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When and If you sleep tonight, well, in fact, every night, (I am sure you are not God and cannot ensure that you sleep tonight) try make a supplication to Allah with sincerity and in the humility that befits His servant.  

I did that long time ago after I read the Quran and the answer came to me in a very unequivocal way: "Allah is not God". That was the answer. Now I am asking other Muslims to do the same. But you are hopeless. You are an evil man. There are millions and millions of Muslims who are not evil. I want them to see the truth and leave Islam, just as I did and just as many are doing on daily basis. I did not inhale the fragrance of humanity in your words. Your heart is black like the stone you worship.


Allah mentions in numerous verses of the Quran that disbelievers call out to him in times of need and He does respond to them. Allah responded to even Iblis's request - Surah Al- Baqarah, 201-202.

The one who responds to peopleís prayers is not Allah. It is the real God who answers the prayers. Allah is the demon and the impostor who tries to take credit for that. Allah is Iblis, disguised as God. Look at the miserable state of the Muslims. Look at their loses after loses. How come a billion Muslim pray for the extinction of Israel and keep losing to a tiny population that is 100 times smaller? Isn't this enough proof that Allah has no powers? His only power is in mind control. If you remain stupid he uses you. You give him the power. On his own he has no power.


Try calling out to Him to guide you with Truth that will make it apparent that Islam is not what you set it out to be - after all, if you're really that good a person, won't you wish that something that bad isn't true?

The true God gave me a brain as the measure to distinguish the right from wrong. I used that brain and thanks to that it became apparent to me that Islam is false. And I think because I am essentially a good person, because my heart was always filled with love, I was guided out of this cult of hate. I am calling upon all the Muslims who are good people, whose hearts are filled with love but by mistake think that they are Muslims and worship a devil to leave Islam and join the humanity. 


Also, just try and recite and really believe the following: Asyhadualla ilaha illallah, wa asyhadu anna muhammadar rasulullah! It might hold you in good stead if you were to die in your sleep (even then Allah is being Merciful to you - it could have been death after severe torture, or death from a debilitating affliction, or even leprosy) - you might have a chance in the hereafter, or at the very least, your trials while in the grave may be alleviated somewhat. Indeed, Allah knows best what is in store for all of us.

You people have such a naÔf mentality. It is amazing that in this age of enlightenment some people still think like children. You are so miserable that you canít even see how Muhammad fooled you with these scary tales. You are pathetic Sir. Keep brainwashing yourself with those mantras and keep believing in these idiotic tales. 


i do realise that some of what was in this email was not exactly written in the right spirit - so, if i have wronged you or offended you, please forgive me, that would be a really nice thing to do and would hold you in good stead when you face your Creator on the Day of Judgment.

There is nothing to forgive. Your brain is so damaged that you are almost not responsible for what you say and think. You have been reduced to a zombie. You canít even see the pathetic state in which you are. You donít have to be condemned. You have to be pitied.  


Please change. I worry for you. Please ask Allah to help you. Please Allah.  

Take Care Always.

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullah

I sometimes wonder whether I should laugh or cry. The sad part is to see that your ignorance has no limits and the funny part is that you are so comfortable in it. Muslims are truly the Borgs of the real life.  


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