Leaving Islam




A War of Words
We have no choice but to speak candidly about Islam and its effects—a war of words, if you will. Truth will send Islamists writhing into convulsions and gnashing of teeth as they fight not only the rest of the world, but the millions of people ready to leave Islam but for the threat of death due to apostasy. Millions more “cultural Muslims” are beginning to see a wider world despite the brainwashing of the murderous mullahs. Via television and the Internet, they are seeing the rank hypocrisy and failure of virtually every Islamic state due to Islam’s inherent contradictions with modernity and tolerance. Islam may well be in its death spiral, and we must not let it take us with it.

To make it perfectly clear, this essay does not promote, indeed condemns, violence against Muslims. It is written in the same spirit that academia that has used to “deconstruct” Western culture by analyzing its roots. Please keep in mind the harsh condemnation of Western culture by many university academics before listening to fearful administrators who may censor any genuine criticism of Islam.

Islam is a choice
Islam is a religion, not a race or ethnic group. In the later two, membership is generally mandatory, whereas with religion, a person theoretically chooses to practice one or not. It is because of this difference that many people view Islamic terror as less “evil” than racist terror, although this makes little difference to a person soon to be beheaded. It is also for this reason that criticism of Islam is even more valid than much leftist criticism of Western culture, which often degenerates into ethnic slurs and blood libel. Regardless, despite its flaws Western culture has played leading roles in human rights, influenced by its progressive heritage of science and philosophy.

That said, Islam nevertheless straddles the boundary between Arabic ethnicity and faith, crossing into racism. Arabs enslaved millions of Africans, putting a strong emphasis on color. Indeed, the word "abed" in Arabic means both black and slave. Apologists note that Arab slavery wasn’t as strictly racial as American slavery. Yes, but neither was Spanish slavery. This may be due to the less pronounced color line and longer exposure to African culture than for any “anti-racist” reason. Several hadith and sura in fact demean dark skin, and the much ballyhooed universalism and equality expressed in some early passages of the Koran is superseded, clerics say, by later passages. These often consist of death threats to non-Muslims, due apparently to Mohammad becoming frustrated with trying to convince local Jews and Christians of his greatness. Additionally, Arab slavery was more brutal than European slavery. First generation "pagan" death rates were astonishingly high, although Arab/slave offspring were somewhat better off due to their Muslim status. Castration was legal, and the slave era lasted far longer, without a native abolition movement ever developing. The Arab slave trade did not end officially until world pressure ended it just a few decades ago, although it still persists in places like Sudan , location of two million Christians and animists murdered by jihadist in the last twenty years.

Muslims: the real colonialists
Many in the self-critical media, as well as many faint-hearted politicians, bemoan phantom Western intolerance while they chase the unicorn of “true” Islam. These paragons of tolerance are the first to intolerantly libel Western culture for creating the jihadists, via some conspiracy of connections related to colonialism. Such Westerners patronize jihadists as simple reactionaries incapable of critical thought much less systematic evil, not the reality of highly educated jihadists like Muhammad Atta, et al. Tellingly, the “colonialism” strawman argument never includes mention of the millions of Muslims who have immigrated to the West, while virtually no (traditional) Westerners move to Muslim countries. Many countries grant citizenship only to Muslims. Who then are the real colonists?

The West has been engaged in a power struggle of its own between various socialisms such as communism and nazism, and traditional democratic capitalism. This helps explain the seeming inability of the West to properly unite against the jihadists. Even more utterly alien to jihadists in beliefs than the right, the left nonetheless has embraced some aspects of jihad ideology, especially the “anti-colonial” aspect. Jihadists have been gracious enough to exploit these “useful idiots” for their own gain.

It’s true that aside from the truly deranged jihadist, most Muslims are of moderate temperament and simply want to pass through life with a moderate degree of comfort. Unfortunately, this is of little consequence to the rest of us, as the exact same could be said of Germans under the Nazis. Perhaps the Nazis could have sailed under the radar and established their “Nordic” pagan state were it not for Hitler’s megalomania. Islam has sailed under the radar for 1300 years, forcefully converting, butchering or enslaving millions before there was a comprehensive media to document its atrocities properly. Even the United States had an early experience with jihadism, still noted in the Marine Corp Hymn in the lyrics “the shores of Tripoli,” alluding to when Marines rescued kidnapped sailors from Arab pashas who demanded that American “infidels” pay tribute before passing through the Mediterranean Sea.

Jihadists: Unveiled evil
All that being said, it is now time to ignore the appeasers and tell the truth. The emperor has no clothes. Islam is not a religion of peace. Islamic terrorists are terrorizing every region on earth, and have done so for centuries. There are no common root causes for their behavior except the Islam itself. The current worldwide state of terror was started by jihadists, the Muslim version of missionaries, who would as soon kill as convert for Islam.

The menace of Islam threatens billions of people and keeps a billion more as hostages, unable to convert out of this belligerent ideology because of the death threats placed upon so-called apostates. Americans are losing their civil liberties and privacy and being subjected to physical indignities and delays because of Islam. There is no other reason. Even the much maligned Patriot Act came as a result of Islam’s assault on us. Ironically, many cultural Muslims seem to fear an Islamic state as much as anyone. For instance, when Israel offered to trade some land with the Palestinian Authority, the Muslim Israelis living there were among the loudest against the idea, fearing the day of living in an Islamic state ruled by Hamas.
Jihadists speak of non-Muslims as “kufr,” not worthy of human dignity. The superiority that Muslims feel over non-Muslims is identical, neurologically speaking, to the way Hitler’s willing executioners felt toward non-Germans.
The early Nazi party attracted the “misfits” of society—brutes, dorks, neurotics, the sexually confused, paranoids, demonics, and the delusional. Both bullies and wimps found that being a Nazi gave them power in economically strapped Germany . And so it is with Islam, only far more successful. The Mafia-like mullahs, strong-arm leaders, and assorted demagogues together with the typically wimpy, sexually confused suicide terrorist all find common ground in Islam. It is a way for them to exercise power over others, usually cultural Muslims and especially females, while saving the worst for “infidels.” As jihadist Mohammed Bouyeri, convicted murderer of Dutch director Theo Van Gogh told the mother of Van Gogh in court: "I cannot feel for you ... because I believe you are an infidel."

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