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Muslim "tolerance"
Arab states vary from marginally tolerant, like Kuwait , which allows non-Muslim foreigners to worship in certain areas, to the obsessively intolerant, like Saudi Arabia , which confiscates cross necklaces and Bibles at its airports and destroys them. Both countries require all citizens to be Muslim. Other states with ancient Christian populations, like Syria and Egypt , keep tightening the screws, so their non-Muslim population is in continual decline, due to emigration and coerced conversion. Under the Taliban, the few Hindus in Afghanistan were forced to wear distinct symbols to set them apart, reminiscent of Jews forced to wear stars of David in Nazi Germany. So too were Jews in Yemen , who were also made to walk in the gutter when passing a Muslim. It should be of no surprise that nearly all Yemeni Jews immigrated to Israel upon its creation.

Muslim Nazis: not just a metaphore
Throughout this essay, jihadists have been compared to Nazis. Incredibly, this is not merely metaphor, accurate though it may be. Solid links between the two were established during the rise of fascism, most notable being the uncle and mentor of no less than Yasser Arafat, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini. Huseini lived in Berlin throughout the war, personally petitioning Hitler, broadcasting to Germans to kill Jews rather than freeing them to immigrate to the territory known as Palestine , and recruiting Albanian Muslims into the SS. The Baathist parties of Iraq and Syria were also heavily fashioned on fascist principals brought from Germany . According to Hitler’s chief architect and confidant, Albert Speer, Hitler regretted that Germans had adopted the “meek” principals of Christianity, rather than the warrior ethos of Islam. Maybe mere idle talk on Hitler’s part, but telling nonetheless.

Jihadist hate: not just for Westerners
Most Westerners are confused by the contradictions in Islam. Several decades of self-critical literature in the West blaming the world’s ills on capitalism, colonialism and racism have created a population too quick to look internally to explain jihadism. Many secular Westerners cannot accept that a person can be motivated by any religion to blow themselves up on a crowded bus. They refuse to accept that jihadism is a centuries old worldwide phenomenon. But Muslims today are attacking regions as diverse as Thailand , the Philippines , Indonesia , Kenya and Nigeria where there is not a Westerner around. Fear of being called intolerant keeps many Westerners silent. Others fall silent because of jihadist intimidation. Sometimes silence does not mean no news, but rather, very bad news. For instance, in Juarez , Mexico , no drug trade stories are printed in the newspaper anymore since several reporters were gunned down after writing them. There seems a similar silence in regard to Islam. In fact, this paper is submitted anonymously, due to the very real possibility of death threats, like the fatwa that hangs over author Salmon Rushdie. Some Westerners are willing to openly criticize Wahhabism, the Islam of official Saudi Arabia that bin Laden also follows, but are loath to critically analyze Islam itself. But how is criticizing the sect of millions of followers who are directly descended from the first Muslims and who still control Mecca being more tolerant than criticizing Islam itself? In reality, such critics are only less intimidated, as opposed to more principled; hence they feel freer expressing their true opinion. Finally, secular Westerners steeped in socialism have developed such an irrational contempt for their own conservative Christians—and really all Christians—that one of their first reactions to 9/11 was to morally equate the likes of Pat Robertson to Osama bin Laden.

Traditional Islam: Lying for jihad
Compounding Western confusion, Islam has a custom of lying to “infidels” to advance jihad. It even has a name, al taqiyah. After so many years of these lies, it should be clear that when a knowledgeable Muslim says Islam does not support violent jihad, or that Islam is simply about peace and love, he or she is telling a boldfaced lie. Besides outright lying, many Muslims seem in denial about the Koran and supporting hadith and sunnah. Most cultural Muslims seem unaware of Muhammad’s penchant for violence, including beheadings that now inspire terrorists in Iraq , his misogyny, his dishonesty, and his bizarre sexual attitudes and conduct. Many Muslims grow embarrassed and angry when pointing these things out, as such facts can be inconvenient things.  

Jihadists in the West: Not looking for freedom
Although it is probable that many average Muslims enjoy the freedoms in America , most mosques here are in fact funded by Saudi Arabia , and the message they push is clear: Muslims are here to hurt us or convert us. Saudi-funded mosques are little more than foreign military installations placed on American soil without the blessings of Americans. Only an idiot thinks that a bearded cleric with his shrouded wives and ten children living in New Jersey is here to enjoy religious freedom.

Fighting jihad: time to get a backbone
A large majority of the world is not Muslim. Even most Muslims are not raving lunatics and many are genuinely bewildered as to why so many twisted people commit terror in the name of Islam. Once we truly realize this, we can easily act decisively against the jihad terrorists. Point number one is that Islam is not immune to criticism in a society based on freedom of speech.
Americans have done an admirable job of showing restraint toward Muslims after 9/11. In India , such restraint would be unimaginable from Hindus after centuries of repeated attacks by Muslims. We can only hope our restraint is based in strength, and not in the cult of political correctness now permeating much of the West. Our strength will be our key to survival. While deconstructing Islam in essays is a matter of freedom of speech, the right to chose one’s faith is a matter of freedom of religion.

Freedom of conversion: A post-Muslim sanctuary
One of the many ironies of jihadists in the West is how they have taken advantage of the tolerance that they would deny others. Yet many cultural Muslims would prefer to be recovering Muslims, or post-Muslims. A support structure for post-Muslims needs to be established to provide sanctuary from the death threats for apostasy feared by many trapped Muslims. Freedom of conversion legislation should be passed to reinforce that it is a crime to threaten someone converting to another religion. Such legislation should also be pushed in the United Nations as a human right.

No more asymetric immigration
Muslims found preaching or practicing violent jihad should risk immediate expulsion, revoked citizenship, and/or jail if an actual crime is committed. All further Saudi funding of mosques in the United States should end. Muslim institutions and governments must issue an apologies for the depredations of Islam similar to apologies for human rights violations issued by Western governments and the Catholic Church. As long as jihadists seriously threaten the United States , there should be a stop to immigration from Muslim countries. Any further immigration after hostilities end should be symmetric, meaning that Muslim countries have to accept an equal number of non-Muslim immigrants into their countries, granting them full citizenship. This is required because through asymmetric immigration, Islamization would still occur at the expense of non-Muslims. This is unacceptable. Muslim nations cannot expect to be “pure” while simultaneously demanding access to non-Muslim countries.

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