamic countries. The bulk of Muslims canít even see it. So my strategy is to take this message to the non-Muslims. Once the whole world comes to see Islam for what it is, and the politically correct bigots and the useful idiots are defeated, Muslims can no more keep their heads in the sand pretending no one can see them. If the Islamic governments are afraid that Muslims read this site, I will reach the world and let others take this message to Muslims. I know Hindus email the articles they copy from this site to their Pakistani friends. Hundreds are doing it. Imagine when millions start doing it! You canít ban the truth just as you canít hide from the light of the sun for ever.   

No matter how many obstacles they put in our way, we will destroy Islam one way or another. The alternative is simply unacceptable. The alternative is death and destruction. We will not let that happen. It does not matter if I live or die. This movement is already on the march. It is beyond me and my control. If I claim that it is spearheaded by me, it would be like a rooster claiming he is to be credited for the rise of the sun. I know better than a rooster. We are now thousands, each carrying this torch. Even if I die tomorrow, nothing can stop this movement. The minds of the people of the world are awakening and a new chapter in the history of mankind is opened.


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