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 Prison: Criminals find affirmation in Allah
Likewise, while religion has always attracted people in prison, it has usually been as a route to finding peace with their inner demons and society as a whole. Not so in Islam, where criminals find a ready excuse to continue to hate and lash out at society, now reduced to “infidel” status in their newly religious minds. Jihadists in non-Muslim countries have developed a unique mix of religion, crime and terrorism. For instance, all the jihadists linked to the Madrid train bombings were also petty criminals involved in the local drug trade. Recruiting hardcore criminals will assure that the inherent violence in Islam continues to express itself. At the mere hint of backlash, Muslims craving validity will continue to appeal to gullible Western liberals and leftists with cries of “stereotype.” Their inverted sense of victimhood strikes similar tones in Nazi Germany, where banners demanded, “Beware of the Jewish warmonger.” One wonders if Islam is a similar case of group psychosis, with dashes of angst, delusions of grandeur and paranoia, all simply looking for a scapegoat to attack.

Islam as Arab supremacism
Earlier, it was stated that many peoples have suffered under Arab imperialism. This is not a misuse of Arab for Muslim. Stated simply, Islam is an Arab supremacist ideology. Arabic is the language of God, said Muhammad. He claimed that Arab customs are superior to others. Arab law, or sharia, is superior. Arab economics is superior. Arab esthetics and art are superior. Arab marriage is superior. Arab dress is superior. Arab hygiene is superior. Arab monotheism is superior. Arab eating practices are superior. In short, Arabs are superior. Yes, not all Arabs are Muslim. Christian Arabs predate Islam by hundreds of years, for instance. But Arab Muslims view them as fossils slated for conversion, death, or temporary source of revenue through jizyah—an extra tax placed on non-Muslims, called “dhimmis,” in Islamic society. Arab Muslims in Palestine even have an _expression for what’s waiting for their Christian brethren, as well as Jews: “First the Saturday people, than the Sunday people.”  

Seek and Destroy: Jihadists and non-Muslim cultures
Feelings of superiority are hardly unique to Arabs. But as genocidal imperialists, Arabs have gone beyond personal opinion, and forced their culture on much of humanity. Millions of non-Arabs have had their cultures eradicated by jihadist conquerors over the ages. Most of these non-Arabs are so thoroughly Arabized that that they don’t even realize what is gone, or care. Across conquered land are defaced statues, in keeping with Mohammed’s esthetics. A shocking example of this occurred only recently—the total destruction by the Taliban of the ancient massive statue of Buddha in Bamiyan , Afghanistan , completing the work previous Muslims had begun.
Muslims may immediately respond that Europeans did much the same. The Crusades and the age of colonialism are obvious examples. Yet the Crusades, besides being 800 years ago—an absurdly long time in the past to argue over essentially medieval war crimes—were actually in principle an attempt to reclaim Christian holy centers lost to jihadist conquests. Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the Koran, but is in the center of events in the Bible. The Crusades often degenerated into treasure hunting by European mercenaries hardly familiar with their own faith. Atrocities were committed by all sides, yet the Crusader’s basic desire to live contrasts starkly with today’s jihadist, well-schooled in Koran, whose basic desire is to die in “martyrdom operations.” Chief Palestinian Authority cleric Mufti Sheikh Ikrimeh Sabri stated such: "We tell them, in as much as you love life, the Muslim loves death and martyrdom." The love of death is a common theme of Muslim clerics and stems directly from the Battle of Qadisiyya in the year 636, when the Persians were told the same by Arab invaders.

The truth about colonialism
Colonialism was also not the result of religion, but of economics and advancements in technology. The effects of colonialism are a mixed bag that included atrocities, but bringing advanced technology to less developed cultures was virtually inevitable. Only a dunce would expect that hunter gatherer, or even medieval, cultures could go on as they had done for eons while energetic, advanced trading civilizations carefully avoided them. The better aspects of colonialism carefully recorded the histories and languages of many of these cultures for the first time in history. Some colonial powers faster than others recognized the distinctiveness of non-Western people and helped them preserve their customs. Christianity was imposed on some people, while on other people—Muslims and Hindus especially—it was not. The Victorian British in fact paid for the renovation of the Taj Mahal in India , a Muslim mausoleum, for instance. But even where Christianity was imposed, it was more a matter of politics, not a “jihad,” and was done a magnitude or two less violently than jihadists are called to do. Finally, in all modern predominately Christian countries, faith is a matter of choice, as it implied by the word faith. One can freely leave Christianity and become a Buddhist, for example. As well, aside from a belief in the Christ, Christians are free to retain their native customs. Not so in Islamic countries, where a death sentence, official in some states, de facto in others, awaits a Muslim who proclaims allegiance to another religion, and the adoption of Arab customs is de rigor for Muslims.

Muslim choice: Death or submission
A Muslim asks, didn’t Christianity, mentioned here because of its predominant position in the West, spread by conversion, often by coercion? Yes, and so did Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and nearly every religion at one point or another over the long passage of time. This is sometime a human trait that is not an essential component of those faiths, unlike Islam, which explicitly demands jihadists wage violent campaigns against “infidels” in lands outside Islam they even refer to as Dar al Harb—House of War.  

Islam: Putting the total in totalitarianism
Another stark difference is that Islam goes far beyond the merely spiritual, and into the political and cultural. Indeed, Islam explicitly invades nearly every aspect of living, down to how one should sleep. The Muslim supremacist mindset completely denigrates the traditions of other cultures. Disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, archeology and history outside of Islam are seen as pointless endeavors; hence so little work comes from Muslims in these fields. What little there is tends to be about Muslims. This attitude affects other fields as well, resulting in such realities as tiny Israel printing far more book titles than the entire Arab world, and India soaring past Pakistan in productivity.

Islam's idea of multiculturalism
Cultures that conflict with Islam are always at risk. Latin and African dance, German Oktoberfest, American Indian spiritualism, Chinese ancestor veneration— all would end under an Islamic state. It is not an exaggeration to say that the devote Muslim is simply an automaton to put Mohammad’s teaching into motion. Even the much mentioned “Islamic Golden Age” is much ado about nothing; a construct of “the other,” created by Western leftists to disparage their own culture rather than genuinely promote Islam. Its description usually includes a gratuitous reference of Europe being “illiterate” at the time, neglecting to mention that it was the Dark Ages, after all, as though Greece and Rome never existed. Why much ado about nothing? For various reasons, some Muslim rulers are more rigid than others. Stalin was bloodier than Brezhnev, as well. In truth, the age was simply a time shortly after Muslim conquest when Christians and Jews were still an indispensable component of the cultures they created. Pragmatic Muslim rulers recognized this, so chose to tax them as dhimmis and channel their much-needed talent rather than force immediate conversion or exile. Muslim rulers viewed these older monotheists as slightly above pagans, the later of whom demanded immediate death or conversion. Think Hitler’s attitude to Slavs compared to Jews, and one gets the picture. As the previous cultures wore down under Islamic governance, their civilizational competencies dissolved. Even nominal Muslims who flourished in the dhimmi culture of creativity disappeared when Islam finally succeeded in dominating the mind of citizens as well as the body.

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